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Barefoot Doctor’s ‘Energy+Enlightenment-Injection’ Day Retreat at Atzaro, Ibiza

August 24th, 2009

After the recent success of his first ‘Energy+Enlightenment-Injection’ Day, The Barefoot Doctor returns to Atzaro this Tuesday 25th August from 12 noon til 7pm.

One of the world’s leading Taoist Masters, Barefoot Doctor has published 13 best-selling books and is renowned for his self-development teaching and down-to-earth techniques. Resident in Ibiza for the last year, his name and reputation have already spread across the island and its people, through a combination of his Ibiza Global Radio programmes, his weekly event ‘Dub Spirit’ at Bazaar and his ‘Energy+Enlightenment-Injection Day Retreats at Atzaro.

As part of the intensive one day retreat, participants are invited to learn the art and mechanics of attaining and maintaining enlightenment as well as how to ‘access and sustain limitless energy, vitality and stamina’. And whilst that may seem a lot to ask for in just one day, Barefoot Doctor’s specialty is doing exactly that – training people in the practice and philosophy of the ancient beliefs of Taoism.

The ‘Energy+Enlightenment-Injection Day Retreat starts at 12 noon this Tuesday and is priced at 175 euros, which includes more than 4 hours of training and one to one opportunities with Barefoot Doctor, a deluxe energizing lunch, spa access, swimming and chilling at one of the island’s most stunning and luxurious rural hotels, Atzaro.

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Urban In Ibiza at Atzaro – review and more photos

August 13th, 2009

atzaro, ibizaOn one of the busiest nights I’ve ever seen at Atzaro, Urban In Ibiza descended on the country oasis last night for a beautifully paced showcase and magnificent party. I’d been trying to imagine how urban art would fit in with the Mediterranean landscape at all, let alone at a luxury hotel in the middle of nowhere. It worked brilliantly.

Urban legend and Banksy-collaborator Inkie, who hails originally from the famous Bristol School of Graffiti worked at sunset with Midlands artist Chu, to complete a masterwork together which was then to be auctioned off. The two are legends in the urban art world, having been on the scene since the early days of the graffiti art movement, and have worked together on several occasions.

Inkie and Chu finishing the piece for auction

Chu had been poolside with his aerosols since 2pm and was still putting the final touches to his side of the work at midnight. Joined by Inkie at sunset, the two merged their unique imagery as the sun dropped behind the palm trees and long pool in the Sant Llorenc countryside, and gave way to a warm spotlit evening.

At their side Amsterdam artist Shoe, who has also been on the urban art scene since the early 80s composed his calligraffiti, using layer upon layer of gold, black and red to spraypaint the lyrics of Roots Manuva which had been sent to him by email after a friendly correspondence with Roots.

Shoe at work

We sat watching them for hours, with a whole crowd of Shoe’s friends from Amsterdam, Holland and Ibiza.

Earlier on, whilst Chu had been at work on the pool terrace, Atzaro staff had offered two of their cars to Inkie and Shoe to go to work on and we witnessed a live spraying which instantly turned both cars into collectors’ items.

Stepping into the gallery space, I found a delighted Inkie, who had already sold all of the work he had on display. In fact many of the pieces exhibited inside by the Urban in Ibiza collective had already been sold to various collectors from the island, and elsewhere, including actor Stephen Dorff.

Shoe and Manuva’s Lyrics

Inkie and Chu (both first time visitors to the island) told us they had been tremendously inspired by being here; by the light, the colours and especially by the energy. Chu in particular, inspired to create an island city of sound systems in his live painting, seemed positively overwhelmed with his first impressions of Ibiza.

Later in the evening Dan Macmillan’s Zoltar label and Graffiti swimwear put on two delicious fashion shows on the upstairs catwalk, accompanied by a clever little breakdancer who couldn’t have been more than eight years old.

Roots Manuva then playfully took to the catwalk and performed to a very exuberant crowd of all ages, after a photo session down at the pool terrace with Shoe.

Text & Photos above: Helen Donlon

Click on images below for larger lightbox versions:

Dizzee Rascal, Ibiza Rocks 2009 Dizzee Rascal, Ibiza Rocks 2009
Dizzee Rascal, Ibiza Rocks 2009 Dizzee Rascal, Ibiza Rocks 2009
Dizzee Rascal, Ibiza Rocks 2009 Dizzee Rascal, Ibiza Rocks 2009
Dizzee Rascal, Ibiza Rocks 2009 Dizzee Rascal, Ibiza Rocks 2009

And the iphone pics:

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Fashion Fusion at Atzaro, Ibiza tonight

June 30th, 2009

Kurru Kurru held a fashion show thing tonight at Atzaro in conjunction with 2 other fashion shops in Ibiza, namely Graffiti and reVOLVER. The north’s great and good and beautiful people turned up in force to watch them recreate the Virgin Atlantic 25th anniversary advert and put on a bit of a fashion show – you know, the one with Frankie Goes to Hollywood and the red-dressed stewardesses. The funny part is that one of the ibizaA-Z team had a starring role in the video – cant wait to see it…

We could’ve taken the professional camera but there were loads of photographers there and we have to do the job at Ibiza Rocks tomorrow night (Tuesday) so we thought we’d have a night off. Great fun – thanks everyone :)
Some early rehearsal pics:

The main event

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Fashion Fusion at Atzaro, Ibiza

June 25th, 2009

The fashion event of the summer to be held on Monday 29th June at Atzaro Agrotourismo.

A joint spectacular show combining three of Ibiza’s most coveted fashion stores.


Fashion Fusion at Atazro, Ibiza

Each store will be showcasing their summer 2009 wardrobes in a dazzling display, mixing theatre with fashion.

Pieces available to buy on the night in the FASHION FUSION boudoir.

The event starts at 9pm until late

Associate partners include: SUSHI POINT, SMACK MAKE UP and ICON IBIZA

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atzaro, ibiza tonight

May 29th, 2009

atzaro tonight

james blunt, extremely gorgeous women and a free bar

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Atzaro, #Ibiza

May 5th, 2009

atzaro, ibizaThe Atzaro Hotel, near to Santa Eulalia in Ibiza, is open again and determined to make itself more user-friendly to the locals as well as its many summer visitors.

This erstwhile quiet little ‘agroturismo‘ in the countryside has set its stall out to be just a little bit more than just a quiet country retreat for a handful of lavishly treated staying guests, in search of the peace and solitude that Ibiza can offer…
It is, instead, a hive of activity for those of almost any persuasion.

Down the elegant relaxation route, Atzaro‘s spectacular spa offers all that you might expect from the gym to the Turkish bath, but throughout May, with an eye on the ‘crisis’, you can enjoy a full day package for just 25 euros.

This, of course, is in addition to the inexpensive restaurant, which has now been extended to a new terrace on the lawn outside, with the normal stunning quality and service. Any visitor is welcome to enjoy the sumptuous surroundings to enjoy a cool drink as the entire facility is open to the general public and entrance is free…

To emphasise this fact, amongst the many regular evening events staged in the chill-out area, which from mid June includes a ‘Sushipoint’ throughout the summer, they are staging Fashion Nights each Monday and Wednesday featuring almost every noteworthy local designer and some international names too.

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Atzaro shop opening, Ibiza

May 1st, 2009

Its “day of the worker” weekend in Ibiza and Atzaro chose that to launch their new shop in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza. It was fun.

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Atzaro Ibiza opening new boutique shop

April 29th, 2009

atzaro, ibiza boutiqueAtzaro Ibiza, the beautiful agrotorismo hotel just outside Santa Eulalia in Ibiza are opening a new boutique shop in Santa Eulalia this Friday May 1st 6pm onwards.

They are promising drinks, food and gifts.

The new Atzaro shop is located on the road opposite the Cam Bank, on Isidoro Macabich 14 which is about halfway down the main high street on the right.

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Kurru Kurru, Ibiza opening party and other news

April 6th, 2009

kurru kurruKurru Kurru‘s official opening party will take place on Saturday 11th April with a canape and cocktail reception and a surprise show, at the shop, Plaza del Parque from 6pm onwards. Come and meet the new members of the team and soak in the afternoon Easter sun in Ibiza‘s most famous rendezvous square.

Shop opening and times…

Kurru Kurru’s showroom in Plaza del Parque opens it doors to the public on Monday 3rd April.
We will be open from 10am to midnight each day, 7 days per week all year round. They are very much looking forward to welcoming you and please feel free to visit them. New for 2009, they have a beautiful new line of metallic Bikini’s to brighten up your beach bags, as well as a selection of new apparel to get you in the mood for summer.

Vintage party at Ocho, hosted by the Fabulous Leah Tilbury, Hjordis Jensen, Lollo and Maya.
5pm onwards
A much anticipated day event at Ocho, Crtra San Juan 9.5, Santa Eulalia. Think Vintage luxury clothing; make overs by My-face make-up, Leah’s sister’s, Charlotte Tilbury’s much coveted range, Jade Jagger Jewelry and cocktails and finger food from the restaurant. Kurru Kurru will be installing a quirky show to present the brand so please come along and take a peek.

Coming up this summer…


Exclusive Pool Parties at the famous Pikes Hotel, San Antonio. Stiletto’s and bikini’s a must. Come and sip Champagne and cocktails while swaying to the afternoon rhythms of Jon Sa Trinxa and Lenny Ibizarre. INVITATION ONLY Dates to be confirmed.

The famous Breakfast Club. Last summers famous Breakfast Club will be re-locating to a new venue on one of Ibiza’s most famous beaches. Live interviews and music broadcast LIVE from Sonica and a mouth-watering Breakfast that cannot be beaten. Dates to be confirmed and venue to be announced in MAY.

Fashion Event at Atzaro. With the new fashion diary implemented for the coming season and fashion a very important part of Atzaro’s 2009 agenda, Kurru Kurru will shortly be announcing the date of their own original fashion installation here.

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french lingerie lounge at atzaro

August 3rd, 2008

When you get asked would you like to go to a fashion show that has “loads of beautiful women without loads of clothes on at Atzaro’s” – you tend to go “er yeah”….

So we’ll be there:

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