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Rick Wright R.I.P.

September 15th, 2008
Arguably my favourite band of all time and Dark Side Of The Moon was the first album I heard and then owned…

I was lucky to see Pink Floyd live around 20 times since I saw the last gig of The Wall tour at Earls Court in 1981 – that gig ended up being the last gig they all played together until Live 8.

In 1968 the group visited Formentera for 3 weeks whilst producing the soundtrack to the film “More”, the cover of which is an image of a windmill on Formentera. Recently EMI released a compilation featuring a photo of the band at Ibiza’s Crossiant show as the cover artwork.

28th July 1943 – 15th September 2008
rick wright

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Tomorrow comes…

September 11th, 2008

salinasOne of the most popular words in the Spanish language is ‘manaña’ – meaning tomorrow. It’s generally used in conjunction with work that has to be done and normally refers to Spanish people, but this year it has been hopefully applied to foreigners – and specifically tourists.

The Spanish themselves are not prone to panic, but when May, June and then July proved to be quiet months many of the foreigners running businesses on Ibiza began to lose their cool and depress the few tourists who did darken their doorways with tales of despair and despondency.

Spanish business owners on the other hand, with the benefit of decades of profitable summers under their belts and in the bank, said “make the most of the peace and quiet, they’ll all come at the same time – in August!”

salinasTrue enough as it turned out – almost overnight vast expanses of sand turned into vast expanses of sunburned flesh. Despite this many of the foreign business owners continued to moan, claiming that the majority of the tourists were Italian and weren’t interested in their Full English Breakfast offering, or even 2 pints for the price of one!

No complaints, however, were heard from the ever-growing band of Italian business proprietors. It appears that Ibiza is becoming an overflow facility for Formentera, which is widely acknowledged as being temporarily annexed to Italy for the month of August.

Those who live in Formentera have long been aware of this fact and most nowadays have sufficient grasp of Italian to relieve their boisterous visitors of their euros with a smile. They also know from experience that as soon as August ends the other nationalities will return until the end of the season.

The other particularly numerous visitors to Ibiza in August are the flamingos of Salinas, however, they are completely ignored in the official figures as they don’t carry money.

Yet another thing for local business owners to moan about…

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