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Actual Ibiza Magazine – November 2009 Cover & Contents

October 26th, 2009

November’s edition of Actual Ibiza/Ibiza NOW magazine has gone to the printers so here’s a sneak preview of the cover and whats in store for November.

We have a 7 page article on Ibiza’s traditional Fiesta’s and after the storms of last month some stunning photos of the Tornados (waterspouts) that appeared off the coast.

There are three new tour routes throughout the UNESCO World Heritage site of Dalt Vila, a visit to the Can Parades organic farm and a season review. There is the usual restaurant news including Santa Eulalia’s Cardamom Club, the rally event that took place in October, a visit to Dublin to see Ibiza’s very own Steve Norman as Spandau Ballet start their reunion tour as well as the usual Real Estate, Law and Garden articles.

November 2009 cover

November 2009 contents November 2009 contents

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Ibiza NOW Magazine – October 09 cover and contents

September 28th, 2009

Octobers edition has been finished so here’s a preview of the cover and contents.

Click on images for larger versions:

October 2009 cover

October 2009 contents October 2009 contents

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Ibiza NOW Magazine – August editorial

July 30th, 2009

Dear readers,

25 years of IbizaNOW – a quarter of a century of insights into island life. These have been 25 years of highs and lows documented by passionate people who used their pens to immortalise the events and traditions that make Ibiza and Formentera so truly unique. Now our magazine is having a complete makeover – and learning Spanish into the bargain.

The interesting thing is that this idea, which – let’s not beat about the bush here – was born of necessity rather than choice, has been greeted enthusiastically by everyone I’ve mentioned it to. I admit that in some respects I’m a traditionalist. My philosophy has always been: one magazine, one language. Every cent that our readers spend on IbizaNOW should buy information that is useful to you – full stop.

Six years ago, when we launched IbizaHOY – IbizaNOW’s Spanish sister – on the market, we were confronted with a totally unexpected phenomenon: many of our IbizaNOW readers were also buying IbizaHOY. Why? So they could practice their Spanish, as the main articles of interest to people of all nationalities were identical in both magazines. Back then I received a lot of letters asking why we didn’t publish a bilingual magazine so that people who wanted both languages didn’t have to go out and buy two separate magazines.

My approach to this was very clear: the number of people who weren’t interested in having both languages was significantly higher – and after all NOW was NOW, although financially speaking it would have been in our interests to combine the magazines and serve the English and Spanish speaking market with a single publication.

A number of factors led us to discontinue production of IbizaHOY two and a half years after its launch. For personal and financial reasons it was just no longer viable to keep the magazine in circulation, but we never entirely gave up on the concept.

Over the years I’ve repeatedly been contacted by Spaniards and English-speaking readers who wanted to tell me how sorry they were that HOY was no longer available. And now – even here, on a beautiful Mediterranean island – IbizaNOW is starting to feel the pressure of the credit crunch that has affected other countries so badly, especially the UK. Sad to say, you can be as passionate as you like about your job, but there’s no way you can influence the world economy to work in your favour.

So we’ve decided to take the lemons and make lemonade – and celebrate a wedding. Yes, IbizaNOW and IbizaHOY are now officially married. They’ve even changed their name – to actualIBIZA. From now on IbizaNOW will be making its appearance on the shelves as the bilingual monthly, actual- IBIZA and we won’t be asking you to pay a cent more for a language you may not be able to understand. The new magazine will be at least 32 pages longer. This is almost exactly the number of pages of Spanish language content. This edition is actually 48 pages bigger than the old IbizaNOW. It goes without saying, however, that we haven’t raised our prices. So you won’t be losing out, even if you can’t read the Spanish section. But maybe this will end up encouraging you to glance at the Spanish articles once you’re finished with the English ones – combining fun with education, so to speak. Not that you’re under any obligation to do so, of course. You’re free to enjoy actualIBIZA in any way that you please.

Apart from this, actualIBIZA will be remaining faithful to our traditions. From the first to the final page, it will be packed with exciting stories about Ibiza and Formentera. Reports, news, events, restaurant recommendations, nightlife and so on. As always we’ll be taking you to some of the most fascinating place on the island, showing you some of the most special beaches and offering tips on how to make the most of daily life here on the islands.

So in this case I’ve decided to shake off my traditionalist views and take the first step towards a new and more varied future.

Wishing you all the best, an enjoyable read and a refreshing summer breeze to keep your spirits up,

Yours Thomas Abholte

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Ibiza NOW Magazine cover & some changes

July 28th, 2009

As you can see from the this months cover, Ibiza NOW is merging with Ibiza HOY for a dual English & Spanish language edition and will be called actualIbiza. To accommodate the extra Spanish content the magazine has been increased to over 140 pages but will still be the same price with all the usual features and news. On the newstands at the weekend.

Click on the images for larger versions.
August 2009 cover

August 2009 contents

August 2009 contents

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Ibiza NOW Magazine – July 09 cover and contents

June 23rd, 2009

Ibiza NOW Magazine has gone to the printers so here’s the usual sneak preview. Its a packed edition this month, with more of your comments on favourite beaches, 8 pages of the International Film Festival and the International Music Summit.

We spend a day out with a traditional Ibiza fisherman, reports on Santa Eulalia harbour, the patron saints of sailers fiesta, opera, art and all the usual news and features. There’s also an interview with the Consell about the new “Ibiza Music Cluster”

As ever click on the images for larger versions:
July 2009 cover

July 2009 contentsJuly 2009 contents

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Ibiza NOW Magazine June 2009 – cover and contents

May 25th, 2009

Ibiza NOW Magazine went off to the printers last night so here’s a sneak preview of the June edition cover and contents pages.

We have a large article about some Ibiza beaches that are not normally covered in the usual Ibiza guides, our new iphone app, the Consell’s new approach to music and how Ibiza remains immune to credit crunches. We also have a look at Ibiza’s chiringuitos, more on the history of Ibiza NOW magazine and a fying trip with Real Aeroclub de Ibiza y Formentera.

Click on the images for larger versions.

June 2009 cover

June 2009 contents

June 2009 contents

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#Ibiza NOW Magazine – May front cover and contents

April 24th, 2009

Ibiza NOW Magazine for May has gone to the printers this morning so here’s a sneak preview of the May edition and contents.

We cover the medieval fiesta that takes place in Ibiza towns Dalt Vila and also a visit to the infamous “Atlantis“. New books, new music and a preview of the International Music Summit in Ibiza as well as the usual Ibiza news, restaurants, law and health and beauty.

Click on the images for larger lightbox versions.
May 2009 cover

May 2009 contentsMay 2009 contents

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Ibiza NOW Magazine History – pt1

March 25th, 2009

Some excerpts from the beginning of Ibiza NOW‘s history:

Hello and welcome to the history page. This month we are going to interrupt our current series in order to report on one of the milestones of contemporary island history. This long overdue feature takes us back to the living roots of today’s English-speaking community and explores the foremost organ of expression within that community. We are referring, of course, to the founding of the Ibiza NOW in 1984. The magazine’s 25th anniversary provides us with the perfect opportunity to headline the full, unabridged story of how Sally Wilson engendered the longest enduring foreign-language periodical on the island today.

Our narrative starts in the early summer of 1965. Sally was about to return to her native California after a year working with a British government organisation promoting international trade when her London friends proposed a Mediterranean holiday. Although she had travelled around Europe in previous summers, Sally recalls looking at the photo of their holiday destination with the word IBIZA written below and thinking “I have no idea where that is.” Little did she suspect that four years later she would be establishing the first ever foreign language news publication on the island, the now legendary Ibiza Insight.

By September 1968 it was clear that the Ibiza Insight was on its way to becoming an integral part of the islands’ international community. The historic boom years of Ibiza’s tourist industry were rapidly approaching, witnessed by the new hotels that were being projected by local entrepreneurs. The Ibiza Insight finished its first season with a promising future ahead, ready to expand in volume and desirous of improving its graphic and photographic content.

The two intrepid editors set off for Palma de Mallorca to find a new printer, eventually arriving at the Spanish newspaper, Ultima Hora, where they found a friendly welcome and advanced printing technology. Beginning with the first 1969 edition, the Ibiza Insight was printed in Palma, soon doubling in size and adding the distinctive trademark bright orange to many of its pages.

ibiza, errol flynn
Errol Flynn (3rd left) with entourage on one of his frequent visits to Ibiza
Click on image for a larger version

As soon as the newspaper was firmly established, the editors began to reach out to the community with various activities never before attempted on the island. At the end of the 1969 summer season the first ‘Miss Ibiza Insight Gala’ took place at the then recently inaugurated Sa Tanca night club. The 20-some contestants of various nationalities, included local residents and others who were here for the summer, all of whom had previously appeared as the ‘Ibiza Insight Girl of the Week’ with a photograph and an interview in one of that summer’s editions. The presence of a celebrity panel of judges, which over the years included many film stars and international celebrities, added to the glamour of the event, with island residents always filling the outdoor venue to capacity.

These are just excerpts – you can read the entire article on the main ibiza now website here

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Ibiza NOW Magazine – April’s contents pages

March 24th, 2009

Sneak preview of the contents of Ibiza NOW’s April edition.

Some highlights:

  • History: Last month we promised to dig a little further into the origins of our 25th anniversary – what we found stretches back fully 40 years!
  • Crucifixion Re-enactment: The processions that surround the celebration of Easter on the islands are an extraordinary experience. At first glance they can be very unnerving with dozens of what appear to be Klu Klux clan members bearing torches to a lilting and monotonous drumbeat. However, what they really reflect is the deeply felt penance of these strongly Catholic people
  • Multi-tasking: Surviving on Ibiza means hard work and being creative – it often involves more than one job, but there are worse places to work
  • Restaurant News: Many seasonal venues are opening with a flourish for Easter. A number of venues are opening their doors under new management and all are trying to outdo each other with special offerings for the imminent Easter holiday
  • Rock ‘n Roll: The role of the islands in the anthology of rock ‘n roll history has to be seen to be believed – so this month we bring it to you…

Click on the images for larger versions:

April 2009 contents

April 2009 contents

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Ibiza Now Magazine April 2009 front cover

March 23rd, 2009

April’s Ibiza NOW Magazine front cover has gone off to the printers so here’s a sneak preview of next months front cover.

The contents page will go up on the blog tomorrow (when its finished!)

Ibiza Now Magazine April 2009 front cover

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