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Ibiza Rocks to do an after party at Eden but no Manumission

February 4th, 2009

ibiza rocksAndy of Ibiza Rocks has confirmed just now that Ibiza Rocks will do an after party at Eden: “It will be free for people who buy tickets to Ibiza Rocks in advance“.

Contrary to rumours on ibiza spotlight website: I can also categorically confirm that Manumission has NO involvement in Eden on Tuesdays or any other night.

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Manumission at London Astoria – Cancelled

January 9th, 2009

Manumission’s night at the closing party at London’s Astoria has been cancelled.

It was to have been the party to kick off the year… Mike and Claire, legendary hosts of Manumission, had called to arms some of Rocks most iconic bands to bid farewell to the much loved Astoria, on finding out that the venue’s management had no plans to mark the occasion.

But sadly it was not to be… it was a race against time from the start. Transport for London, who are demolishing the venue to make way for the Crossrail, served 28 days notice to vacate on 19th December 2008 which was the day the world’s entertainment industry took two full weeks out effectively for Christmas and New Year.

Undeterred, Manumission and their management team gave it their all to put together a fitting farewell night for 15th January. The ‘wish list’’line up was a who’s who of Rock but although many were keen to pay tribute to the Astoria, few were able to make the date due to the short notice. During this key promotional period TFL re-served the writ demanding keys to the venue be returned on 16th January, and then two days later extended it again by which time the organizers had lost almost all of the major names they had invited to perform. There was a final massive push from Manumission’s management to secure a big name artist who could make the night and would have kept the event in line with original plans to make it a star studded charity celebration. With the whole enterprise already struggling against the clock and the authorities, the dream, so nearly a reality, began to slip away. Despite round the clock efforts from all parties, it was proving impossible to honour the Astoria with the glittering line up they planned.

This was always to have been an ‘all or nothing’ event, the Wildest Party Ever, with a Roll Call of the most exciting names in Rock mingling with Manumission’s finest and the ringmasters, Mike and Claire refused to lower their standards. Faced with being unable to put this night on as promised because of constraints put upon them by spiralling events the decision was reluctantly taken by Manumission management and team to pull out.


“It is ridiculous that such an important venue is being demolished for ‘economic progress’. It can never be replaced. We wanted to give The Astoria the send off it deserves, we feel saddened and disappointed by the decision made to pull what could have been an amazing event, especially in these troubled times.”

To honour the monumental efforts made by all, Manumission would like to thank the following… Kasabian, Foo Fighters, Kaiser Chiefs, Babyshambles, Primal Scream, Status Quo, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townshend, Damon Albarn, Tom Middleton, Eddy Temple Morris, Rob the Bank, Matt Bates and all at Primary Talent and the whole host of people who really, really, really wanted to Say Good Bye Astoria, We Love You!!!

We would also like to say ‘Brilliant, Cheers and Good One’, to Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and the organizers of the event announced today for the 14th January. We are glad that the press interest their efforts generated has brought massive attention to the fact that this beloved venue was to be laid to rest without a party, and wish them every success with their event. The Astoria will have a send off after all…

Manumission were to have kicked off their World Tour with this date leaving Ibiza for their 15th birthday and their first visit to London. They are expected to announce more dates on this over the next few weeks and intend to visit London for a very, very special appearance later this year so as not to disappoint their fans.

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Manumission at London Astoria – the poster

December 27th, 2008

UPDATE: 08-01-09 Manumissions night has been cancelled

Manumissions night at the last night of london’s astoria theatre:

manumission, london astoria

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Manumission Astoria ticket details released

December 23rd, 2008

As we’ve said already, the start of Manumissions world tour takes place at the closing night of London’s Astoria on January 15th from 10.30pm. Tickets are 25ukp + 4.60ukp booking fee plus 2ukp postage fee and you can order up to 8.

You can buy tickets from here

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International Music Summit, Ibiza – club panel audio

September 28th, 2008

Today (28/09/08) is 4 months after the historic public meeting at the International Music Summit in Ibiza of the main clubs and the government.

We’ve been once again assured that the IMS will put up the panels so that everyone who wasn’t there can hear what happened.

all of our blogs about the ims are here

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Dizzee Rascal for Manumission, Ibiza

September 4th, 2008

After smashing it up at Ibiza Rocks in July Dizzee Rascal will be back on Ibiza for Manumission’s Coney Island Review at Amnesia on Friday 5th August 2008.

Never ones to shy away from a good old bump and grind, the folks behind Ibiza’s most flamboyant night out: MIKE & CLAIRE MANUMISSION and their very extended family thought it most appropriate that Britain’s Dizzee Rascal add the icing on the cake to the Manumission Masquerade Ball this Friday in Amnesia.

Now it’s Dizzee’s Showtime on the Manumission Terrace. Wear a mask and get ready for more mayhem at Amnesia, Ibiza. The Rascal will perform a 45 minute live show, starting at 02.30am.

The Soundtrack… will be lovingly provided not only Live & Direct from Dizzee Rascal, Newham Generals and Paco Fernandez but also by this fine team of hand picked music maestros: Lottie, Jon Carter, Fred Falke and Griff.

The Culture Fest… A heady combination of music, art, fashion, performance, dance, beauty, glamour and fabulousness, all brought together with pure Manumission passion.

The Show and its Cast… coming to life on the Manumission Terrace throughout the night, a spectacular stage show with a cast including Johnny Golden, Antonio Culebras, Polly Fey, The Manumission maidens and the Dynamite Hosts.

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