Ibiza International Music Summit, May 24, 2013 – Day 3

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It’s the morning of Day 3 of IMS, and after thoroughly enjoying the amazing interviews from yesterday and the wonderful party in Dalt Vila afterwards, I’m not only feeling tired, but I also have to finish writing up about Day 2.

The first session at 11.00am was music legend Jean Michel Jarre. I have to confess to not being there to see him, deciding to stay at home and complete my review of Day 2 and download the precious photos and videos I had taken off my camera. However, one of the team was, and he recorded part of the session, the raw audio is here:

      jean michel jarre at ims 2013

When I arrive at the Gran Hotel, it’s clear that the schedule is also taking its toll on other delegates, and there are noticeably less people about than there have been on other days.

The Question Time session was illuminating, with an interesting mix of people on the panel to answer pre-determined topics to debate and questions from the audience. Moderated by Gary Smith (Billboard), with Brett Robinson (Future Entertainment), Danny Whittle (IBZ Entertainment), Matthew Adell (Beatport), Rob Star (Mulletover), Sasha (Artist) and Terry Weerasinghe (Native Instruments).

There were some pertinent comments about overcrowding in clubs, a hot topic at the moment given some of the recent fatal incidents in Madrid and Brazil. Danny said we need to find a balance between letting people in and providing a safe environment for people, and club owners have to take responsibility for this. Rob commented on it from the clubber’s perspective, saying it’s not nice for punters to be in a packed venue where you can’t dance. Brett said that you’ve got to deliver a good experience for people and if they can’t access the facilities they want (dancefloor, toilets, bar etc.), then you’re not providing that.

The discussion then moved on to Social Media Wars. Sasha said he always treats twitter as a bit of a laugh – not just as a promo tool – he tries to post things that are funny and reach out to people. He was asked how do you deal with haters? Sasha replied saying that the great thing about Twittter is the block button, and that now with Twitter and FaceBook we’ve moved on from forums which were full of trolls saying nasty things which we couldn’t do much about. Now we can block and report easily. Brett told us how they get instant feedback via social networking sites from punters, e.g. if the queues for the toilets or bar are too long, and that for them it’s a great resource (he didn’t say however how or if they act on those kind of issues that are reported though).

They were just getting their teeth into the issue of VIP areas in clubs and their increasing presence, but were cut short as they ran out of time. I’d have been interested to see the views of some of the other panelist’s who organise events outside of Ibiza on this topic.

Next was the IMS vote, where the audience is given electronic response systems to cast their vote on a number of questions. This is always a humorous session, but the feedback is used to inform IMS of delegate’s views, and to help shape the direction of their next events.

The summit closed with a keynote interview from German DJ/Producer Sven Väth. Interviewed by Ben Turner, this proved to be a very entertaining and refreshing end to the summit. Sven told us about the many facets of his career, and how he first came to Ibiza as a teenager in 1980, sleeping on a stolen sunbed in the forest for three months, and becoming inspired by the Spanish DJs such as Alredo, playing in what were then, open air clubs. He became a raver, got into DJing, became a big popstar and then went back to DJing and producing.

What was refreshing was his self-confessed ‘hippy’ approach to life and work, shying away (eventually) from manipulative big companies and business, preferring to be in control and do things his way, harking back to the more simplistic days of the 80s and 90s. He told us about how he only owns and DJs from vinyl records, and refuses to download music. When he DJs he uses turntables and a mixing desk, and he got a round of applause from the audience when he said this, going on to say, “I mean synch button – come on – I have goosebumps when I’m mixing”.

His approach to DJing is to respond to the music and how he feels, and how the crowd in front of him is responding, saying, “improvisation is my biggest artform”. He went on to talk about how with Cocoon he was trying to bring back the feeling he had when he first came to Ibiza. He also hit out at the current trends of VIP culture in Ibiza clubs and DJs charging for after parties.

Sven’s interview was thoroughly inspiring and refreshing, and left me full of anticipation of seeing him perform at the Grand Finale in Dalt Vila in a few hours time. So it was with full of hope that we left the Gran Hotel and IMS 2013, our home for the last three days, and headed up to Dalt Vila again. When we got there, Tensnake were onstage, just as the sun was beginning to set behind the hills in the distance. There had been rumours that Nile Rodgers (who has been working with them recently) might perform with them onstage. We spotted him on the side of the stage taking photos and videos of the crowd and watching Tensnake perform, but unfortunately for us, this was all we witnessed.

DJ Maya Jane Coles was on next, and I was wondering how tonight’s show was going to top the previous night’s spectacle, but as the night wore on, it was clear that IMS had some tricks up their sleeve. The visuals and lighting effects improved, and with each DJ that took the stage, Solomun followed by Sven Väth, the pace of the music and the show stepped up a gear. When it all ended at midnight, no-one wanted it to stop – it was a magnificent finale to a great, inspirational three days.

For more info see the website: www.internationalmusicsummit.com
Follow the summit on Twitter: #IMSIbiza

Full photo gallery of the 3 days to follow .

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