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Andy Taylor live in Ibiza – and live online

July 11th, 2009

Hopefully we’re not tempting fate but we will be broadcasting Andy Taylor’s world premiere of his new album The Underdog Has Landed” – from Somni club in Ibiza tomorrow live over the web (Saturday 11th July). We’ll be doing some tests during the day to see how it actually works – we are all of the opinion though that it should be fun, whether it works or not.

Watch this space for the live web and audio link – the worst case is the twitter feeds will be used as will live photos etc across all of andy’s social networks and there will be a live chat and twitter. There will be multiple options of tomorrow night – all of which will be condensed down into a handy – er click here – type thing :)

andy was on Ibiza Sonica and Ibiza Global Radio today and was in good humour – and yes andy you did manage to get a swear word past the delay (on global anyway)… We’re going down tomorrow to set up everything up and do some broadcasts, soundchecks etc – looking forward to this – this should be how you do multimedia and net stuff

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Andy Taylor, ex-Duran Duran on Ibiza Sonica Radio on friday and FREE stuff

July 8th, 2009

Andy Taylor, Ibiza resident, will have his first live (music) radio interview for a number of years on Ibiza Sonica Radio on Friday morning (10th). You have a couple of options: – which streams live

or downlowd their (ibiza sonica) free iphone app from itunes and listen live

Interview takes place from 10am UK time or 11am CET time on Sonica

Saturday night sees him playing live at the Somni club – ps there’s a bunch of FREE downloads he’s made available and after to speaking to Andy and Henry, who’s recording and mastering his album, on Saturday night they have a bunch of *very* innovative plans lined up for the release, some of which you can see on his news page.

Think Trent Reznor and you can get an idea – this is where the future is….

You can also check out his twitter feedand soundcloud where he is releasing a bunch of FREE mixes

andy taylor

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Andy Taylor, ex Duran Duran, Ibiza – exclusive details

July 3rd, 2009

Andy Taylor, the brilliant guitarist from Duran Duran who lives on Ibiza, is doing a live set down at the Rock Nights do at Somni club just outside Ibiza town in Figueretas on Saturday the 11th July. He will be showcasing his new album “The Underdog Has Landed”.

Having been privileged a couple of months ago to hear some of the new stuff he’s recording for his new album and chatting to him on various occasions we are very much looking forward to him playing live. He’s probably one of the most unassuming and honest “rock stars” you’re likely to come across.

Here is the EXCLUSIVE details of the new album:


A shining object is plummeting towards the Earth faster than the speed of light, arriving from Deep Interstellar Space at a speed of 40,000 miles per second & cannot be stopped – it’s scheduled landing is on 11th July at The Rock Nights Party. Beware of the Underdog…

BY Stealth – The fleet is already in Orbit, positioned around Earth, over every major city – beaming down the first cosmic sonic codes to unlock the digital data of this day July the 4th 2009.

This is Independence Day …


A revolutionary new work by Mr. ANDY TAYLOR, who embarks on this final mission – after a long and mythical interstellar journey with Duran Duran from the Planet Earth.

This sonic data – is freely available to all mankind & for those that maybe aligned in another space or time…

Track – 1

The UnderDog – [mixes 1-7]

1. UnderDog- NexTronica Mix- Extended vocal – 142 bpm
2. UnderDog- NexTronica Mix- Radio vocal – 142 [4.20]
3. UnderDog- NexTronica Mix- Instrumental – 142 – bpm
4. UnderDog- Tomas Hedberg – Hedtronix Ibiza Dub
5. UnderDog- Davina – Darktronix Mix
6. UnderDog- Dubtronic Mix – 71 bpm
7. UnderDog- Live Band Mix – 71 bpm

Andy Taylor [2.0]
– Skills: Guitarist, Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Producer & Veteran Space Traveller
– Orders: To Embark on a Mission From Nibiru to The Planet Earth
– Mission Destination: Ibiza, Club Somni – Rock Nights “Another Planet”
– Mission Plan: To Rock & Rumble Da House
– Weapons: Debut Live Performance of New Music & Live Set
– Final Destination: Party to Oblivion till 2012


L. Henry Sarmiento II

Officer Marcos Torres

Zak Day

Officer Diego Calvo

Mike D

Mistress Holga Garrosa


Lady Amee Sonic


Sonic Vista

DigiDesign – Waves – Mac – Mesa – Manley – SSL – Dynaudio..


The Collaborator – Liam Keenan

Rock Beat– Joe Breban
Digi Distortion – Andy Panasonic
Cat-man – Mikey D

You can follow his twitter feed and personal website which launches officially tomorrow.

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Andy Taylor in Ibiza – uploading tracks online

April 20th, 2009

Following from our meet up with Andy Taylor in Ibiza this month, you can now follow Andy Taylor‘s twitter feed during the recording of his new album in Ibiza at, and Andy’s also making various remixes available on Sound Cloud:

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Andy Taylor to play at Vaughans birthday bash at Las Dalias, Ibiza

April 10th, 2009

A quick blog to say that Andy Taylor and Javier Vargas will be playing live at Las Dalias tomorrow night as part of the ongoing Vaughan’s 50th birthday bash weekend… We can’t wait…

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Andy Taylor in Ibiza, openings & a new Pacha CD

April 10th, 2009

Yestarday afternoon we met up with Andy Taylor, who is recording his new album, to talk about his new project, the music business, politics and life after Duran Duran. We met at the studio but first off we decamped to the nearest bar for an hour or so chat and then back to the studio where he played us 5 early versions of the tracks he’s recorded so far – even at this early stage you can tell its going to be a large and loud sounding album – very good stuff. We’ll be meeting again and will do a full article for probably June edition of the magazine. You can follow his twitter feed during the recording.

Tonight though is a busy one – first off is the bi-weekly pool competition and tonight the newly opened Queen Vic is hosting The Tall Ships team, then Nassau Beach Club on Playa d’en Bossa beach is having their opening party and then finishing off with Vaughan’s party in the funky room at Pacha.

We have also just added the new Pacha release – “Pacha Classics” – a 3 Cd collection of classic Pacha Tunes mixed by Paul Taylor. You can buy Pacha Classics from our ishopibiza online store

Disc One kicks things off with two killer number ones including Spiller ‘Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love)’ and Room 5 ft. Oliver Cheatham ‘Make Luv’. Alongside classic tracks from Blaze, Shakedown, Kings Of Tomorrow, Gat Decor & The Source ft. Candi Staton.

Disc two follows up with another excellent selection of Pacha mega anthems such as New Order ‘Blue Monday’, Three Drives ‘Greece 2000′ and Fragma ‘Toca Me’.

As if that wasn’t enough, disc three brings us bang up-to-date with a fine helping of future classics from David Guetta vs The Egg ‘Love Don’t Let Me Go’, Eric Prydz vs Floyd ‘Proper Education’ and Bodyrox ‘Yeah Yeah’.

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Mini Festival at las Dalias, Ibiza

June 17th, 2008

June 29th is the date for a mini festival at Las Dalias organised by local resident Andy Taylor ex of Duran Duran fame.

Underground Heroes at Ibiza Rocks Hotel shop – Photo by Rachel Lines

It all starts at 4pm and runs through till 6am

  • Childrens area with face painting, clowns, X-box etc
  • 2 live stages
  • festival food: hotdogs, burgers etc
  • a new lounge and newly redecorated

Andy Taylor will play on the main stage as well as

  • Andy Taylor Jr’s band The Electic City
  • The Underground Heroes
  • Hungover Stuntmen
  • The Natives
  • The Sneakypeeks
  • Duke

DJ’s include

hungover stuntmen
Hungover Stuntmen at Ibiza Rocks Hotel
  • Lenny Ibizarre
  • Jon Sa Trincha
  • Dan Williams and Jade Jagger
  • Graham Sahara
  • Willy Graff

It’s a great idea and it promises to be great fun – tickets are 30 euros from Las Dalias – a little bit of glastonbury finally comes to Ibiza.

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Hungover Stuntmen

February 20th, 2008

Our favourite rockers Hungover Stuntmen have released a 5 minute promo documentary about recording their forthcoming album at Andy Taylors studios here in Ibiza last year.

(previous posts: Hungover Stuntmen at Ibiza Rocks, Hungover Stuntmen Recording In Ibiza)

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Hungover Stuntmen

January 31st, 2008

Our favourite guys in rock released their new video today. (They recorded their forthcoming album at Andy Taylors studios here last summer, played a headlining gig at Ibiza Rocks and are top blokes).

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Hungover Stuntmen at Ibiza Rocks tonight

July 4th, 2007

With all the rubbish thats going around with the clubs etc its such a pleasure to get back to music. After Simian Mobile Disco had to pull out, The Hungover Stuntmen who are recording at Andy Taylors studio at the moment, stepped in and played down at Bar M tonight. We weren’t the only ones who enjoyed the gig… Another top night.

Click on images for larger versions.

Ibiza Rocks Ibiza Rocks
Ibiza Rocks Ibiza Rocks
Ibiza Rocks Ibiza Rocks

We had to chuck that last one in ;)

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