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Ibiza NOW Magazine History – pt1

March 25th, 2009

Some excerpts from the beginning of Ibiza NOW‘s history:

Hello and welcome to the history page. This month we are going to interrupt our current series in order to report on one of the milestones of contemporary island history. This long overdue feature takes us back to the living roots of today’s English-speaking community and explores the foremost organ of expression within that community. We are referring, of course, to the founding of the Ibiza NOW in 1984. The magazine’s 25th anniversary provides us with the perfect opportunity to headline the full, unabridged story of how Sally Wilson engendered the longest enduring foreign-language periodical on the island today.

Our narrative starts in the early summer of 1965. Sally was about to return to her native California after a year working with a British government organisation promoting international trade when her London friends proposed a Mediterranean holiday. Although she had travelled around Europe in previous summers, Sally recalls looking at the photo of their holiday destination with the word IBIZA written below and thinking “I have no idea where that is.” Little did she suspect that four years later she would be establishing the first ever foreign language news publication on the island, the now legendary Ibiza Insight.

By September 1968 it was clear that the Ibiza Insight was on its way to becoming an integral part of the islands’ international community. The historic boom years of Ibiza’s tourist industry were rapidly approaching, witnessed by the new hotels that were being projected by local entrepreneurs. The Ibiza Insight finished its first season with a promising future ahead, ready to expand in volume and desirous of improving its graphic and photographic content.

The two intrepid editors set off for Palma de Mallorca to find a new printer, eventually arriving at the Spanish newspaper, Ultima Hora, where they found a friendly welcome and advanced printing technology. Beginning with the first 1969 edition, the Ibiza Insight was printed in Palma, soon doubling in size and adding the distinctive trademark bright orange to many of its pages.

ibiza, errol flynn
Errol Flynn (3rd left) with entourage on one of his frequent visits to Ibiza
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As soon as the newspaper was firmly established, the editors began to reach out to the community with various activities never before attempted on the island. At the end of the 1969 summer season the first ‘Miss Ibiza Insight Gala’ took place at the then recently inaugurated Sa Tanca night club. The 20-some contestants of various nationalities, included local residents and others who were here for the summer, all of whom had previously appeared as the ‘Ibiza Insight Girl of the Week’ with a photograph and an interview in one of that summer’s editions. The presence of a celebrity panel of judges, which over the years included many film stars and international celebrities, added to the glamour of the event, with island residents always filling the outdoor venue to capacity.

These are just excerpts – you can read the entire article on the main ibiza now website here

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