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The Floating Worlds at Grial, Ibiza tonight

August 28th, 2009

Their last night of the season at Grial in Ibiza Town ends tonight with Ibiza’s very own B’Fly & Toga (Girlz Skool) and Marcos Olivera on the decks. From midnight till 6am:

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Girlz Skool, #Ibiza this Thursday

April 28th, 2009

Girlz Skool, IbizaHard hats at the ready….

With the excuse of ‘el dia del trabajador’ – workers day – we’ll be waiting for you this Thursday evening at AK Pepua for another special night of GIRLZ SKOOL stuff and nonsense in Ibiza Town.

T.E.A.M spells TEAM and that’s exactly how we’ll be operating with the help of DJ Hi-Deck-I both behind the decks and with an exclusive electric performance a la Japanese.

Yours truly and yer woman (aka B’Fly&Toga) and a good dose of GirlzSkoolismo to help guarantee a Friday hangover: but hey, at least you’ve got the day off to deal with it.

Thurs 30th April
From 23hrs
Bar AK PEPUA (ex Akelarre)
C/ Des Passadis, Ibiza

HI-DECK-I Broken System on the Isla
Guitar, distortion and Japanese flavours rule

B’Fly + Toga

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Grial & a busy friday night in Ibiza

March 20th, 2009

Loads going on tonight in Ibiza - there’s Girlz Skool at Bar Txoko and also Does Ya Mama Know over at Grial - both in Ibiza Town – Can’t forget of course Alistair’s “Empire” night.


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Spring Break at Girlz Skool, Ibiza

March 19th, 2009

Hey Boys and Girls!

Everybody say Yeahhhhh Out with Winter, In with Spring! Time to cast off our cardigans and slip on our sandals..

To celebrate waving byebye to the dreary winter, Girlz Skool are set to skate into Spring this Friday 20th March at Bar Txoko in Ibiza Town.

Girlz Skool, IbizaIn the second of our new monthlies at TXOKO, and in addition to the usual timetable, this month we’ve decided to answer the call of our growling stomachs with a SKOOL DINNER SPECIAL. Starting at 7pm, this month’s menu will embrace the colours and flavours of Spring itself… think tasty tapas, think healthy hues, think lining on the pre-party stomach…

It’s also worth mentioning that, taking the anti-crisis-crisis into consideration, both food and bar prices at TXOKO are very much in keeping with the man(or woman) on a budget…

Flitting from flower to flower and providing the springui soundtrack will be DJ LITELBUTX, a firm favourite of the Girlz Skool Two. Clean your ears for “a session of versions and 80s shape throwers with a post punk aftertaste.”

B’FLY&TOGA will also be throwing on a tune or three as well as stepping up to the mike for the SKOOL ANTHEM OF THE MONTH.

Those of you who need to be excused for a trip to the toilet may feel free to decorate the walls with your own personal handiwork, graffiti is encouraged at GIRLZ SKOOL.

SKOOL UNIFORM this time round: anything remotely flowery and colourfull – think fairies, think vegetables, think tiny little insects and bunny rabbits and cute little lambs…


Friday 20th March
(Pasaje Avenida de Espana con Via Punica)

SKOOL DINNER: Tapas from 7pm
Party On from 10pm

TOGA Attchooooo
B’Fly Flitting Aroun

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Girlz Skool

February 3rd, 2009

our favourite non-house music night returns:

Hey Guys and Dolls…
girlz skoolLOVE IS IN THE AIR!
What with Valentine’s Day round the very next corner, we thought it would be a crying shame not to make proper time for some good old Girlz Skool lovin’.

B’Fly & Toga have taken the rather executive decision to unite all their friends and fellow classmates in a bid to put their famous matchmaking skills to the test one more time. Between the lot of you, we have accumulated far too many single friends – it’s time to hook you all up… or at least some of you others, you know who you are, may be beyond our help… but we’ll do our best.

In the red corner, all the way from Madrid, we’re delighted to finally get DJ RAYITO in behind our decks. Renowned for her ‘anything goes’ supersets up and down the Spanish mainland, Rayito, founder member of electronic punk ensemble Subbuteo, and fresh from Radio Nacional de Espana, will have love spilling out your very ears with her saucy session.

In the pink corner, and all the way from Santa Eulalia, it’s the Love Guru to the Stars – MAMA LOVE -who’ll be holding court and offering her celebrity psychic advice to those of you who care to find out the Real Reason that you’re totally inept at finding True Lurve. She’ll read you like a book – possibly even like a Mills&Boon Novel.

Singing into my mike, baby, and it’s one of Ibiza’s fastest rising hip hop heroes – DEL VALLE. If you still haven’t heard of him, we’d most seriously advise you to before he heads for international shores. It’s our pleasure to bring him back to Girlz Skool one more time…

Those of you already coupled up(and those who aren’t) are also invited to partake in a rather rosemantic selection of tapas treats, with complementary slinky/kinky cocktails from 19h.
And of course, lets not forget the Loveless and the Loved Up – B’fly&Toga (in that order) who will be on hand to comfort those who didn’t get a Valentines Card by way of some rather lovely random rhythms and naughty nonsense..

OH!! and don’t forget the GIRLZ SKOOL dress code.. HOT TO TROT! we’re feeling red, we’re feeling bed, we’re feeling pink, we’re feeling slink…

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