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Santa Eulalia, Ibiza – May Day Fireworks tonight – setting up photos

May 1st, 2011

Update 02/05/11 – The fireworks were cancelled at the last minute because of high winds as it was on the beach and the winds were blowing inland. Rescheduled for next Saturday night (8th).

From what we remember the past three years there haven’t been the traditonal fireworks that mark the beginning and the end of the season – for reasons that have been lost in politics and depending on who you talk to.

This year Santa Eulalia town hall have announced that todays May Day fiesta will have the midnight fireworks again.

So this evening we took a walk down to the far end of the beach to see if they would actually turn up this year. Suffice to say there are *shedloads* of fireworks being set up. Election year ? – Whatever – we’re looking forward to the 25/30 minutes of spectacular fireworks that begin at midnight with the two huge explosions…

A couple of pics of the may day in Santa Eulalia today (including the car i have always wanted)

An immaculate red corvette stringray:

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3 Kings arrive in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza tonight

January 5th, 2010

In Ibiza, 3 Kings day is arguably far more important than either Christmas or New Years Eve on Ibiza. Every year on the evening of 5th January the “3 Magi” or 3 Kings arrive around the towns & villages on Ibiza. When they do they take their place on each of their “floats” and there’s a procession through the towns where they throw thousands of sweets to the children lining the route culminating with the kids getting presents.

This year the 3 Kings arrive in the port at 6pm

Last year we did a little filming from the time the boat arrived in Santa Eulalia and then up around the town and then down the length of the main high street in Santa Eulalia.

Just after leaving the port:

The main high street in Santa Eulalia

3 kings fiesta, santa eulalia, ibiza“True” Christmas, when the day of the nativity of Jesus Christ is commemorated and celebrated, is on January 5th or 6th for the people of Ibiza and Formentera, – especially the children.

It is the feast day of the Epiphany in the Anglican Church, and also the day when the Three Wise Men from the East came to see the new born child and bring him presents.

They are not mentioned in St. Luke’s Gospel – which is the text about the shepherds and the child in a manger that we are all familiar with- and St. Matthew, who alone mentions them, calls them just “wise men”. However, tradition has turned them into kings according to the Roman Catholic Church, and so they will be referred to in this article.

In the same way that these “Reyes”, the “kings” Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar gave incense, myrrh and gold to the new born Christ, so the Spanish children are given presents by the “Reyes”. They visit every town and village on the islands, by the most diverse modes of transport. Normally they reach Ibiza by boat, land in the harbour and then move through the town in a colourful procession, accompanied by a large retinue.

In the smaller villages on Ibiza the kings arrive on horseback, and in some cases they have even taken to using a modern conveyance like the little road-bound “railway”. Upon arrival they are placed on lovingly decorated thrones, read out the names of any really good children from a large book and proceed to give them presents. Understandably, the assembled children are all on tenterhooks to see whether the “Reyes” have something for them – many seem to have good reason to fear that they will not be amongst those chosen.

The accompanying processions in Ibiza town, San Antoni and Santa Eulalia are quite magnificent.

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“Rutapa” – cheap tapas in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

November 27th, 2009

Some are betting on tapas, others on set menus. The municipalities of Sant Antoni and Santa Eulalia are trying to attract visitors from near and far on Ibiza with culinary events over the coming weeks.

In Sant Antoni ‘Restaurat’ is running until 23rd December and includes a lunch menu of several courses for just 12 euros with 18 restaurants and 25 bars participating in the event. The menus include dishes and drinks that have their origin on Ibiza. You can find and/or download the various menus from the municipal Internet page at

Santa Eulalia’s answer is the ‘Rutapa’ and, as the name suggests, the event running through to 2nd January revolves around everything to do with those famous little morsels called tapas. Participating restaurants and bars offer a tapa and a drink, usually a glass of wine for just 2 euros.

Santa Eulalia venues:

  • Mariners
  • Namibia
  • La Querencia
  • Samovar
  • Sa Tauleta
  • Pomelo’s
  • Falucho
  • La Rambla
  • Chicos Pizza
  • Royalty
  • Can Cosmi
  • Juanito
  • Can Pere
  • El Naranjo
  • La Taberna
  • Rincon de Pepe
  • La Casa de Los Ibericos
  • Bistrot Cote Sud
  • X-Tu
  • Maritim Cafe
  • El Puntal
  • Pizzeria del Puerto
  • La Tavernetta
  • Giardino

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May weekend in Santa Eulalia, #Ibiza

May 4th, 2009

The weekend saw Santa Eulalia high street closed off and numerous events, live bands etc. Here are some random photos from the weekend:

Saturday night started with El Clasico – Real Madrid vs Barcelona. Being a catalan island, most Ibiza bars in Santa Eulalia are Barca fans so trying to find a bar that wasn’t completely packed proved difficult. We ended up settling for the pro-barca Cosmi Bar in the center of town. Needless to say a 6-2 win for Barcelona meant effectively sealing the La Liga title.

Afterwards we made our to the bus station behind the town hall where they had a huge stage with a couple of live bands – it was packed.

Classic motorbikes on show in one of the side streets.

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Ibiza municipality news for April 2009

April 6th, 2009

ibiza townIbiza Town

Luxury hotel near cathedral

In March the Spanish Tourism Undersecretary, Joan Mesquida, accompanied by local politicians, laid the cornerstone for the first Parador Hotel on the Balearic Islands. The Parador Ibiza will be moving into the palace, currently under renovation, next door to the cathedral. Plans include 72 rooms as well as a spa. Construction is scheduled to last 30 months and the costs, being covered by the central government, will amount to 11.3 million euros. Paradores are state-run luxury hotels in prime locations.

Ministry of Defence to sell property

Let the bidding begin! The last undeveloped property on Avenida 8 d’Agost is being auctioned off. The current owner is the Spanish Ministry of Defence and they have set the starting price for the 5,137 square metre area, across from the Granhotel Ibiza, at 11.93 million euros. The purchaser will be announced on 24th April. If no solvent interested party is found by then the ministry plans a maximum of two further attempts to sell. The starting price will drop 15 percent on each additional attempt.

ibiza townSan Jose

Not a bit of excellence

Construction efforts over the past few months within the framework of the “Plan de Excelencia” infrastructure project in Cala de Bou are producing far from excellent results. Residents and businesses in the area have pointed out the shoddy workmanship to the authorities on numerous occasions. In early March Maria de los Angeles Mostazo, municipal tourism councillor, assuaged worries by saying, “We will only accept and sign off on the work when everything is perfect.”

Infrastructure or Ses Salines

Residents of the four residential zones within the Ses Salines Natural Reserve will be getting some basic infrastructure. Councillor for Construction, Josep Antoni Prats, announced in March that the majority of the houses built years ago will be connected to the sewer system and that roads will be receiving sidewalks and streetlights, amongst other things. Additionally the overground electricity and telephone cables will be moved underground. Mr. Prats said, “The construction project will be funded to the tune of 16.5 million euros.”

ibiza townSanta Eulalia

Sewage treatment plant construction to start

The modernisation of the sewage treatment plant in Santa Eulalia appears to have been scheduled for this autumn, according to a spokesperson for the Balearic Islands Ministry of the Environment. A pertinent protocol with central government for the financing of the 7 million euros project has already been signed. “The contract,” said the spokesperson, “took so long because the ministry had prioritised the treatment plant in Platja d’en Bossa.”

Private hospital must prepare new impact report

The Balearic Islands Ministry of the Environment has required investors in a private hospital in Jesus to prepare a new environmental impact report. A ministry spokesperson said in March that the documents submitted by the company Iniciativas Medicas de Ibiza y Formentera S.L. were nowhere near sufficient. For example, the ministry wishes to know what the plans are for traffic connections to the three buildings of the planned health complex near the Ses Feixes wetlands.

ibiza townSan Antonio

Monthly fines for mayor

In the Cretu case Mayor Jose Sala is now being forced to pay directly from his own pocket. According to a decision handed down by the regional court in Palma, Mr. Sala was required to pay a first fine of 1,000 euros in March. He will have to pay further fines until at least July because the judge on the case finds that the municipal authorities are knowingly procrastinating in carrying out the judicial order for demolition of the musician’s estate. If the finca has not been demolished by July, Mr. Sala will be fined 600 euros each week.

Historic lighthouse to be restored

In March the local council decided to award the contract for the restoration of the historic Faro de ses Covetes lighthouse above the harbour to the Refoart S.L. company. A spokesperson for town hall announced construction will start in April and will take a maximum of six months. The costs, expected to run about 400,000 euros, will be paid with funds from the national economic stimulus package. The lighthouse, which commenced operations on 15th September 1897, was taken out of service years ago.

ibiza townSan Juan

Poster contest for the Eve of San Juan

The ‘longest’ night in Sant Joan – midsummer’s eve or ‘Nit de Sant Joan’ – is already making news. The Institut d’Estudis Eivissencs (IEE) has called on residents of the island to participate in the poster competition for the Eve of San Juan. Along with a bit of notoriety the winner will also receive 600 euros. Artists can submit their ideas to the IEE in Eivissa until 26thMay. Participants are free to choose the form, whether photography, painting, graphics or other medium.

Your local authorities in Santa Gertrudis

Residents of Sant Joan can now deal with visits to the authorities at Santa Eulalia’s municipal field office in Santa Gertrudis. The mayors of Sant Joan and Santa Eulalia, Antoni Mari Mari and Vicente Ferrer recently signed the appropriate agreement. A spokesperson for town hall in Sant Joan said, “Necessary fees will be aligned with the rates in Santa Eulalia.” The service will be offered until Sant Joan is able to open its own municipal field office in the area.

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Santa Eulalia, Ibiza high st today

April 4th, 2009

On the way home last night we noticed that the police had blocked off the main high street that runs through Santa Eulalia – there was no obvious reason.

Today it all made sense. The entire main high street was filled with market stalls selling clothes, bric a brac but also food stalls and the obligatory bars.

Midnight friday night:

The obligatory bar:

View looking up to the main street:

Photo: (c)2009.Juliet Stevenson

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Sunday on Santa Eulalia beach

March 8th, 2009

The weather on Ibiza the past few days has been gorgeous

photo posted from my iPhone

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Blues Mafia on Santa Eulalia day, Ibiza

February 12th, 2009

In the festival tent

photo posted from my iPhone

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Kate McGregor at the Royalty, Ibiza – Valentines Day

February 12th, 2009

kate mcgregor,ibizaKate McGregor will be playing live at The Royalty in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza along with Volker on guitar from 9pm on Saturday for a Valentines Day special gig.

You can buy her album “Summer Breeze” from our online shop

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Santa Eulalia festival diary for February

February 2nd, 2009

santa eulalia,ibizaWhile other villages honour their Patron Saint for just a few days, Santa Eulalia offers a full month of celebrations and events. Parades, concerts – from classical music to Hip Hop – exhibitions and competitions provide plenty of variety and deep insights into the life of this island town.

From 2nd-28th February:
The ‘Dones d’aigua’ exhibition in the Sala d’Exposicions Municipal in Santa Eulalia. Organised by the co-operative fund of the Pitiusas and CAM. Opening on 2nd February at 7pm
Opening hours: Monday through Friday from 5pm to 8pm

Saturday, 7th February:
10:00 am: Judo competition in the sports centre with a variety of categories – organised by Club Shiroi

Wednesday, 11th February:
6:30 pm: Children’s cinema at the Sala d’Exposicions Municipal exhibition hall with the film ‘Kirikui i la bruixa’
7:30 pm: Mass at the ‘Nostra Senora de Lurdes’ church on Calle Sant Jaume
8:00 pm: Cinema at the Sala d’Exposicions Municipal exhibition hall with a documentary – title unknown as we went to press
10:00 pm: Official speech by the comedian Pedro Reyes in the festival tent
10:30 pm: Concert by musician Ivan Domenech in the festival tent

Thursday, 12th February:
10:00 am: Parade with the ‘Banda municipal de tambors i cornetes’ marching band
11:00 am: Mass at the Puig de Missa church, followed by a procession and folk dancing
1:30 pm: Folk dancing on the plaza in front of the town hall
6:30 pm: For children – performance by the magician Alexis in the festival tent
8:00 pm: Performance by the dance troupe ‘Eividance’ in the festival tent
9:30 pm: Performance by the comedian Pedro Reyes in the festival tent
11:00 pm: Concert by the ‘Bluesmafia’ and ‘Els saligardus’ bands in the festival tent

Friday, 13th February:
9:00 pm: 1970s party in the festival tent
11:00 pm: Concert by the ‘Los Mustang’ band in the festival tent

Saturday, 14th February:
10:30 am: Track and field competition on the sports ground
8:00 pm: Rock music competition ‘Es Riu sona’ in the festival tent
8:00 pm: Dance, music, multimedia spectacle at the convention centre

Sunday, 15th February:
10:00 am: Bicycle race – register 30 minutes before the start on the plaza in front of the town hall
11:00 am: Exhibition of handicrafts, animals, classic cars and old motorcycles
1:00 pm: Book presentation – Joan Marí Cardona writes about Santa Eulalia, in the festival tent
7:00 pm: Theatrical performance ‘Es cagany’ in the festival tent
8:30 pm: Concert by the ‘Banda Municipal de Santa Eulalia’ in the festival tent

Wednesday, 18th February:
8:00 pm: Cinema at the Sala d’Exposicions Municipal exhibition hall with the documentary ‘El sueno del agua’

Friday, 20th February:
8:00 pm: Piano recital at the Puig d’en Valls cultural centre
10:00 pm: Hip-Hop concert in the festival tent

Saturday, 21st February:
8:00 pm onwards: Country faire with surprises aplenty behind the festival tent – bonfire, dancing, wine competition, stone slinging and much more
10:30 pm: Concert by the ‘Projecte Mut’ band in the festival tent

Sunday, 22nd February:
10:00 am: Mountain bike race – meeting point and registration 30 minutes before the start at Restaurant Can Truy
6:30 pm: Salsa with the dance troupe ‘Escola de Ball d’Angela’ in the festival tent
8:00 pm: Flamenco in the festival tent

Tuesday, 24th February:
5:00 pm: Carnival parade along the main street

Wednesday, 25th and Thursday, 26th February:
Information days at the convention centre – tourism and new technologies

Friday, 27th and Saturday, 28th February:
Storytellers at the convention centre

Obviously dates, times and locations subject to change!

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