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Spector and Kaiser Chiefs Ibiza Rocks 2012 Review and Photos

June 28th, 2012

by ClaireB

Tonight’s gig is one of the ones I’ve been looking forward to most of all so far in the 2012 season. I’m a Kaiser Chief’s fan – I like their music and they’re a fantastic live band. It will be great to see them in an intimate venue. Spector the support act are growing on me too. This will be the third time I have seen them live. The first time was when they supported The Kaiser Chiefs at The Forum in London last October, and then with The Drums at The Roundhouse in February. In the space of four months and with a fair amount of radio play and gigging around, they had honed their act, were getting a good fanbase and were looking like they meant serious business. So I’m waiting in the venue, watching it fill up, full of anticipation.

Spector Ibiza RocksSpector appear onstage at 9.20 to a backdrop promoting their forthcoming debut album ‘Enjoy it While it Lasts’ (out in August). Fred the singer is looking dapper in an eye-catching bright blue suit. He’s a great front man – making use of the small amount of space that the band have in front of the Kaiser Chief’s kit, and engaging the crowd in between songs.

At one point he embarks on some matchmaking, trying to fix up a guy on his own on a balcony with a girl on her own a few balconies away. He finds out that most of the crowd is from the UK, and they clearly know the band and their music. They’re doing a great job of warming them up before the Kaiser’s. By the time they play ‘Chevy Thunder’ the crowd has their hands in the air and are dancing along.

Fred proclaims, “Ibiza it’s our first time here and I hope it won’t be our last”. He then announces the last song ‘Never Fade Away’, their first single, and everyone has their hands in the air and is clapping. He goes to the very front of the stage. In the chorus he is jumping up and down and he has the audience doing the same. They leave the stage to rapturous applause. I think the crowd would have liked more but they’re probably on a strict no encore brief so that everything can be set up for The Kaisers. And from where I’m looking, there’s a lot of gear to get on that stage.

Spector did a sterling job warming up the crowd for The Kaisers. DJ Nicola Bear is keeping up the momentum by playing some great tunes and the crowd is jigging around (there’s not enough room to dance now) and singing along.

Eventually the Kaiser Chiefs appear onstage to Dire Straits ‘Money for Nothing’ starting their set to a rapturous applause from the now packed venue. I start the gig down in the pit at the front of the stage taking photos (my first time). All I want to do is watch, but I have a job to do. It’s an amazing experience being so close to the band. There are plenty of photo opportunities as Ricky moves around and commands the stage, but he’s hard to capture, as he’s darting around all over the place. I’m so close that I can almost feel the energy and adrenalin pouring out of him.

Kaiser Chiefs Ibiza RocksBy the second song he’s broken free from the stage and is standing on the security barrier amidst the crowd. Ricky is on form, and it’s going to be a good show. The rest of the band are used to his off-stage antics (it’s one of the hallmarks of his performance), and just carry on playing in the background. The band is part-way through a run of international festival performances, so they’re playing most days – they’re tight, they’re rehearsed, and they have a great repertoire of anthemic hits to play. And that is exactly what they do, whilst Ricky uses the Ibiza Rocks venue as his playground.

By now I’ve left the pit, and am moving around the venue to get different perspectives from different locations in the venue. They run through ‘Everything is Average Nowadays’, ‘Kinda Girl You Are’, ‘Na Na Na Na Naa’ and ‘Everyday I Love You Less and Less’. Everyone is singing. Then they launch into ‘I Predict a Riot’, and the whole place is jumping – I wouldn’t be surprised if some seismic activity is registered in Ibiza tonight. Ricky scales the lighting rig on the stage, using it as a climbing frame. When it comes to ‘Ruby’, Ricky finally takes off his jacket (it’s a hot night) and tells the crowd that they’re all gonna laid tonight (the crowd that is).

I’m mingling with the crowd now enjoying the gig, near the mixing desk. Clashing with The Kaiser Chiefs is Spain’s clash with Portugal in the semi finals of Euro 2012. I start to hear loud cheers from the back of the venue near the TV screen, and realise that the game has gone to penalties. I go to look at the TV to see what’s happening, but decide the gig is more important to watch. I go back to see that Ricky has run off the stage, and is now singing from the balcony of the press room, left of stage and two floors up! It’s crazy. There’s Ricky singing on the balcony taking swigs from a bottle of Jack Daniels, and Spain scoring penalties at the back of the venue. He makes it back to the stage and wishes everyone a good holiday and imparts some safe sex advice, before the band leave at the end of the set.

But it’s not long before they’re back. Then they launch into ‘Oh My God’. Part way through, Ricky’s making his way through the crowd: he scales the mixing desk rigging up to the VIP balcony, edges his way along the balcony, sings for a while, and then jumps off into the pool. What an exit! What a gig – pure rock n’ roll. This could well be the gig of the summer – it’s certainly going to take some beating! Oh, and Spain got through to the finals of Euro 2012, so there’s a packed venue full of happy people.

Click on images for larger versions
Kaiser Cheifs

Kaiser Chiefs Ibiza Rocks Kaiser Chiefs Ibiza Rocks
Kaiser Chiefs Ibiza Rocks Kaiser Chiefs Ibiza Rocks
Kaiser Chiefs Ibiza Rocks Kaiser Chiefs Ibiza Rocks
Kaiser Chiefs Ibiza Rocks Kaiser Chiefs Ibiza Rocks
Kaiser Chiefs Ibiza Rocks Kaiser Chiefs Ibiza Rocks
Kaiser Chiefs Ibiza Rocks Kaiser Chiefs Ibiza Rocks


Spector Ibiza Rocks Spector Ibiza Rocks
Spector Ibiza Rocks Spector Ibiza Rocks
Spector Ibiza Rocks Spector Ibiza Rocks
Spector Ibiza Rocks Spector Ibiza Rocks

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Theme Park and Maccabees, Ibiza Rocks 2012 – Review and Photos

June 22nd, 2012

I’m looking forward to this gig – two guitar bands. I like The Maccabees – Theme Park are new to me, but it’s always good to be exposed to a new band. And Ibiza Rocks are pretty good at pairing acts, so it’s fair to assume that the band chosen to support The Maccabees will be worth watching.

Macabees Ibiza RocksPrior to Theme Park coming onstage, the venue was quieter than it had been the last two weeks. In my previous posts I haven’t talked about the venue, which is great. It’s outdoors, in the courtyard of the Ibiza Rocks Hotel, the stage being just to the left of the pool (which is out of bounds on gig nights).

The stage is high, so it’s easy to get a good view of the performer(s) from pretty much anywhere. And the area in front of the stage is wider than it is deep, providing plenty of vantage points. I don’t know what the capacity is, and I can never judge crowd numbers, but it’s large enough to create a good atmosphere, but small enough for it to be an intimate gig. And the sound is always great, even though it’s al fresco! It’s a perfect venue for a gig as far as I’m concerned.

Theme Park make a low key entrance at 9.20. Four guys at the front with guitars, and a drummer at the back. The first song is jangly-guitar, funky pop. Part way through the song a horrible sound emanates through one of the monitors on the stage, and a few minutes later the band is ushered offstage! Technicians are running around and looking at said faulty piece of equipment. Confusion rains! After 10/15 minutes the problem is resolved and the band return to the stage. The singer has a soulful voice, and jangly guitar accompaniment suits the setting perfectly, as the sun goes down over Ibiza Rocks and the lights come up.

The band members swap instruments occasionally, and the singer plays guitar on some tracks. It was very danceable, and just a shame that they didn’t have a bigger audience. They left the stage at 10 pm, presumably having played a shorter set because of the technical problems, which is a shame. They’ve only been together for just over a year, and you can tell they’re perfecting their act, but they look like they’ve got a good future ahead of them.

Macabees Ibiza RocksThe Maccabees have the coolest guitar techs I’ve ever seen, two teddy boys in full drapes and regalia! They look great but it’s not practical attire in Ibiza at the end of June. Unusually, they’ve removed the monitors from the front of the stage.

The stage is set up for four musicians in a line about a third of the way back on the stage: three microphones and an impressive set of foot pedals for each of them. These guys look like they mean business. They know how to party too. Earlier that day a video was put out on Twitter of one of the band jumping into the pool at The Ibiza Rocks Pikes Hotel:

The Maccabees come onstage at 22.45 to screams from the crowd. By this time everyone has emerged from the bar and there’s a good sized crowd in front of the stage. They kick off with William Powers from their second album. There’s lots of melodic guitars over the top of rhythmic bass.

The set combines a mix of tracks and singles from their three albums. The crowd knows them: they’re dancing and they’re singing along. The sound is good and clear and the stage lighting accompanies the band’s performance to good effect. There’s lots of strobe lighting. It’s definitely a rock gig, and the whole show is tight and professional. The band has honed their act. They know how to play, they sound great, they look cool and they can pose. What more do you need from a band?

They end the set with ‘Pelican’, the first single to be released from their last album ‘Given To The Wild’ released in January. But they’re not offstage for long, returning to play an encore. The band were clearly enjoying themselves, and so were the audience. Tonight, The Maccabees put the ‘rock’ back into ‘Ibiza Rocks’.

By ClaireB

Maccabees setlist:

William Powers
Feel to Follow
Wall of Arms
No Kind Words
First Love
Can you Give it
Forever I’ve Known
Toothpaste Kisses
Love you Better
Went Away
Precious Time
Grew up at Midnight

Click on images for larger versions:

The Maccabees

Macabees Ibiza Rocks Macabees Ibiza Rocks
Macabees Ibiza Rocks Macabees Ibiza Rocks
Macabees Ibiza Rocks Macabees Ibiza Rocks
Macabees Ibiza Rocks Macabees Ibiza Rocks
Macabees Ibiza Rocks Macabees Ibiza Rocks
Macabees Ibiza Rocks Macabees Ibiza Rocks

Theme Park

Theme Park Ibiza Rocks Theme Park Ibiza Rocks
Theme Park Ibiza Rocks Theme Park Ibiza Rocks
Theme Park Ibiza Rocks Theme Park Ibiza Rocks

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Ben Howard added to Ibiza Rocks 2012

April 3rd, 2012

Singer/Songwriter Ben Howard has been added to this years Ibiza Rocks on 4th July 2012.

Without a doubt, Ibiza is one of my favourite places on the planet. I’ve been to the island every year of my life and genuinely stoked to get there for a big show. My Grandad opened one of the first bars on the old port so that’s my little claim to fame over there. Great to be part of the whole Ibiza Rocks vibe, Ibiza’s always had a big gap when it comes to bands with guitars so great to be included really. I can’t wait.”

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New Order to headline Ibiza Rocks 2012 & more acts

March 12th, 2012

Ibiza Rocks announce this morning the main set of bands for the 2012 series of gigs.

New Order, Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party.
Tinie Tempah, Chase & Status, Maverick Sabre, Example, Labrinth, Professor Green

The big one is obviously New Order. This will be the first time they’ve played live on the Ibiza and will headlne on the 12th September. They have history though with Ibiza as it was here they recorded their seminal album “Technique”.

Bernard Sumner said:

The last time New Order were in Ibiza was the second summer of love. We were there to record an album and didn’t really know what we were walking into. By the time we left a few months later New Order, the Happy Mondays and the Hacienda had collided and fused with the Balearics and Ibiza’s superclubs. Manchester had become ‘Madchester’, and dance music had made a quantum leap. Although we didn’t spend much time in the studio we left with the basis of our album Technique. New Order and Ibiza are forever entwined. There’s no going back so instead we look forward -to playing our first ever concert on the island at Ibiza Rocks.”

Kasabian will return to headline the Ibiza Rocks 7th birthday gig on 11th July. Another band who’ve played rockin’ sets at the previous home of Ibiza rocks (Bar M) are Kaiser Cheifs who play on 227th June.

Other returning bands and artists are Maverick Sabre & Labrinth on 13th June, Professor Green on 18th July, Chase & Status on 1st August, Tinie Tempah on 15th August, Example on 29th August. Although Kele Okereke has played ibiza Rocks before in his solo incantion, Bloc Party will play on 5th September.

Resident DJ’s Doorly, Nicola Bear and Colin Peters will also be back behind the decks for 2012.

Shane Murray, Ibiza Rocks Group promoter, said:

“This is the biggest year for the Ibiza Rocks brand yet and we’re genuinely excited to be bringing 16 weeks of phenomenal live gigs to the islands. New Order have had such an influence on Ibiza and we’re making history by putting on their first ever live gig here. Bloc Party will be another real moment of the summer – this show has been a long time coming! It’s such an incredibly exciting time in music right now and with acts like Ed Sheeran, Two Door Cinema Club, Kasabian and Chase & Status all on the bill, the 2012 Rocks line up really reflects that. The energy at our shows is unique and with a line up as strong as this, it’s going to go up a whole other level. See you on the islands!”


Tickets for Ibiza Rocks from here.

Photos from previous Ibiza Rocks gigs – click on images for larger versions.

 Ibiza Rocks  Ibiza Rocks
Kasabian Kaiser Chiefs
 Ibiza Rocks  Ibiza Rocks
Maverick Sabre Labrinth
 Ibiza Rocks  Ibiza Rocks
Tinie Tempah Professor Green
 Ibiza Rocks  Ibiza Rocks
Example Chase & Status

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Ibiza Rocks 2012 teaser video

February 7th, 2012

The new Ibiza Rocks promo video for 2012 has been released:

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Ibiza Rocks & Mallorca Rocks 2012 agendas

January 18th, 2012

Regular visitors to the blog will be aware that we have a lot of love for Ibiza Rocks – it’s the festival that keeps on giving. This year is no exception, with headliners Ed Sheeran and Two Door Cinema Club set to hit Ibiza in 2012 and brand new extra events every week. The sister event, Mallorca Rocks, will also be getting in on the action. Here’s what’s on the agenda for both sites:

  • DAILY pool parties – the best way to cool off.
  • DOUBLE the number of key events, with a second weekly gig taking place featuring international DJs.
  • OPENING the festival is Ed Sheeran, who had a great 2011 that saw him become a household name, and followed it up with multiple nominations for the 2012 BRIT Awards. He’ll be following up on the chart success of his debut album, ‘+’, with a killer set in the Balearics – 5th June in Mallorca and 6th June in Ibiza.
  • WEEKLY silent raves – experience a rave with a difference as everyone puts on headphones and listens to the same music.
  • VIEW the gigs from your balcony at the Ibiza/Mallorca Rocks Hotel if you choose a Stage View Studio room. This means you get a bit of privacy, a great view and more space to dance!
  • FACILITIES at the Hotel include a gym, free Wi-Fi access (perfect for uploading photos to show your mates back home), two pools and an Xbox Social Room to chill out in.
  • NEW ‘Hostal’ accommodation option – if you’re on a budget then keep the costs down at the ‘Hostal’, which is like a hostel but with the benefit of being just 500m away from the normal Hotel, with full access to the gigs and events of the festival.
  • DISCOUNTS on tickets for the island’s best clubs from your Rocks Hosts, meaning your money goes that bit further.
  • CLOSING the party will be Two Door Cinema Club, indie darlings of 2011. Catch them in Mallorca on 18th September and Ibiza on the 19th.

It’s also worth considering what to do when you’re not at the gigs or lazing by the pool. The Balearics really are a great place to explore, so why not make the most of the warm weather and try some of these activities?

  • Take a natural mud bath on the small island of Es Palmador, near Ibiza – it’ll leave you with some great photos! Find the mud at the top of s’Alga beach.
  • Shop in the Ibiza Town boutiques and vintage stores, or go to the open hippy market, which operates long into the night and sells great souvenirs. In Majorca you’ll find loads of recognisable brand names in Palma City, and plenty of cool beachside stalls in Magaluf.
  • Go for a dip in the sea – both Ibiza and Majorca have loads of stunning Blue Flag beaches to explore. Majorca’s choices include Cala Estància in Palma, which has calm waters for swimming, and the incredibly long stretches of sand at Cala Portals Nous and Platja de Palma. Ibiza’s top beaches include Cala Bassa and Santa Eulària. For big waves and sports activities, head to Cala Nova or Cala Llenya.
  • If you want an adrenaline rush then why not try one of the Majorca water parks? Western Water Park and Aqualand are both in Magaluf and have a mixture of rides, slides and pools.

Thanks to Polly at Easyjet Holidays

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Ibiza & Mallorca Rocks 2012 opening & closing party artists

December 13th, 2011

ibiza rocks
It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since the Ibiza Rocks closing party but we have the bands now for the opening and closing parties for both Ibiza Rocks and their sister Mallorca Rocks.

Opening the 2012 season will be Ed Sheeran on 5th June at Mallorca Rocks and 6th June at Ibiza Rocks.

Closing both Mallorca & Ibiza Rocks will be Two Door Cinema Club on 18th & 19th September respectively.

      Ed Sheeran is one of the biggest music sensations of the year. The critically acclaimed Suffolk singer-songwriter dominated the airwaves for months with massive hit “The A Team”, which quickly became the highest-selling and highest-charting debut single of 2011 and then went straight to the top of the charts with the release of his debut album “+”, which achieved double-platinum status in just 3 months. With influences ranging from Jay-Z to Damien Rice, Sheeran’s genre-defying blend of acoustic pop, folk, grime and hip-hop has earned him major awards recognition and a huge following.

Fans are set to be out in full force when Ed Sheeran brings his biggest hits and best new material to the Balearics for the hugely anticipated Mallorca and Ibiza Rocks opening parties on Tuesday 05 & Wednesday 06 June respectively.

      Since releasing their debut album ‘Tourist History’ in March 2010, Northern Irish trio Two Door Cinema Club have rapidly become one of the biggest new success stories across the globe.

After selling out headline tours in the UK, US, Europe, Australia, Asia, Japan and South America, playing two successive sold out shows at Shepherds Bush Empire, selling out Brixton Academy in just a few hours, absolutely smashing the festival circuit with stand-out sets all summer and earning themselves headliner status of the forthcoming NME Awards Tour, the band have deservedly earned both a devoted word-of-mouth live following and huge critical acclaim.

Kevin Baird, Two Door Cinema Club said:We’re very excited to be playing Ibiza and Mallorca Rocks next year! We’ve never performed over on the sunshine isle so it’s going to be a fun show. We’ve spoken to other artists who have performed there in the past and it’s supposed to be a crazy party! Looking forward to it.

Shane Murray, Ibiza Rocks promoter, said:We’re really excited and exceptionally proud to bring Ed Sheeran and Two Door Cinema Club to make their live debuts on the Rocks stages.  It’s a real coup to bring such in demand artists to the Balearics – we’ve set the bar pretty high for the rest of the summer!  Exciting, new music for the festival generation is what Rocks is all about and these exclusive shows are a perfect way to Open and Close. With 16 weeks and 32 gigs – our biggest season of live music under the stars awaits.”

Ed Sheeran Opening Party, Mallorca Rocks, 5th June, £30 + booking fee (€35 + booking fee)
Ed Sheeran Opening Party, Ibiza Rocks, 6th June, £30 + booking fee ( €35 + booking fee)
Two Door Cinema Club Closing Party, Mallorca Rocks, 18th Sep, £28.50 + booking fee (€33.50 + booking fee)
Two Door Cinema Club Closing Party, Ibiza Rocks, 19th Sep, £30 + booking fee ( €35 + booking fee)

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