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Ibiza has numerous possibilities for a walking and hiking enthusiast, or if you are not yet one, after a day on a walking route passing several beaches and picturesque views you will see the beauty of coming for an active holiday and exploring the island on foot. The walking can be easily combined with water sports, beaching, making a car tour around the island or when you are looking for hidden places away from the crowds to relax from the partying.

The island of Ibiza has an area of 572 km2 with a coastline of ca 210 km2 with mountainous landscape and great green spaces that are well preserved making Ibiza a fantastic place to have breath taking walking tours while seeing all the important symbols and historical sites Ibiza has. From sandy beaches, magical island of Es Vedra, nature park of Ses Salines with salt harvesting areas, white-washed churches and pirate towers that were built to protect this great island. When you are visiting the island take a day and go walking in Ibiza to see Ibiza from what a magnificent place it truly is.

Where to go?
Wherever you go in Ibiza, there is most likely a route to take. Routes can stretch from couple of kilometres to 20-30 km long walking routes. You can make the walks on very simple and flat grounds, but also spice things up with higher inclines.

Ibiza is known for its salt for hundreds of years. The salt is extracted in Ses Salinas Nature Park area, where you can see the harvesting ponds, a huge salt mountain and if you are lucky, flamingos. To go there, you can start off with the Bossa beach and hold to the right until you reach the main road. You can also go to the main road via Sant Jordi (after a nice flee market held every Saturday). When you are on the main road, you will be able to see a lovely white-washed San Fransisco church and on a clear day, you might have a look at Es Vedra. The area is flat and easy to walk.

In Ses Salines area you will find many interesting places to walk and stay. If you have the energy and stamina, you can conquer Cap des Falco with a great restaurant Experimental Beach Club Ibiza and stone beach which gives a start to difficult climb. There are three ups-and-downs before you get to Cap des Falco itself, but all of them are worth it. You will have a great view to the sea /remember to take your camera).

From Cap des Falco you can continue to walk to Las Salinas beach (or walk back if you came by car and parked by the restaurant). Las Salinas beach is famous as a beach for celebrities with many restaurants, white sand beach and having a low pine forest behind it. If you continue walking, you will find Torre de ses Portes a watchtower between Las Salinas and Es Cavallet beach. The latter being a beach for nudists.

If you still have the power, you can continue on the hills after Es Cavallet towards the Bossa beach, the longest beach in Ibiza. I would highly suggest it because the hills are low enough but you will have beautiful sights, hidden places to tan and you will see the beautiful nature.

This route is great because it is accessible via bus and on foot, you can make it as short or as long as you want. Read more about Ses Salines walk and Cap des Falco route.

Heading North?
If you are interested in the North part of the island, there is a lovely short walk from Portinatx to Cala Serra. You will pass the highest lighthouse in Balearics, dry riverbeds, an abandoned hotels and a beautiful little beach Cala Serra to have a refreshing drink after the walk. Portinatx is a more quiet place to spend your holiday away from the noise of the crowds with many beautiful beaches to choose one and great local food to try.
Need to disconnect?
When you have ended up in San Antonio and looking for a peaceful getaway then go to find Punta Galera. It is easy to find when you start walking from the pedestrian road on the coast. Just go past the Aquarium, Cala Gracio and Cala Gracioneta, all by the coast – it is possible! Notice the blue arrows, they are leading you to Punta Galera. At one place you will notice a cliff reaching out to the sea, seemingly very narrow. As you get closer you will find that you can actually walk on it. It is a place where people like to go for meditations, enjoy the slow rythm of Ibiza. Read more about the walk to Punta Galera.

Keep calm and go walking in Ibiza
Whether you are coming to Ibiza alone, with friends or with a family, take a day to explore the island and its wild side. Climb the highest point of St Josep de Sa Talaia (475m), take a spiritual walk to Punta Galera or beach walk from Bossa to Es Cavallet to Las Salinas or an easy walk to Cala Serra. Great time and great pictures guaranteed!

Keep in mind when walking in Ibiza:

  • wear sunscreen
  • the best time to go for walks is from October to June, then it is not too hot. In the summer months you will need to check the weather and choose the morning or evening times for a walk
  • wear a hat or something to cover your head from direct sunlight. Possibly wear long sleeved light jacket and long light trousers to protect from the sun and the low (pine) bushes
  • bring water with you

Read more tips for walking in Ibiza weather

You can read about routes and go for walking in Ibiza with Liisi Toom

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