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Cocoon at Amnesia, Ibiza summer season 2009, IMS preview.

May 28th, 2009

Winner of Best Ibiza Night at the DJ Awards 2008, Sven Vath’s techno-plus extravaganza Cocoon opens 15th June at Amnesia, and this year will mark their ten year anniversary here.

The Ibiza operation is run by Johannes Goller, a man whose life changed dramatically ten years ago when he decided to abandon his family’s original plans for him to take over their butchers company. He’d already got all the requisite diplomas and was all set to follow in his father’s footsteps before having a radical change of heart after seeing Sven Vath, whose music he already loved, perform here at Space. To cut a long story short, for now, the rest is history.

Johannes works during winter in the offices of the Cocoon family above Frankfurt’s Cocoon club and restaurant. He arrived yesterday for the International Music Summit, and the summer season which sees months of winter planning play out week after week at Amnesia, with wall-to-wall crowds on each occasion. Cocoon has traditionally been the home of the most eclectic club crowd on the island, and is famed for its international melange of both performers and aficionados. After his participation in the brands panel this afternoon at the IMS, I sat Johannes down for a forthcoming interview in Ibiza NOW, during which we touched on the highlights for the coming season…

“We’re ten years on the island, and will be celebrating this every single Monday, so we’ll have special guests all throughout the season with lots of new artists as well as old faces. It’s going to be a very interesting line-up. If there’s anyone on the island bringing new artists, then it’s Cocoon.”

These faces include Guillaume Coutu Dumont, Nick Curly, Cassy, Raresh, Marcus Fix, Zip, Livio and Roby, Radio Slave, Magda, Gaiser, Joris Voorn, Marco Carola, Dubfire, Josh Wink and Federico Molinari. The artists are often chosen by Sven, or by residents Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos and Loco Dice. “Ricardo played at an after-party in Chile, and he found this guy called Uhmo. And he called me when I was in India and said, “We have to invite him to Ibiza, I’ll pay the flights!” so he’ll be playing with Ricardo and Raresh this season.”

Cocoon have always had an open door rule for island residents, and that policy will continue this summer. “As long as you turn up with a Resident’s card you get in for free. There has always been this big connection between Cocoon and the island because of this.”

And for the opening night, June 15?

“On the opening night we have Sven and Chris Tietjen playing the main room, with Cassy and Ricardo on the terrace.”

Cocoon have always had a season’s theme, often with a futuristic bent. So what’s the theme for summer 2009?

“We thought about it. We had the photographers, the creative directors… and we thought you know what? Isn’t ten years with Cocoon Ibiza enough? Isn’t it enough to say hey we are on the island now for ten years, so let’s just stand still, look back and let’s see what we’ve done. We have nine different models, why don’t we put all of them in a pot and do a crazy visual mix of all the images and all the years. Let’s use all those pictures, let’s invite all the performers, let’s celebrate ten years of Cocoon. We have Dita Von Teese coming, we have Rose the snakewoman [Rosalind Bee, the famous contortionist], The Freaks from London – they’re all coming back. Roman from Alter Ego is coming for a DJ set… We’re going to try to make every Monday as special as possible…”

Helen Donlon
Full interview with Johannes Goller in next month’s Ibiza Now

Confirmed dates

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Clubs end of season report

October 14th, 2008

“Be positive. This island has so much to give. Ibiza is unique in the world. Dance culture has been here for 2,000 years.” – Johannes Goller, Cocoon, on what he learned from summer 2008.

Bad news is easy to find in Ibiza, if you look for it. Tourist numbers are down, people aren’t staying as long, clubs have suffered, bars have suffered… Or so mutter the naysayers.

However, look beyond the slightly dour media pronouncements and the perennial assertions that somewhere else is “the new Ibiza” and you’ll find the summer of 2008 was as packed with adventure,
excitement, flashes of brilliant colour and irreplaceable moments as any in memory.

Not least for Cocoon, who saw attendance figures soar 25-50% compared to last year and amazing
performances from their family of DJs: Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos and Luciano.

“It’s been a redefining season for Ibiza and one where the winner was innovation and everything else was the loser, for better or worse. I don’t believe Ibiza likes complacency” – Helen Reilly Donlon, Storm Ibiza on a summer of change.

Looking back now, it seems easy to spot the trends of the summer. But who, at the beginning, would have guessed that SuperMartXe, an upstart Madrileno gay party, would become a textbook success story? Rumour has it Privilege are so thrilled they are considering more renovations to accommodate SuperMartXe’s extravagant stage shows – possibly even a swishy, Moulin Rougestyle
red velvet curtain?

David Guetta’s F**k Me I’m Famous night at Pacha has been another runaway hit in its first season as a weekly party.

“It’s been insane, absolutely massive,” says Pacha manager Danny Whittle.

And Pure Pacha thrived post-Pete Tong with the huge success of the Swedish House Mafia, Fedde Le Grand and the grand old bands of British dance: Faithless and Basement Jaxx.

Elsewhere, tried and tested routines broke down. Manumission struggled to find its place at Amnesia, dropping its ticket price precipitiously during the season.

A warning, if they’re listening, to all involved in the highly public spat that saw DJ Oliver and Baby Marcello leave La Troya at the end of August. Baby Marcello has been the face of La Troya since, oh, forever. And whatever their differences it’s hard to imagine the club without him, or vice versa. They would do well to iron things out over the winter.

“Clubbers are clued up. They know their stuff. People want quality. Next year will be no different,” Gill Nightingale, Cream Ibiza on the secret of their success

Size definitely mattered this summer. Promoters across the board admit that smaller nights have taken a hit, while the established club brands have solidifi ed their hold on the island nightlife.

Cream has had “one of the three best” years in its history on the island on the back of a powerhouse DJ line-up that includes Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Dave Spoon and Annie Mac, and a firm finger on the populist music pulse (Eric Prydz UK chart hit ‘Pjanno’ was their biggest tune of the summer).

Some smaller events did flourish by wisely staking out a niche. The Shipwrecked boat parties, which run out of San An, were packed to the gunwales every week with a combination of hard-partying tourists and workers blowing off steam. Other parties like the open-air Zoo Project and Azuli’s secret beach bashes proved there is still an enthusiastic core of clubbers eager to hear underground music in unusual locations.

“The reduced numbers on the island has led to a better quality of crowd. People really want to be here for the music and atmosphere” – David Dunne, Hed Kandi on what’s made 2008 special.

Perhaps there aren’t quite the numbers of previous seasons but if anything that has created a more close-knit, intimate atmosphere. Clubs are friendly, people are getting to know each other, going
out of their way to extend a welcome to visitors. And the clubs have taken to putting on the best possible shows, as a kind of ‘thanks for coming.’

Pacha flew soul star Macy Gray in for a live PA at their end-of-season party (not “closing” because, of course, they are open all year round). While El Divino’s biggest night, Hed Kandi, is planning a post-closing closing party especially for the workers.

Much to the delight of freakydancing fans around the world, DC10 is reportedly (at time of going to press) going to be having its traditional closing bash on October 13th – making it a very lucky Monday should they pull it off. (They ended up being forced to close 10 minutes before their 6th Oct party and subsequently held their closing at Privilege).

Nor will the delights of the season exactly stop there, as locals are already looking forward to Bambuddha Grove’s annual Halloween bash which some say is the real end of the summer.

“They won’t stop coming. People who come to Ibiza are ingenious enough to make their own fun,” Danny Whittle, Pacha on what the future holds.

We couldn’t say it better…

by Cila

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We Love… party & podcast

June 15th, 2008

It’s the opening party of We Love at Space today – and for the first time the doors will be opening at 4.30pm instead of 8am. Will this affect the We Love party? We think not! With an opening line-up that includes 2manyDJs, Smokin’ Jo, Paul Woolford, Tom Novy and Jason Bye we are expecting a super-charged opening fiesta to kick off We Love’s 10th anniversary celebrations this year.

We’ll let you know how it was tomorrow and you can listen for yourself on the We Love Podcast, online every Tuesday at The opening fiesta show includes interviews with We Love and Mambo resident, Jason Bye, Jem Haynes of Chew the Fat! and with ultimate mash-up duo 2manyDJs – not to be missed.

-Ruth Osborn

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Ibiza Opening Weekend… Parties All The Time?

June 11th, 2008

Question: Does summer in Ibiza mean the end of the world as we know it?

Having just completed my first winter on the island I am jittery with pre-season nerves. I’m anxious that Opening Weekend signals the end of civilised winter and the beginning of a summer fraught with hordes of hard-drinking, creatively sunburnt tourists charging around the island on dodgy mopeds. Is there really a great divide between “us” and “them” though? Or is it possible the invaders are more finely attuned to the tempo of island life than I’m prepared to give credit for?

Exhibit A: the Space queue at half-past one. Personally, I’m only here to see my friend Dan Tait play the Flight Club Arena. The line is crammed with season pass holders, and moving slowly, so there is plenty of time to ascertain the majority language is Spanish. An hour or so of idle eavesdropping finally takes us into the main arena, where — again — the crowd is overwhelmingly Latin.

Later in the afternoon we sneak off to get some lunch and bump into a couple of British friends who have just been turned away from Space for certain, er, indiscretions. Perhaps the superior ability of the locals to blend in and avoid unwanted attention from the Guardia explains why they’re more visibly out enjoying themselves.

Exhibit B: DC10. Thanks to the new opening hours law I expect my favourite grimy disco to be jam-packed by the time I arrive at 2PM. It isn’t.

My friends and I waltz in to the mostly empty car park and one of the first people I spot a friend from San An and his (Ibicenco) posse. Of course DC10 is the spiritual home of the island’s massive Italian contingent but so many of them have been around for so long they practically count as natives. More to the point, the club fills in the gradual, amiable fashion of a local watering hole: by 4PM the terrace is comfortably full of people chatting and dancing, by 7PM packed, by 10PM in the grip of a secular revival meeting with much raising of hands and voices.

Exhibit C: The aftermath. Despite horror prognostications about wild after-parties and roaming herds of bellowing Brits all is calm as we drift woozily out of DC10 at 12.30AM. Our afterparty consists of Massive Attack on the stereo and a few bottles of rotgut cava in preparation for a day at the beach. And there is notably no evidence of anyone else doing anything more exciting (at least not in Playa d’en Bossa).

Exhibit D: Tuesday. The weather makes up for its hitherto Trabant-like unreliability by allowing enough sunshine for bikini-wearing and ice cream-eating. Early evening brings a phone call from a friend who pops down to the beach to share another bottle of cava (something of a theme of the weekend). This merges seamlessly into a lazy dinner at our local grill, Cafeteria Parador, where neighbours are scattered around the terrace feasting on garlic-rich meats and heavy Ibicenco blood sausages. We linger late and enjoy a nightcap before retiring at the utterly respectable hour of 1AM.

Conclusion: For all my first-timer fears summer seems to promise more of the stuff I’ve come to love over the last few months. Spontaneous afternoons at local watering holes, cheerfully polyglot crowds in the clubs, late dinners at out of the way restaurants and lingering afternoons at the beach.

I may have to reconsider all this come July but for the moment I’m delighted and not a little relieved to discover the ease with which Ibiza rolls with the seasons.

By Cila

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Club Opening’s for Ibiza 2008

May 6th, 2008

We’re just a few days away now from adding in the full club listings for another classic summer of dance music on the island. It’s all kicking off slightly earlier than usual this year:

Date Opening Party
Fri 16th May Es Paradis
Sat 17th May Eden – Mondo Loco
Es Paradis – Fiesta Del Agua
Tue 20th May El Divino – Salvacion
Fri 30th May Pure Pacha
Sat 31st May Privilege
Official Eden Opening
Sun 1st June Space
Mon 2nd June DC10 – Circo Loco
Tues 3rd June Eden – Advanced vs Tidy
Thurs 5th June Eden – Twice As Nice
Pacha – F*** Me I’m Famous
Fri 6th June El Divino
Sat 7th June Amnesia
Pacha- Def Mix
Sun 8th June Eden – Judgement Sundays
Pacha – Flower Power
Mon 9th June Eden – Koolwaters
Es Paradis – Pukka Up
Tues 10th June Pacha – Defected
Weds 11th June Space – La Troya
Privilege – Meganite
Eden – Garlands
Thurs 12th June Amnesia – Cream
Fri 13th June Eden – Wonderland
Sat 14th June Amnesia – People From Ibiza
Sun 15th June Space – We Love…
Es Paradis – Sound Of Baseline
Pacha – Pacha Classics
Mon 16th June Amnesia – Cocoon
Pacha – Release Yourself
Tues 17th June Amnesia – Armada
Thurs 18th June Privilege – Monza
Sat 21st June Privilege – La Comunidad
Mon 23rd June El Divino – MN2S
Tues 24th June Es Paradis – Clubland
Sat 28th June Space – Matinee
Sun 29th June Amnesia – Juicy
Thurs 3rd July Space – Danny Tenaglia
Mon 7th July Privilege – Tiesto

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More on the Music Council of Ibiza

January 17th, 2008

San Juan, San Antonio & Santa Eulalia this afternoon released a press release regarding the new music council (and not Ibiza Town & San Jose). It seems they are not happy bunnies…. (it also confirms that the meeting was held with the 7 club owners)

(this is a google translation of the press release – our highlights in bold):

Given the turn of information ranging sucediéndose after the last Council of Mayors last 10th of January on the creation of the Council of Music and the meeting held two days after the President of the Council and representatives of all Municipalities with the owners of seven of our island leisure, we want to demonstrate the following:

1 The philosophy of the Consell de la Musique has always been to unify the schedules and other regulations through the bylaws, eradicating illegal tender, “after hours” and the image of party continued unchecked. These are the only aspects accepted and agreed by the Council of Mayors.

2 The relaxation of the regulations, the involvement of clubs, some in promoting tourism with public money and publicize the Ibiza “sun disc,” which so far has been inclusive of marketing in other markets, have been initiatives by the Chairman of the Island Council and that we do not share in the terms in which they were published.

3 We have always defended and maintained that music is a very important asset for tourism in our island that we can not in any way disparage or wasted, but we believe that public money should not be allocated to this promotion focused only about “disco phenomenon “, which can not intervene in it only seven night or just one sector, and that any initiative must be from strict compliance with the law (ordinances consensual) by establishments engaged in this activity.

4 The law of integrated activities has given more powers to the municipalities in this area, which along with the consensus on the ordinance, has advanced the control of irregularities and illegalities occurring.

Therefore, we share the importance of music as a promotional item and the need to position Ibiza as a benchmark, but we are not prepared to reverse the steps you have taken and the agreements that must be taken first and foremost respect tranquillity, Rest, health and welfare of citizens, residents and visitors.

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