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Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza – Christmas Lights 2009

December 8th, 2009

Our good friend Jo Mills took these amazing photos the other night of the christmas lights in Santa Gertrudis in the middle of the island.

p.s. congratulations to Jo on the birth of Rafael Chester :)

Click on the images for larger versions:

santa gertrudis, ibiza christmas 2009 santa gertrudis, ibiza christmas 2009

santa gertrudis, ibiza christmas 2009 santa gertrudis, ibiza christmas 2009

santa gertrudis, ibiza christmas 2009 santa gertrudis, ibiza christmas 2009

santa gertrudis, ibiza christmas 2009 santa gertrudis, ibiza christmas 2009

santa gertrudis, ibiza christmas 2009 santa gertrudis, ibiza christmas 2009

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Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza – 2009 Fiesta details

November 6th, 2009

Santa Gertrudis is famous for its colourful fiesta. For almost a whole month each year, the picturesque village located in the very centre of the island celebrates its patron saint. Fiesta highlights include the horse-riding tournaments, the hike to Santa Agnes and back – and then, on Monday 16th November, the celebratory mass with folk dancing outside the church and a midnight fireworks display.

7th November
8.00 p.m.   Marquee   Fourth annual rock music competition

8th November
Midday   Church   Homage to the elderly with a celebratory mass, inauguration of Bishop Abad y Lasierra, traditional folk dancing, brass band and refreshments provided by Santa Gertrudis restaurant
7.30 p.m. Marquee Third annual patisserie competition
9.00 p.m. Marquee Ballroom dancing competition with the Paradise Trio

10th November
9.00 p.m.   Santa Gertrudis restaurant   First round of the “tuti” championship

12th November
9.00 p.m.   Santa Gertrudis restaurant   First round of the “cau” championship
9.30 a.m. Church square Choral singing by local schoolchildren
10.00 a.m. Church square Workshops organised by secondary school pupils from Santa Gertrudis school
Midday   Church square   Performance by Ramón Ginard, organised by the local school
9.00 p.m. Santa Gertrudis restaurant First round of the ludo championship
9.00 p.m.   CEC Can Guasch   First round of the table football championship

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Art Club of Ibiza, Santa Gertrudis

June 21st, 2009

Art on the Plaza of Santa Gertrudis

On July 12 the third Domingo del Arte will take place in front of the church.

The monthly art forum organised by the Art Club of Ibiza will convert the plaza of Santa Gertrudis in Ibiza into an open air exhibition when about 40 painters, sculptors and photographers put up their stalls from 7 pm to midnight.

Special attention deserves the performance of the photographer and video artist Bamboo at 10 pm who will project wood engravings of William Fulljames, an artist living close to Santa Gertrudis and known for his aptitude to capture local life in his woodcuts, onto the church.

And whoever missed the performance ‘Art on the Catwalk’ that took place last month in San Carlos presenting wearable art of more than a dozen designers in a scenic show will have the possibility to watch al least the video taken at the occasion and, if desired, to acquire the DVD made from it.

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Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza

February 3rd, 2009

santa gertrudis,ibizaThis little village of Santa Gertrudis in the centre of Ibiza is about as far from the sea as you can be. It always brings to mind the “Champs Elysee” of Paris by virtue of its “cafe society” main street, with tables full of diners overflowing into the, now pedestrianised, road outside the “cheek and jowl” cafes.

There wasn’t much else to the village until recently, but now it’s rapidly growing as the price of houses “with a sea view” have rocketed out of mos people’s reach.

With the nearest beaches only ten minutes away, and the furthest half an hour, Santa Gertrudis remains a village that is neither dependent upon, nor swamped with tourists, even during the peak season on Ibiza.

Santa Gertrudis is sufficiently civilized that whenever locals have to cross the island, they inevitably detour through Santa Gertrudis for a coffee, to break their short journey?

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Santa Gertrudis Fiesta in Ibiza

January 8th, 2009

After midday mass on Sunday, 18th January
in the church square of Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza

santa gertrudis, ibizaIbiza traditionally marks St. Anthony’s Day with a special celebration – the Blessing of the Animals. According to the Catholic Church, St. Anthony was the patron saint of animals, which is why believers ask him to give their pets and livestock his blessing – in two towns on Ibiza, San Antonio and Santa Gertrudis.

This year, the blessing will take place in Santa Gertrudis on Sunday, 18th January. Last year, we were lucky enough to be there to witness the traditional celebration for ourselves. Here’s what we saw – maybe our report will motivate you to go and see the blessing of the animals for yourselves. It’s a wonderful experience – and gives people from other parts of the world a great insight into the heart and soul of Ibiza.

You can read the full article about the Santa Gertrudis fiesta in Ibiza here

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Santa Gertrudis fiesta details

November 4th, 2008

Santa Gertrudis Patron Saint’s Fiesta
Saturday, November 1st Exhibition opening at the church with paintings and sculptures by various artists. For the exact time please check the local paper

Sunday, November 2nd 7:30 am:
Fishing competition. Meeting point is bar “Ullivans”
9:00 am: Hiking tour from Santa Gertrudis to Santa Agnes. Meeting point is the main square in Santa Gertrudis

Friday, November 7th 9:00 pm:
Tabletop football tournament in the party tent

Saturday, November 8th
11:00 am: Horse show at Can Mayans

Sunday, November 9th
Noon: Mass followed by traditional dance. Tribute to the oldest inhabitant

Friday, November 14th
10:00 am: Children’s festival

9:00 pm: Live music

Saturday, November 15th
9:00 pm: Live music with various bands and Dj’s

Sunday, November 16th
Holy Gertrudis Day
9:00 am: Bell ringing
Noon: Mass followed by a procession and traditional dance

9:00 pm: Live music with the “Pota Lait” band
Midnight: Firework display

Friday, November 21st 9:00 pm: Rock band contest

Saturday, November 22nd
11:00 am: Football tournament
7:00 pm: Football tournament
9:00 pm: Rock band contest

Sunday, November 23rd
10:00 am: Children’s festival

1:00 pm: Classic concert

5:30 pm: Cooking contest

7:00 pm: Live music with Javier Chivite
Sunday, November 30th
1:00 pm: Charity lunch to raise funds for the NGO Manos Unidas

1:00 pm: Perfomance by various comedians

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The changing face of Santa Gertrudis

August 5th, 2008
The enormous empty space of the church square

Santa Gertrudis as you’ve never seen it before
A village’s changing face

In Santa Gertrudis you can get the best cured-ham bocadillo and the best paella. It is home to one of the island’s most beautiful art galleries, has one of the best decoration stores, rustic bars, excellent restaurants, leather handwork, a goldsmith, an auction house, bookstores, art – not to mention the church and the playground – this place really is unique on the island. It’s always been this way, but now it’s all changed. Santa Gertrudis has received a new plaza…

For decades locals and visitors have been meeting in cosy town bars. They sat under shady trees out on the terraces of the few bars, talked about everything under the sun. It often went beyond just a glass of wine. The encounters were cordial and affectionate. A penniless but talented artist or two was often able to pay his tab with Vicente, the owner of Bar Costa, with a work from his studio. That’s how it was back in the good old days…

The new square was inaugurated with a big fiesta.

Life is ruled by change, which is as true on Ibiza as it is in Santa Gertrudis. After months under construction the new plaza was festively re-opened. It stretches from one corner of the village centre to the other. The road that used to run through the village is no more. The era of driving through on a scooter or in the car to see if you knew anyone sitting at the bars, to share a drink or chat with on
rickety stools, is no more.

However, this also means that the era of exhaust from cars and scooters wafting down onto your paella or worrying about falling into the street from the narrow pavement are also over. The era when cars parked in rows in front of the church, when metal ruled the church plaza, are finally, officially over. While it may have been convenient for drivers, it wasn’t doing the village any favours.

All of that now belongs to the past. The village centre is now a pedestrian zone, paved with light-yellow stones of pressed concrete. Unfortunately many of the trees fell victim to this progress. It will take years before the mini-crowns on the new plantlings will be able to provide real shade against the cruel summer sun on Ibiza.

The bars now have more space for tables and chairs but instead of the old trees, sunshades provide protection from the sun now

You may notice that a number of the older trees are marked with red crosses – this meant that they
were supposed to be felled – but IbizaNOW made a few phone calls. After our editor-in-chief spoke with the mayor of the village, who is also the mayor of Santa Eularia, Vicente Mari, a few of them were saved.

The mayor can’t be held responsible for the changes that have taken place. He was just putting into action a plan that had been approved years before by the municipal council. As for the yellow concrete bricks, they too aren’t his fault. The residents of Santa Gertrudis were given a choice of several different shades of paving stone and decided upon the one you see today.

Above: Before – Below: After…

Now the village centre has a yellow plaza that sticks out a bit like a sore thumb during the day, even blinding a few, and some claim that it makes the place even hotter in the summer. The dark tar pavement from before would, of course, have been more likely to heat up the place but, in the meantime, the shade is missing.

Local residents aren’t sure how they like their new village. Some like it, others find it’s less successful. Some of the older established business people, who would prefer not be named, put it thus, “It’s great that the cars can’t drive through the village any more, but the plaza as a whole isn’t charming. There’s
no shade, it reminds me of the Sahara. The surface would probably be good for a petrol station.”

At the moment the business owners are in negotiations with the municipality about how the cost of using the areas in front of their businesses to set up with tables and chairs, so discretion is the order of the day. In summary: There are no trees to provide shade, no green plants, no colourful flowers – and although the village centre heats up more than before the atmosphere is too cold. People are sad to say that the village character appears to have been lost. It’s as if they were in a tourist fairground…

On the other hand, there are some who like the new look. Toni, whose family has been running the tiny tobacco shop in the village centre for over a century says, “The young trees have to grow, but otherwise the plaza is an enrichment.” He is one of those who see this change in a positive light.

We can only recommend that those responsible make sure that the saplings are well cared for, so that they grow more quickly. Perhaps a gardener with green fingers and a good eye for colour could be employed too?

During the evenings it’s a completely different story. When the sun goes down the stone surface cools down and it becomes a place where, as always, many people come to chat, walk about, or meet for a drink. A place where children can play without the fear of being run over and people sit in front of the restaurants and bars. The gastronomic offerings haven’t suffered through the modernisation. There are now more restaurants, more choice businesses than ever before.

Along with the traditional establishments like the “Bar Costa” (cured hams), “Restaurant Santa Gertrudis” (paella) and “Es Canto” (chicken, lamb), a number of new designer restaurants with a
more international cuisine have also been added.

Yes, Santa Gertrudis has changed – but it is still worth visiting on a balmy Ibiza evening. Perhaps even more so than before, as the number of restaurants and designer shops have become more colourful. Of course many will be sad about the loss of the old charm. This we can completely understand…

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Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza

March 23rd, 2008

The traumas of the winter reorganization of Santa Gertrudis are pretty much over as the local business owners throw open their doors to offer ‘business as usual’.

Now that the dust has finally settled all involved seem to be in agreement that the end result justifies the means. In much the same way as happened with the road building of the last couple of years, the voices of discontent have given way to optimism that summer on the roads will be a bit easier on us all this year…

The village centre does somehow seem to have grown to celebrate the general mood of optimism created by the improvements. Those with longer memories deny this though, pointing out that the place was already a car free, living space only a few decades ago – a real beating heart of the community.

Casi Todo, the island’s favourite auction house, turned their first auction preview of the new season into a party recently, with ‘The Lost Mountain Orchestra’ performing an acoustic set. Meanwhile a curious crowd inspected the extraordinary array of typically diverse objets d’art destined to fall under the hammer at the Easter weekend auction.

These events are good fun even as a spectator, so for details of their future auctions, please check the Ibiza NOW Monthly Island Calendar, or their web site at

We look forward to seeing how this café society boulevard in the heart of Santa Gertrudis adapts to its new stage. It promises to be interesting, as Casi Todo will be presenting their regular ‘home’ auctions on the vast new paved terrace in front of their emporium, where their vine shaded, but cramped, auction space used to be.

Other street theatre is bound to follow as everyone else gets into the spirit…

Tomorrow’s beach will be Cala Blanca, and at some stage the front cover of April’s edition of Ibiza NOW (once its gone to the printer and we’ve watched the footy…) – we’ve also got some great exclusive underwater pics of the Don Pedro wreck.

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Cafe Society returns to Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza and tonights sunset

March 1st, 2008

After all the upheavel with the main road in Santa Gertrudis being dug up and the 4/5 bars that dominate the middle of the village having to effectively close their terraces – it was nice today to deliver the magazine in Santa Gertrudis and get back to the “lets take a break and have a coffee in the sun”.


And then a lovely red sunset…


We’ve also found loads of wifi hotspots which we’ll be adding over the next few days or so…

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Almond Blossom in Ibiza & various bits & bobs…

February 1st, 2008

Its been very sunny for the past couple of weeks so it seems that the Almond blossom has appeared a bit early. Everywhere you go on the island at the moment the almond is in full bloom…
almond blossom in san juan

santa gertudis santa gertudis
Santa Gertrudis "High Street" as of today – 1st Feb 2008

pikes hotel we are scientists at ibiza rocks, pikes hotel
We had to pop in to see Pikes Hotel today and remembered the photos we’d taken back at the end of August when We Are Scientists played there as part of the Ibiza Rocks series. So we took the opportunity to take a "before & after" photo from the same spot to show how things can appear differently… ;) – except the "before" was actually "after"…

We also are delighted to learn that those top guys known as Hungover Stuntmen have name-checked us on their forthcoming album – we’re chuffed to bits. “Blame The BBC” – out in all good record shops and some naff ones too on March 17th – buy it…We’ve a scan of the relevant artwork but have been sworn to keep it under wraps for the moment.

Also if you’re in Ibiza at the moment check out This Ibiza Life tonight on 106.4 fm as we’ll be on as guests of the host Gail Fear – probably relentlessly plugging the website and magazine. Hopefully we’ll even put up a podcast of it tomorrow. (We have to race back to Santa Eulalia after the show for the weekly Los Corrales vs The Tall Ships pool competition…

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