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White Island Music Festival, Club Punta Arabi, September 9 2012

September 11th, 2012

Sunday saw the first White Island Music Festival in Ibiza. Held in the well-appointed Club Punta Arabi in Es Cana, which has a large stage by the swimming pool, and all of it just a stone’s throw away from the sea. Starting at 4.30 in the afternoon, it was a perfect September’s day for it. Nice and sunny, but starting to cool down, and a lovely breeze wafting in off the sea.

The lineup consisted of bands from the UK and Ibiza, with DJs playing tunes in between the bands. First up were local band Nowthen who came onstage one by one, culminating in the singer appearing in a full blown Red Indian feather headdress (I’m sure there was a good reason for this). A five-piece band hailing originally from the UK, of singer, keyboards, guitar, bass and drums who played their way through a rocky, poppy, funky set, and got the festival off to a great start.

Local band Ca’n Funk as their name suggests played covers of well-known funk and soul tunes, which sounded great in the Ibizan sunshine.

UK band The Vex took things up a notch, fusing rock n’ roll with a bit of reggae, drawing slight comparisons to The Clash (which in no way is meant to be derogatory). And the DJs kept us entertained in between the bands, playing a great range of tunes that we all knew and loved, from The Artic Monkeys to The Clash and a personal favourite of mine which is rarely played, ‘Crawfish’ by Johnny Thunders and Patti Palladin.

As is the Ibizan way, most people didn’t start to arrive until late, even though the festival had been underway for awhile. Ibizan-raised Miles Island and his band thus had a larger audience, and got people dancing to his ‘beach funk’.

Next up was three-piece band The Corderoys, who gave us the most energetic performance of the day by far. See the video below.

Last to perform were London-based MT Live, who had a large crowd dancing to their funky tunes, and who ended their set by jumping into the swimming pool – it had to be done!

All in all, a great festival in a great venue, showcasing a mix of guitar-based bands, and a welcome addition to the Ibizan music calendar – let’s hope it’s the first of many more to come. It’s infinitely more exciting to see fresh and new live music being played onstage than watching a DJ cue tracks from a CD…

More information about all the bands that played is on the festival website, and watch that space for hopefully an announcement of the festival for 2013: Also check out the White Island Music Festival FaceBook page.

The full lineup:
MT Live
The Corderoys
Miles Island
The Vex
Ca’n Funk
DJ Chris McCormack
DJ Spider

Words by ClaireB

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“Night of Music of the Earth”- Live music at D’alt Vila in Ibiza Town

August 10th, 2012

By ClaireB
The ‘Night of Music of the Earth’, was a free concert put on as part of the week-long Fiesta de la Tierra, or Earth Festival, which honours the two patron saints’ days of Santa María and Sant Ciriac. The concert featured 3 rock bands singing in Catalan: Ses Sopris and Rels from Ibiza and Mishima from Barcelona. 

The setting was perfect for an outdoor gig, taking place in the Parque Reina Sofia, which nestles beneath the massive, sturdy, illuminated walls of Dalt Vila. The walls themselves are built onto a curved face of rock and make a wonderful backdrop to the stage. 

Each of the three bands were stylistically different, and put on a good show, with great sound and lighting. As non-Catalan speakers we found some of the songs were somewhat lost in translation, buy hey we’re in Ibiza, so we can’t really complain. 

As is usual with these outdoor events in Ibiza, they’re well organised, with good facilities, importantly an affordable bar selling drinks and snacks, and toilet facilities. The atmosphere was relaxed, and by the time it ended at about 2.00am, there was a large, happy crowd. A great free concert, in a fantastic location, on a warm, balmy August night.

video produced via and dropbox

dalt vila live music
dalt vila live music
dalt vila live music
dalt vila live music
dalt vila live music
dalt vila live music
dalt vila live music
dalt vila live music

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Sting, Rhianna & Elton John for July Ibiza Rocktronic Festival ?

February 9th, 2012

The Ibiza rumour mill has been in full flow since early December about a huge 3 day festival in the vacant land to the right of Mambo’s in San Antonio on 1st, 2nd & 3rd of July 2012.

Its reportedly a 20,000 people a day festival with individual day tickets or a 3 day pass. The initial rumours suggested George Michael, Lenny Kravitz & Sade. Subsequent rumours have now settled on Sting, Elton John and Rhianna as the headliners.

Whoever it turns out to be this is going to be a huge deal for the island. You can register to be on their mailing list and the possibility to win VIP tickets and backstage passes here:


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New live music event for Ibiza & Mallorca

February 3rd, 2012

Ibiza Live launches on June 5th at Eden Ibiza fusing the all night club experience with UK’s biggest Urban POP acts live and every Tuesday until Sept 11th. There will also be a sister event at BCM in Mallorca called Mallorca Live running every Sunday from 17th June until 9th Sep.

      The elite of the Urban Pop scene join headline DJs to showcase their sound to a new generation of Ibiza clubbers

Featuring Dizzee Rascal, Example, Wretch 32, Professor Green, Rev Run (Run DMC), Dappy, Labrinth, DJ Fresh + many more A list Headliners to be announced.

“We tested the concept out last year at Eden with acts like Example, Tinie Tempah and N-Dubz” says Simon Belofsky, Ibiza Live promoter, “The shows were sold out and the venue was at capacity – so we learned very quickly that there is a strong appetite for this kind of format in Ibiza”.

Joining the headline acts, Capital FM DJ Andi Durrant will be heading up the bill as their DJ resident, supported by island favourite Scott Page. Andi Durrant’s show on Capital FM is a powerful medium for braking new dance records in the UK. The Ibiza show will be broadcast across the UK on the Capital Network every Friday and Saturday night in the UK during the summer, reaching millions of listeners back home.

The venue for this ambitious production is San Antonio’s only real super club Eden, situated opposite the beach in the area’s centre. Eden has been working closely with the promoter and artists to develop a spectacular stage show, with specially designed lighting and sound for maximum impact and the fullest experience possible.

For those not in Ibiza, there will also be the launch of Mallorca Live every Sunday during the summer. Utilizing the same format as that of Ibiza Live, these events will also feature all of the headlining acts. The venue is Mallorca’s world famous BCM nightclub, which with its huge light and sound production make it a perfect forum for the event. There are also plans for expansion with outdoor matinee shows to be held in Mallorca featuring all of the A list artists throughout the season.

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The Ibiza Hip Hop Conspiracy

August 15th, 2011

Our good friend Andy Taylor, (yes, the one who was in Duran Duran) and who lives here in Ibiza, has written a brilliant blog about the influx of American and UK hip hop and r ‘n’ b artists who have played here recently. Here’s an excerpt:

        They’ve tagged it as “The Change” ….

[It depends which side of the floor you’re dancing’ on]

Ibiza – Once The Kingdom of all thing’s DJ has suddenly encountered more than a simple “nip & tuck” to it’s image & make no mistake, this “Atlantic” make-over is more of a head transplant than merely a cosmetic trim.

The once brazen, & in some cases narcissistic self-promotion, via the Las Vegas style billboard network around the Island, is finally encountering a powerful alternative in the shape of some of the most famous Rappers on Earth, sent here to restore the tainted image of a once great scene that’s just been around & in the hands of the same folks for to long !!!

Now firstly, don’t misinterpret what I’m saying… The cultural significance of house music is enormous, its story best left for another time, without question, its impact socially, culturally & musically has been hugely significant over the past 20-years. Ive seen the sunrise to Alfredo, watched the sun gently set in the west, got very silly with John Kelly, & drank that “special cocktail” … “what day is it love” – I was still in my late 20’s when it all initially kicked off… I’m now 50, exactly my point Dad’

One thing you learn from a life-time in music is that nobody can control the power of change in fact experience tells you to expect such if you are in music, so inevitably there will be a time when you become irrelevant, mistakenly of late many music companies, record labels etc. began to believe that they could set the culture of trends, when in actual fact they are merely facilitators of what’s coming from the street… Not the Bohemians that set the scene.

There’s also an underlying feeling that club style has been somewhat hijacked by the purchase of kudos [VIP] the roots of the club chic were not about how many whores you can afford, [shame on you if you can’t pull] It was more aligned with being cool or being a rock star or maybe even both, there was a time not so long ago when you couldn’t purchase VIP, that’s when it was really exclusive, no matter how much rotten cash you splash, you are not coming in here you towny twat… The Steve Rubell school of who’s in or out…

You can read the full article on Andy’s blog here: The Ibiza Hip Hop Conspiracy

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More live music than ever in Ibiza this summer

May 24th, 2011

Could we be on the threshold of another phase in Ibiza’s musical development?

The powerful influence of electronic ‘dance’ music that has dominated the Ibiza club sound for more than two decades, and which made Ibiza a global brand, may finally be waning.

The ripple that the island’s scene spawned has spread around the world, sweeping many successful DJs along with it to play to audiences further afield who still find their offerings fresh. To be fair, you wouldn’t be hanging around in Ibiza if you can earn €20 million a year enjoying the pleasures of your private jet. Just ask Tiesto…

Electronic music has had a remarkable innings as the dominant force in music, yet once again Ibiza may be adapting to the tides of change that tend to emanate from the European heartland of musical taste.

ibiza rocksIbiza Rocks proved to be the island’s game changer with their series of originally renagade live outdoor gigs, with which the authorities fought for some time until they recognised the brand’s generation bridging benefit to island tourism. Recognising the success of this initiative, we are about to be spoilt by the entry of some rather larger players to the concept – you might call it a back-handed compliment to Ibiza Rocks?

The three stand-out new entrants are a famous blast from the past, MTV reinventing themselves, Space and Ushuaia, last summer’s new kid on the block known as Playa d’en Bossa, who contributed to the former eyesore’s new found credibility.

MTV virtually replaced radio as the source of new music in the 90’s by adding the visual dimension to popular music. With a good video and a catchy tune an appearance on MTV could launch your career. Nobody who was there will forget the crowning glory of their last dalliance with the island – their huge live outdoor concert featuring both Faithless and Orbital in a disused quarry near San Antonio. This current initiative could well mark their intent to restore the credibility of their image.

mtv ibizaTheir chosen venue this time is Amnesia, where for ten weeks they’ll be putting on the venue’s Friday night event with a succession of big hitters covering several decades, including a first appearance on the island by 80’s synth-poppers Duran Duran. Others include Primal Scream, Ritchie Hawtin, Snoop Dogg and Mark Ronson to name but a few. A stellar line-up indeed…

Meanwhile down on Playa d’en Bossa beach Ushuaia has morphed from a beach chiringuito party into an almost over the top beach hotel combining three a la carte restaurants, to serve its 200+ rooms, with a giant outdoor Jacuzzi, a fully equipped gym, an enormous central swimming pool and a ‘lazy river’ swimming pool that runs through the gardens…


Nonetheless the poolside stage will be carrying some serious musical heavyweights this summer with some serious global stars rumoured to be appearing. If the word on the streets is to be believed this could be a spectacular summer for live music on the island, once again…
Over the road from Ushuaia, Space are expanding their live music from last years stunning gigs by Faithless and Leftfield. Faithless are booked again as are Pendulum and a host of others.

Don’t forget, the island does have some serious previous. This month we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the death of Bob Marley. 33 years ago he performed at the old Bull Ring in Ibiza town.

As you might expect, Ibiza Rocks are not about to let their own live music resurrection overtake them. Their eye-catcher this year is the acquisition of Pike’s Hotel, arguably one of the oldest country hotels on the island, to serve as back-up VIP accommodation to the hotel in San Antonio. (You get to stay with the band too…) This is obviously going to be a low key extension of the Ibiza Rocks project, but word on the streets is that you’d be best advied to keep your diary clear for September 5th – it’s Freddie Mercury’s birthday…

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Live music & events in Ibiza till 15th April

April 6th, 2011

Live music & events in Ibiza till 15th April:

thursday 7 AprilCocktail de risas: Juan y Punto’ Teatro PEREYRA 21:30h
‘Extrañamente gracioso’, així es defineix a la figura d’aquets còmic, col·laborador al club de la comèdia com a guionista i actor, i que quan puja a un escenari no atura d’improvisar i interactuar amb la gent. Avui passa pel Pereyra un altre crack! Un tipo ‘extrañamente gracioso’ antañoconocido como Juan ‘Resaca’, que ahora te emborracha con su improvisación y sus tablas. Colabora en El Club de la Comedia como guionista y como actor, y hoy se pasa por el Pereyra,…otro polifacético humorista imperdible
El vampiret i altres contes d’en Ponç Pons ‘El vampiret’ y otros cuentos de Ponç Ponç
‘Teatro a las diez’ ES VERMELL (Bisbe Abad i Lasierra, 57) 22h
Actuacions, improvitsazions, contacontes, clowns,…tot pot passar a partir de les deu! Actuaciones, improvisaciones, cuentacuentos, clowns,… ¡todo puede pasas a partir de las diez!
‘Audicions de primavera’ CAN VENTOSA 17:30h
Veure comentari dia 4. Darrer dia Último día
‘No Tricks Acoustic’ Bar COLON (Sant Antoni. West End) 23h
Format en acústic Formato en acústico Veure comentari dia 1 friday 8 April ‘Blues Dave’ Botigueta-bar CAN JORDI (Ctra Sant Josep, km 7) 21:30h
‘Mister Blues Man’ a la botigueta de’n Vicent per a viure una d’aquelles nits autèntiques a peu de la carretera ‘Mister Blues Man’ se acerca por ‘la botigueta de’n Vicent’ para vivir una de esas noches auténticas a pie de carretera ‘Muriel Grosman y Radomir’
SOMIART (Passeig marítim Sta. Eulària) 21h
‘Sopar’ de Jazz i Soul amb performances de ‘Foc i Fum’ ‘Cena’ de jazz y soul, con performances de ‘Foc i Fum’
‘Los Duros de cartón’ BIBLIOTECA SANTA EULÀRIA 18:30h
Aquests fantàstics ‘cuenteros’ a la seva faceta més ‘infantil’. Un regal per les oïdes! Estos magníficos cuenteros, en su faceta ‘más infantil’ ¡Todo un lujo para los oídos!
‘Uncle Sal’ DMIEDO ( C/ Trinitat, 6 – port de Vila)
Primer fou acùstic, després semi-acústic i ara ‘acústic però ‘amb distorsió a tope’ fins rebentar el Dmiedo. Rock i blues amb accent ‘sureño’…dintre del cicle ‘Barres y Birras’ patentat per en Sandro Primero fue acústico, después semi-acústico, y ahora acústico ‘pero con la distorsión a tope’ hasta reventar el Dmiedo. Rock y Blues con acento sureño, dentro del ciclo ‘barras y birras’, patentado por Sandro
‘Almas flamencas’ CAN VENTOSA 21h
Dins de la XII Mostra de dansa i ball, un espectacle de fusió flamenca sota la direcció de Beatriz Marí Llor a benefici de DEFORSAM Dentro del ciclo ‘XII Mostra de Dansa i Ball’, un espectáculo de fusión flamenca, para ver y vivir el flamenco de otra manera. Dirigido por Beatríz Marí Llor y a beneficio de DEFORSAM
‘Enrique el grande’ HOSTAL TALAMANCA 21:30h
1’60 cm de gran humor..
‘No Tricks’ PUB KOPPAS (West End – Sant Antoni) 23h
Veure comentari dia 1
‘Sant Pepe Festival 2011′ SANT JOSEP (Camp de Futbol) 22h 5€
S’inicia el Sant Pepe amb una nit electrònica amb Camilo Franco (Dj resident Space) i Rafa Ariza (Café Olé) Se inicia el Sant Pepe con una noche electrónica con Camilo Franco (Dj resident Space) y Rafa Ariza (Café Olé) saturday 9 April ‘Ballet de Moscú: El lago de Los Cisnes’ PALACIO DE CONGRESOS (Sta. Eulària)
Torna la companyia russa a Eivissa per oferir un espectacle de ballet admirable amb una nova producció del ‘Lago de los cisnes’ amb els millors solistes de Rússia Vuelve la compañía rusa con un espectáculo admirable, una nueva producción del ‘Lago de los cisnes’ con los mejores solistas de Rusia
‘Se Sexy’ SOMIART (Passeig marítim Sta. Eulària) 21h
Performances amb Foc i Fum a un sopar molt sexy Performances de Foc i Fum en una cena muy sexy
‘Real control’ CLUB DIARIO DE IBIZA 20:30h
Espectacle de ball a càrrec de la companyia ‘Dream Factory’ Espectáculo de baile de la compañía ‘Dream Factory’
‘Noche de brujas’ BONT´S INTERNATIONAL CLOWN SCHOOL (Ctra. Sant Josep – Passat el poble, després de la curva de la Citroën) 21:30h
L’escenari s’obri per a tothom en una nit màgica d’emocions i art. Cadascú amb la seva proposta (música, danza, clown, poesía…), s’embarca en una nit irrepetible Escenario abierto para todos, con la posibilidad de vivir una experiencia mágica, donde cada uno con su arte (música, danza, clown, poesía…) ayuda a crear una noche irrepetible
’25 aniversari escola Sant Miquel’ CP BALANSAT (Sant Miquel) 19h
A Balansat estan de festa i ho celebren amb torrada, rifes i actuacions de rock amb Can Raia, Rels, el cor de cambra Coda i els balls orientals Bollywood Aniversario en Balansat y lo celebran a lo grande. Torrada, rifa y conciertos de rock con Can Raia, Rels, el coro de cámara Coda y los bailes orientales de Bollywood
‘Hombres G + Señor Búho + Arma Sonora’ CAMP DE FUTBOL DE SANT JOSEP (Sant Josep) 21h 15 €
Torna el Sant Pepe Rock! Aquesta vegada amb una proposta remember, amb els ‘Hombres G’ com a caps de cartell. Obrirà el concert el rock & roll amb majúscules d’Arma Sonora, per deixar pas a la proposta pop i més personal dels eivissencs Señor Búho, i així a la mitjanit en David Sumers i companyia ens farain cridar himnes adolescents com ‘Sufre mamón’, ‘Chica cocodrilo’ o ‘La cagaste Burlancaster’ ¡Vuelve el Sant Pepe rock! Esta vez con una propuesta remeber donde ‘Hombres G’ encabezan un cartel que inaugurará el rock en mayúsculas de ‘Arma Sonora’, y continuará la propuesta pop más personal de ‘Señor Búho’, para culminar con los himnos adolescentes de los reyes del Pop de los 80′
‘Àfrica’ SANSARA 21:30h
Membres de Shakatribe, acompanyats de’n Victor Grisely i en Dani Marín, ens deleitaran amb un concert de fusió africana i afro-beat Componentes de Shakatribe, acompañados por Victor Grisely y Dani Marín, nos deleitarán con un concierto de fusión africana y afro-beat
‘No Tricks in Acoustic’ RUMOURS SUSHI (Santa Eulària) 21h
Veure comentari dia 1
Nova associació de músics que es presenta a una jornada de concerts durant tot el dia Nueva asociación de músicos que se presenta en una jornada de conciertos durante todo el día sunday 10 April ‘Capi Blues Band’ GUARANÁ (Santa Eulària- port esportiu) 20:30h
Moments per al blues de qualitat amb en Capi & Friends Momentazo para el blues con Capi & friends
‘Antonio y Sandra’ ES VERMELL (Bisbe Abad i Lasierra, 57) 12:30h
flamenc pel matí amb ‘el primo Antonio’…ole! Flamenquito con un virtuoso de la guitarra, ‘el primo Antonio’…¡y ole!
‘Miguel Miguel’ Pub CASANOVA (Sant Antoni) 22h
‘Mag’ de l’humor, el seu truc,…fer molta gràcia! ‘Mago’ del humor, su truco es hacer gracia
‘Lost Mountain Orchestra’ BRISA DEL MAR(Cala Pada) 14h
Veure comentari dia 2
‘Manuel Rodríguez Méndez’ NAMIBIA 18h
Exposició de l’artista que estirà ambientada per la ‘Lost Mountain Orchestra’ on el propi artista col·laborarà a ritme de soul Exposición del artista con ambientación de la ‘Lost Mountain Orchestra’ en el que colaborará el propio artista para marcarse unos temillas de soul
‘Sa balseta’ CAN VENTOSA 12:30h
Dins del cicle ‘Rondalles commemoratives de l’any Joan Castelló Guasch’, la Claka teatre presenta aquesta dramatització per a tota la família En el ciclo ‘Rondalles commemoratives de l’any Joan Castelló Guasch’, La Claka teatre, presenta esta dramatización, para toda la familia
‘Ballet de Moscú: El lago de Los Cisnes’ PALACIO DE CONGRESOS (Sta. Eulària)
Veure comentari dia 9
‘Ruta cicloturista familiar: Ses Salines’ PL. D’ANTONI ALBERT I NIETO 10h
Inscripcions fins al saturday anterior a: piscines d’es Viver, Can Misses, Bicicletes Juan Ferrer o Mr. Bike. Recorregut d’uns 30 km, de nivell moderat Inscripciones antes del sábado anterior a la salida en piscinas del Viver, Can Misses, Bicicletas Juan Ferrer o Mr. Bike. Recorrido de unos 30 km, de nivel moderado
Veure comentari dia 3 monday 11 April ‘Cortos y palomitas’ ES VERMELL (Bisbe Abad i Lasierra, 57) 22h (Veure comentari dia 4)U wednesday 13 April ‘The Boogie Band’ APARTAMENTOS CALA LLONGA 18h
L’aniversari amb en Chris Langley, banyat de rock Cumpleaños con Chris Langley bañado de rock
‘Monòlegs de la vagina’ CAN VENTOSA 21.30h
Antonio Cantos dirigeix l’adaptació i traducció d’Ángels Martínez i a la companyia eivissenca ‘Vagin al teatre’ per fer-se eco d’aquest éxit dels escenaris mondials, que retrata les experiències de les dones en relació amb la seva vagina: la sexualitat, la menstruació, la masturbació,… Antonio Cantos dirige la adaptación y traducción de Àngels Martínez y a la compañía ibicenca ‘Vagin al teatre’, y se hace eco de este éxito de escenarios, que ha circulado por todo el mundo, retratando las experiencias de mujeres en relación con su vagina: la sexualidad, la menstruación, la masturbación,… onis thursday 14 April ‘Teatro a las diez’ ES VERMELL (Bisbe Abad i Lasierra, 57) 22h Coment. dia 7S
‘Monòlegs de la vagina’ TEATRO ESPAÑA (Santa Eulària) 21:30h
Veure comentari dia 13
‘No Tricks Acoustic’ Bar COLON (Sant Antoni. West End) 23h
Veure coment. dia 7 friday 15 April ‘Second Hand’ Botigueta-bar CAN JORDI (Ctra Sant Josep, km 7) 21:30h
Un altre ‘pedazo’ de concert amb aquesta banda de bons covers de Rock&roll Otro conciertazo de esta banda con sus covers de puro rock
‘Boogie band ‘ DMIEDO ( C/ Trinitat, 6 – port de Vila)
Veure comentari dia 2
‘David Novell i Monma Mingot’ BIBLIOTECA SANTA EULÀRIA 18:30h
infantil, a les 20:30h sessió per adults Doble sessió de contacontes Doble sesión de cuentacuentos
‘Rels’ CAN POU (port de Vila) 22h
Rock d’autor en català Rock de autor en catalán
‘Cocktail de risas: David Guapo ‘ Teatro PEREYRA 21:30h
Ens arriba el tipo més ‘guapo’ de la sexta, un noi sense complexes, àcid i extremadament ‘actualitzat. Nit ‘guapa’ d’humor Nos llega el tio más guapo de ‘la sexta’, un tipo sin complejos, ácido y tremedamente ‘actualizado’, noche ‘guapa’ de humor
‘Soul and body gospel choir’ CLUB DIARIO DE IBIZA 21h
Concert de Gospel de la nova agrupació eivissenca de’n Joaquín Garli Concierto de Gospel de la nueva agrupación dirigida por Joaquín Garli
‘Día europeo de la información juvenil’ SANTA EULÀRIA (Carpa)
Tot el dia Activitats i concerts de hip-hop i de rock amb D-Brois (22h) Wii, rocòdrom, monòlegs… Actividades durante todo el día y conciertos. Concierto ‘D-Brois’ (22h)
‘Noche de monólogos’ HOSTAL TALAMANCA 21:30h Artista sense confirmar Artista por confirmar
‘The Boogie Band’ Bar DEMIEDO (carreró Trinitat nº 6) 23h
Aquest bar viu el rock com ningú i si a més s’hi presenta en viu no podem demanar més Este bar vive el rock como nadie y si es en directo mejor. Los temas rockeros más conocidos en directo con Chris Langley y su inseparable banda
‘Modernismo’ SOMIART (Passeig marítim Sta. Eulària) 21h Moda, modernisme i ‘sopar temàtic’ Moda, Modernisme i ‘Sopar temàtic’

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Eivissa Music Art – a full day of live music in Ibiza

April 5th, 2011

This Saturday 9th April, Eivissa Music Art presents a whole day of live music from bands around Ibiza in the main tent in San Antonio:

12am Marten – 12.30 Met Head -13.00 Fletxa Negra

13.30 Nexus – 14.00 Putumayo Project – 14.30 Gypsy Moreno

15.00 Du Brois – 15.30 Esfera Roja – 16.00 Tales of Gloom

16.30 The Hoochies – 17.00 Paco Fernandez – 17.30 Fabian Nasacimiento

18.00 Sami – 18.30 The Boogie Band – 19.00 Blau Klar – 19.30 Nene Hendrix

20.00 Gleam – 20.30 MAGNAM – 21.00 Sequoia – 21.30 Stonecorners

22.00 A Tutiplen (Batuca) – 22.30 Crobo – 23.00 Lola Pachon

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Live music & events in Ibiza till 31st March 2011

March 20th, 2011

Monday 21st MarchCortos y palomitas’ ES VERMELL (Bisbe Abad i Lasierra,57) 22h
Gaudeix dels millors curts, de les teves crispetes i d’una nit de cinema Disfruta de los cortos, de las palomitas y de una noche de ‘cine’ Thursday 24 March ‘Cata de vino’ ES GALLINER (Sant Josep) 21h

Si encara queda alguna cosa per beure a Sant Josep,…estarà allà! Si todavía queda algo de alcohol, ¡estará allí!
‘Cocktail de risas: Nacho García’
Teatro PEREYRA 21:30h

Monòleg ‘caiga quién caiga’, idò!…N’ha caigut un de bó! Monólogo caiga quién caiga,…¡pues cayó éste! Y vaya crack…
‘No Tricks Acoustic’ Bar COLON (Sant Antoni. West End) 23h
Nit de rock
‘Teatro a las diez’ ES VERMELL (Bisbe Abad i Lasierra,57) 22h
(Veure comentai dia 17) Friday 25 March ‘Red Hot Hoochies’ Botigueta-bar CAN JORDI (Ctra Sant Josep, km 7) 21:30h
Acústic a la botigueta, bones versions de rock i millor ambient Acústico en la botigueta, buenas versiones der rock y ambientazo
‘Joan Murenu’ CAN POU (port de Vila) 22h
Rescatador de cultura popular i cançons, un dels primers ressonador de la història visita Can Pou, guitarra amb mà, i cor i passió a la veu Rescatador de la cultura popular y de canciones tradicionales, uno de los primeros ressonadors de la historia pitiusa, visita Can Pou
‘Coisa Nova’ SANSARA (Ctra. Sant Carles km 9,3) 22h
Música de Brasil amb Samba, Bossa i Funky Rock
‘Pagès salsa festival’ PALACIO DE CONGRESOS (Sta. Eulària)

+ info: www. Cap de setmana amb el primer festival de salsa a la vila del Riu, cursos, tallers, exhibicions,..i molta salsa! Participa i balla fns que no puguis més! Del 25 al 27 de marzo se celebra el primer festival de salsa en la Vila del Riu. Cursos, talleres, exhibiciones, y ‘mucha calor’…¡ah!
Contes de primavera a la Vila del Riu Tarde de cuentos
‘Tarda del conte amb Iolanda Bonet’ BIBLIOTECA MUNICIPAL D’EIVISSA 19h

Un gust, un plaer,…orelles obertes i a escoltar Una buena elección …un placer para las ‘orejas’
‘Antígona’ CAN VENTOSA 21:30h
Producció del GAT sobre l’obra de’n Sòfocles, que narra el drama d’una guerra fraticida, que només Antígona podrà revestir de justícia. Amb na Sonia Jaume, na Begonya Peris, en Javier Pacheco, en Daniel Tomás, n’Inuk Santos i en José Ferrer Producción de la compañía ibicenca GAT sobre la obra de Sófocles. Drama griego sobre una guerra fraticida que desemboca en la desesperada búsqueda de justicia de Antígona. Con Sonia Jaume, Begonya Peris, Javier Pacheco, Daniel Tomás, Inuk Santos y José Ferrer
‘II concurso Festerra’ SANT JOSEP 21:30h

1ª semifnal del concurs de pop-rock en llengua catalana amb Rels, Esfera Roja i Quin Delibat 1ª semifnal del concurso de pop-rock en lengua catalana con Rels, Esfera Roja y Quin Delibat
‘Inakaba-2′ DMIEDO ( C/ Trinitat, 6 – port de Vila)
Salut i Rock!!!! Rock hasta que Pepe cierre,…¡o sea cuando le den el toque!
‘Fabiano Nascimento y Rafael Fernández’ NAMIBIA 21h
Samba, bossa i folk brasiler Samba, bossa i folk brasileño
‘Tanguería “La 2 x 4″: La Milonga que faltaba! CLUB SALSA EULALIA (Calle del Mar No 5 Baixos) 22h
Un espai per gaudir i apendre tango, ball de saló i ritmes llatins amb Marcelo i Cintia Un espacio para disfrutar y aprender tango, bailes de salón y ritmos latinos fbk: pampaargentina 697 248 648/ 619 738 964 Saturday 26 March ‘Marián Pellegrino’ CAN POU 22h (Veure comentari dia 19)
‘No Tricks’ SUSHI BAR (Port esportiu de Santa Eulària) 21h
(Veure comentari dia 17)
‘Fiesta burlesque’ NAMIBIA (C/ Juan Tur Tur nº13 – Santa Eulària) 21h
Màscares i llenceria,…música ,..i tota la nit! Máscaras y lencería…. y ¡mucha música. Toda la noche!!
‘Antígona’ CAN VENTOSA 21:30h
(Veure comentari dia 25)
‘Pagès salsa festival’ PALACIO DE CONGRESOS (Sta. Eulària)

+ info: www. ‘IV Correbars’ SANT JOSEP 12h Agafa el teu got i a còrrer per tot Sant Josep cercant ‘benzina’. Els Can Raia i Movilet Sound System faran un passacarrers perquè t’entri millor la tapa la beguda (2,50€) La mejor carrera de la historia en Sant Josep, en su cuarta edición ‘el avituallamiento’ será de mayor calidad y con tapa incluida (2,50€). Can Raia y Movilet Sound System, pondrán el rock&roll
‘III Trobada de ball i música popular entre illes’ PALACIO DE CONGRESOS (Sta. Eulària)

Cap de setmana crits, repics , ucs i balls Fin de semana de ‘crits, repics, ucs i balls’
‘Sa Penya: obert per obres’ MERCAT VELL 11h
Itinerari des del mercat vell fns a la Casa Broner. Cal reservar 971305022 Redescubreix sa Penya, amb el conseller Marc Costa en el casc històric Itinerario para conocer sa peña, desde el mercado viejo hasta la casa Broner (previa reserva 971305022) Redescubre el barrio en compañía del concejal Marc Costa
‘Nordic Walking’ POLIESPORTIU DE SANT MATEU 16:30h
Un altre passeig internacional per la nostra geografa Bastonets gratuits. Inscripcions i bastons gratis Paseo ‘internacional’ por nuestras vetustas rutas, ¡con los bastones incluidos! +info: 971 348 494 Pto. encuentro: 16.30h
‘Ángel González Trío’ SANSARA (Ctra. Sant Carles km 9,3) 22h
Rock anys 80 Vive la época de los sintetizadores! Sunday 27 March ‘Jahbless’ GUARANÁ (Santa Eulàriaport esportiu) 20:30h

Reggae con Jahbless , temas propios y versiones de Bob Marley clavaditas Reggae en el puerto de Santa Eulària con Jahbless y su ‘troupe’
‘Blanco y negro canalla’ ES VERMELL (Bisbe Abad i Lasierra,57) 12:30h
Un mà a mà entre en Jose (Funcalé) i Omar, bolers i tangos cantats d’una manera molt personal José de Funcalé y Omar, se marcan unos boleritos de esos que te arrancan un olé, en el momento preciso
‘Antígona’ CAN VENTOSA 21:30h
(Veure comentari dia 25)
‘Diego Peña’ Pub CASANOVA (Sant Antoni) 22h
Monòlegs al casanova de la mà de joves talents del ‘puro humor’ Monólogos en S. Antonio, a falta de pinchos, buenas son
‘The 101 Band’ CALA LLONGA (platja) 21h
Un nou projecte de’n Chris Langley Rock&roll cerca del mar
‘Caminatas populares ibiza: Sant Rafel’ PÇA. ANTONI ALBERT I NIETO (Bulevard d’Abel Matutes-Eivissa) 9:30h
Recorregut fns a la esglèsia de Sant Rafel Recorrido de 11 km. hasta la iglesia de Sant Rafel + info:
‘Pagès salsa festival’ PALACIO DE CONGRESOS (Sta. Eulària)
+ info: www. Monday 28 March ‘Cortos y palomitas’ES VERMELL (Bisbe Abad i Lasierra, 57) 22h

(Veure comentari dia 21)Thursday 31 March ‘Cocktail de risas: Pedro Llamas’ Teatro PEREYRA 21:30h

Actor, director i cachondo mental es desviu per entendre allò que mai es pot entendre Actor, director, y cachondo mental, se desvive por entender lo cotidianamente incomprensible
‘Luxury Square’ RACÓ VERD (Sant Josep) 22h
Pop, rock i reggae de luxe amb Fabiano, Rubén i Sam.
‘Subasta Casi Todo’ SANTA GERTRUDIS (junt al bar Costa) 15h
Vina i licita per tot o quasi tot Podrás encontrar,…¡sí eso!… y pujar por ello (Exp. dia 30 y 31 de 10h a 15h)
‘No Tricks Acoustic’ Bar COLON (Sant Antoni. West End) 00h

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Live Music and events for Ibiza till 15th March 2011

March 8th, 2011

Live Music and events for Ibiza till 15th March:

Projecte Mut’ CAN VENTOSA 21h

Els Mut participen a la V Trobada Internacional de Literatura Port Mediterrani del llibre, i ens regalen una mica de ‘Poésica’ i alguna sorpreseta… Ración de folk, poesía y buen gusto, de la mano de Joan, David y su séquito de lujo
‘Enterrament de la sardina’ PARC DE LA PAU 20h
Sardines torrades…¡Ñam! Despidamos a la sardina..¡comiéndonosla!

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