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Hostal Boutique Salinas, Ibiza presents cash donation to APNEEF

March 1st, 2010

apneefIn the first event of its kind on the island, the Hostal Boutique Salinas’ “International Christmas Market” had only one mission – to raise much-needed funds for the Association of Children with Special Needs of Ibiza and Formentera: APNEEF.

The total of 781.05 euros donated was raised at the Market’s raffle, which included a multitude of prizes donated by businesses and individuals from the island.

APNEEF president, Carmen Boned, when presented with the cheque at the Plataforma Sociosanitaria on Friday 26th February, acknowledged the “hard work and effort” made by the hotel’s owners, Anita Dey, Dusi Wolfmeir and David Phillips. Thanks were also given to the event’s principal collaborator, Judith Bermudez.

Funds raised, according to Boned, will go towards the purchase of various essential materials for the special needs children within the association. “We never thought we would receive such a large sum,” said Boned, “This is a fortune for us!”

Anita Dey, who represented the Hostal Boutique Salinas on the day of the handover, explained that they were delighted to support APNEEF as it was “a local cause for local children”. She reiterated the intention to repeat the fundraising for APNEEF in the next ‘International Christmas Market’.

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Carlisle football club help special needs kids in Ibiza

January 28th, 2009

apneefWhen Stephen Dunn of Carlisle United asked Cathal Smyth (aka Chas Smash of Madness) how much it would cost to record a greeting to their fans he replied “Please, no money. I’d prefer ideas on how to collaborate with the Association for Children with Special Needs in Ibiza and Formentera.”

Carlisle United run out to “One Step Beyond” so in return they decided to collect toys for APNEEF.

Yesterday the kids unwrapped 30 (THIRTY) kilos of toys, games, movies, football tops etc and their president Carmen Bond also received a cheque for 4000 euros from the Butterfly Ball…


a later update and more background:,,10361~1536642,00.html

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JonJon’s Benefit Dinner and Charity Event

October 12th, 2008

Early in the morning on the 13th July, 2008, Jonjon Moon, 1.08.87 was involved in a serious car crash which left him in a critical condition for a number of days. His life force and spirit would not be defeated, he returned to a new, altered world filled with overwhelming challenges and substantial obstacles that he would be determined to meet.

Thankfully he has neurological improvement, but his paralysis from the chest down remains serious. His road to recovery will be a long and arduous one and he is going to need all the Love and support from the Universe he can get and especially from the Ibiza Tribe.

For his benefit, and in answer to your benevolent desire to help, we intend to focus healing energy of love and compassion and raise money for his Ibiza rehabilitation and re-integration as a special individual, as well as generating awareness and funds towards spinal injury and crippled children charities.

A Dinner Gala will be held on Friday 17th October and the money raised will go specifically to:
– Specialist medical services
– Provide for a spiritual guide and physical rehabilitation Therapists
– Acquire a converted car

– Provide for; wheel chair access conversions to his home

– Specialist equipment and an all terrain wheel chair

– Music tuition

– Further education

– Donations to the Spinal Institute Guttman-Barcelona

– Donations to the APNEEF – Ibiza’s crippled children fund

Ticket holders to this special event will be able to enjoy:

– Welcome Cocktails

– 4 Course Luxury Menu

– Wine and Champagne

– Event Auction with fantastic lots

– Raffle ticket

– Entry tickets for 2 persons for the after-dinner party

– Confirmed Djs include Danny Rampling and Sarah Main + Surprise Guests

Event Auction and Raffle

Massive love and thanks to the people who have opened their hearts and donated the following selection:

– Luxury Boat “Praise the Lord” (30m) for the day

Donated by Lord Allen

– Launch Boat “Smiles” (12m) and lunch in Formentera at Juan and Andrea’s
Donated by Carl Haig

– Ketch Sail boat “Geisha” (18m)

Donated by Lenny

– 1 week Penthouse apartment in Southern France

Donated by Serena Cook (Deliciously Sorted)

– 1 week in a stunning 3 bedroom villa near San Rafael

Donated by Serena Cook (Deliciously Sorted)

– 5 days in “The Retreat”

Donated by Steven Dobson

– 12 days yoga tuition in Beniras

Donated by Daniel Heart (Ibiza Yoga)

– The Fasting Retreat

Donated by Ilona Pateld

– Hotel Es Vive – Long Weekender

Donated by Jason Bull

-Spa and Health Club Membership at Atzaro

Donated by Atzaro

– Pacha “Package”

Donated by Pacha – special thanks to Danny Wittle

– Original Painting

Donated by Lance Tilbury

– Session in Enigmas professional studio with full band

Donated by David and Myomi Mykler

– Special Tatoo

Donated by Neil Ahern (Inkadelic)

– Selection of special prizes from Bambuddha Grove

Booking Information

Tickets are now on sale for 120 Euros and places are limited so please book early to avoid disappointment.

For ticket purchases, contributions, view auction/raffle prizes and for additional information go to –

or call 971 197510

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Photos from last night’s Butterfly Ball

October 9th, 2008

We had a great time down at the 3rd Butterfly Ball at Es Vive last night. The food was great, the atmosphere was lively and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Keith Holden put on his “porno king” alter-ego as the auctioneer and was hilarious. Halfway through it did rain so we all went inside the poolside bar. Keith stood on the bar to conduct the auction but managed to smash one of the lights in the process – the bar staff were not amused but Jason (the owner) didn’t mind. The rain only lasted about 15 minutes or so and then it was back outside for the rest of the auction.

Prior to the main auction Chas Smith ex of Madness treated us to an acoustic set including a wonderful 5 minute poem. Our friend Lorna videoed the night so we’re hoping to put that up shortly. Last year raised over 12,000 euros but going by some of the lots we confidently predict that that will be exceeded this year. All the proceeds will go to benefit APNEEF, the island’s local association for children with special needs in Ibiza and Formentera which cares for almost 100 local children of all ages, all with a wide variety of both mental and physical disabilities.

We easily got outbid for the Messi signed Barcelona shirt and the Sid Vicious painting and we did try for the signed Zidane, Ronaldo and Guti shirts. Afterwards we all went to the inside bar which continued on till sometime this morning…

Click on images for larger versions

ibiza rocks hotel ibiza rocks hotel
Jill Canney introduces Chas Smash
ibiza rocks hotel ibiza rocks hotel
ibiza rocks hotel ibiza rocks hotel
ibiza rocks hotel ibiza rocks hotel
ibiza rocks hotel ibiza rocks hotel
Keith holding court…
ibiza rocks hotel ibiza rocks hotel
ibiza rocks hotel ibiza rocks hotel

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3rd Butterfly Ball at Es Vive

October 1st, 2008

butterfly ball

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