CanVas: An exciting arts initiative comes to Ibiza

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CanVas is a non-profit art organisation that supports emerging artists through exhibitions, commissions, residencies and collaborative opportunities. The first residency of 20 artists are coming from Islington Mill in Salford to Ibiza from May 14th to May 30th, 2013.

Islington Mill is in Salford, just across the river from Manchester in the UK. It hosts a dynamic and innovative arts programme for the public. The ground floor of the building is dedicated to the public arts programme and consists of a 275 capacity venue and an art gallery/residency studio. Their artistic programme is an innovative blend of music, art events, talks, film, performance and workshops which is curated by the Islington Mill team along with local promoters, independent curators, collectives and other arts organisations. The Mill is also a home to artists, who work from 40 studios on site, many of who are at the start of their careers. They work across a range of disciplines including visual arts, sculpture, mixed media, theatre, crafts, textiles and music.

CanVas has arranged for 20 artists who work across a range of disciplines to work and collaborate with local artists and musicians at their studios, including artist Robert Arato and Henry Sarmiento from Sonic Vista recording studios For details of the artists taking part go to

Bill Campbell, the founder and owner of Islington Mill says:

“This residency is a pilot for the Mill’s organisational exchange in October with Flux Factory New York. It is an experiment to see whether the ‘Mill experience’ is translatable overseas and what we can all do as Mill affilates when we have even fewer resources and are in the sunshine! I’m planning on making some music, throwing some shapes, putting on my glitterclava with Mill collective Positively Destructive and also doing some ‘fun’ organisational business planning.”

CanVasWe were lucky enough to attend a BBQ at Robert Arato’s studio in the Ibizan countryside and meet and chat with some of the artists. They’re a lovely, creative bunch, and as day turned into night, jam sessions were breaking out inside the studio, with people taking it in turns to jam on the grand piano, drums, bass, guitar and bongos inside the studio.

Whilst we were at the BBQ we interviewed Jules and Katy from The Ting Tings who have close ties with Islington Mill about CanVas which was broadcast today on Bethan Elfan’s show on Amazing Radio today – we’ll put up the full interview shortly.

There will be an event at Las Dalias in Ibiza on May 28th, which will feature work from many of the artists involved, and should be a great inspirational and fun event. Watch this space for more details on this.

Words & Photos by ClaireB

Photos from the BBQ at Robert Arato’s studio – click on images for larger versions

CanVas CanVas
CanVas CanVas
CanVas CanVas
CanVas CanVas

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