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Hard Rock Cafe opening soon in Ibiza

May 29th, 2013

We were treated to a ‘Hard hat tour’ of the soon to be opened Hard Rock Cafe in Ibiza this morning (28/05/13) On arrival we were each given a bag containing our very own Ibiza Hard Rock Cafe hard hat, a nice touch seeing as the venue was still being worked on in preparation for its opening in early June. Whilst we did not see the cafe in its finished state or see the menu, we were given a guided tour of the extensive memorabilia collection that is displayed in cases and frames on the walls.

hard-rock-cafe-ibizaThe latest in the chain of 139 cafe’s, the venue highlights Hard Rock’s new state-of-the-art design styling, featuring a unique mix of upscale amenities, modern technology and an extensive collection of memorabilia from local artists, contemporary superstars and legendary musicians.

The pieces have all been handpicked by Hard Rock’s expert team of memorabilia designers, and comprise articles of clothing, instruments, discs and signed photographs. Highlights from the collection include a customized guitar for Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath; an early album from Bruce Springsteen ‘Darkness on the edge of town'; a bra top worn onstage by Madonna; a jumpsuit, headphones and Vestax turntable from the Beastie Boys ‘DJ Mix Master Mike'; outfits from the Black Eyed Peas; and jackets from John Lennon, Elton John, The Who and Ron Wood from The Rolling Stones.

Also featured are clothes from Janet Jackson, Slash, Joey Kramer from Aerosmith and shoes worn by Eric Clapton and Brian May from Queen. There are also are items from Julio Iglesias, Pat Benetar, Shakira, John 5, Eminem, Tom Petty and Metallica.

Whilst we did not experience the completed environment, the press release tells us that, “in true Ibiza fashion the newly-designed cafe features cutting-edge décor, state-of-the art sound systems and innovative staging for live music. The new cafe also incorporates some of Hard Rock’s newest technology and boasts the Rock WallTM Solo, a 52-inch interactive touch screen that enables guests to virtually explore, access and expand Hard Rock’s famed music memorabilia collection in locations around the globe with a single touch”.

The Hard Rock Cafe is situated in the Paseo Vara de Rey in the heart of Ibiza town, on the corner opposite The Montesol Hotel. It has more than 500 square metres of space, with seating for 130 inside the restaurant, and an additional 98 in the main terrace area outside. It is due to open at the beginning of June 2013.

Words & Photos by ClaireB

Click on images for larger versions

hard-rock-cafe-ibiza hard-rock-cafe-ibiza
hard-rock-cafe-ibiza hard-rock-cafe-ibiza
hard-rock-cafe-ibiza hard-rock-cafe-ibiza
hard-rock-cafe-ibiza hard-rock-cafe-ibiza
hard-rock-cafe-ibiza hard-rock-cafe-ibiza

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Active holidays by walking in Ibiza

May 28th, 2013

Ibiza has numerous possibilities for a walking and hiking enthusiast, or if you are not yet one, after a day on a walking route passing several beaches and picturesque views you will see the beauty of coming for an active holiday and exploring the island on foot. The walking can be easily combined with water sports, beaching, making a car tour around the island or when you are looking for hidden places away from the crowds to relax from the partying.

The island of Ibiza has an area of 572 km2 with a coastline of ca 210 km2 with mountainous landscape and great green spaces that are well preserved making Ibiza a fantastic place to have breath taking walking tours while seeing all the important symbols and historical sites Ibiza has. From sandy beaches, magical island of Es Vedra, nature park of Ses Salines with salt harvesting areas, white-washed churches and pirate towers that were built to protect this great island. When you are visiting the island take a day and go walking in Ibiza to see Ibiza from what a magnificent place it truly is.

Where to go?
Wherever you go in Ibiza, there is most likely a route to take. Routes can stretch from couple of kilometres to 20-30 km long walking routes. You can make the walks on very simple and flat grounds, but also spice things up with higher inclines.

Ibiza is known for its salt for hundreds of years. The salt is extracted in Ses Salinas Nature Park area, where you can see the harvesting ponds, a huge salt mountain and if you are lucky, flamingos. To go there, you can start off with the Bossa beach and hold to the right until you reach the main road. You can also go to the main road via Sant Jordi (after a nice flee market held every Saturday). When you are on the main road, you will be able to see a lovely white-washed San Fransisco church and on a clear day, you might have a look at Es Vedra. The area is flat and easy to walk.

In Ses Salines area you will find many interesting places to walk and stay. If you have the energy and stamina, you can conquer Cap des Falco with a great restaurant Experimental Beach Club Ibiza and stone beach which gives a start to difficult climb. There are three ups-and-downs before you get to Cap des Falco itself, but all of them are worth it. You will have a great view to the sea /remember to take your camera).

From Cap des Falco you can continue to walk to Las Salinas beach (or walk back if you came by car and parked by the restaurant). Las Salinas beach is famous as a beach for celebrities with many restaurants, white sand beach and having a low pine forest behind it. If you continue walking, you will find Torre de ses Portes a watchtower between Las Salinas and Es Cavallet beach. The latter being a beach for nudists.

If you still have the power, you can continue on the hills after Es Cavallet towards the Bossa beach, the longest beach in Ibiza. I would highly suggest it because the hills are low enough but you will have beautiful sights, hidden places to tan and you will see the beautiful nature.

This route is great because it is accessible via bus and on foot, you can make it as short or as long as you want. Read more about Ses Salines walk and Cap des Falco route.

Heading North?
If you are interested in the North part of the island, there is a lovely short walk from Portinatx to Cala Serra. You will pass the highest lighthouse in Balearics, dry riverbeds, an abandoned hotels and a beautiful little beach Cala Serra to have a refreshing drink after the walk. Portinatx is a more quiet place to spend your holiday away from the noise of the crowds with many beautiful beaches to choose one and great local food to try.
Need to disconnect?
When you have ended up in San Antonio and looking for a peaceful getaway then go to find Punta Galera. It is easy to find when you start walking from the pedestrian road on the coast. Just go past the Aquarium, Cala Gracio and Cala Gracioneta, all by the coast – it is possible! Notice the blue arrows, they are leading you to Punta Galera. At one place you will notice a cliff reaching out to the sea, seemingly very narrow. As you get closer you will find that you can actually walk on it. It is a place where people like to go for meditations, enjoy the slow rythm of Ibiza. Read more about the walk to Punta Galera.

Keep calm and go walking in Ibiza
Whether you are coming to Ibiza alone, with friends or with a family, take a day to explore the island and its wild side. Climb the highest point of St Josep de Sa Talaia (475m), take a spiritual walk to Punta Galera or beach walk from Bossa to Es Cavallet to Las Salinas or an easy walk to Cala Serra. Great time and great pictures guaranteed!

Keep in mind when walking in Ibiza:

  • wear sunscreen
  • the best time to go for walks is from October to June, then it is not too hot. In the summer months you will need to check the weather and choose the morning or evening times for a walk
  • wear a hat or something to cover your head from direct sunlight. Possibly wear long sleeved light jacket and long light trousers to protect from the sun and the low (pine) bushes
  • bring water with you

Read more tips for walking in Ibiza weather

You can read about routes and go for walking in Ibiza with Liisi Toom

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CanVas: An exciting arts initiative comes to Ibiza

May 26th, 2013

CanVas is a non-profit art organisation that supports emerging artists through exhibitions, commissions, residencies and collaborative opportunities. The first residency of 20 artists are coming from Islington Mill in Salford to Ibiza from May 14th to May 30th, 2013.

Islington Mill is in Salford, just across the river from Manchester in the UK. It hosts a dynamic and innovative arts programme for the public. The ground floor of the building is dedicated to the public arts programme and consists of a 275 capacity venue and an art gallery/residency studio. Their artistic programme is an innovative blend of music, art events, talks, film, performance and workshops which is curated by the Islington Mill team along with local promoters, independent curators, collectives and other arts organisations. The Mill is also a home to artists, who work from 40 studios on site, many of who are at the start of their careers. They work across a range of disciplines including visual arts, sculpture, mixed media, theatre, crafts, textiles and music.

CanVas has arranged for 20 artists who work across a range of disciplines to work and collaborate with local artists and musicians at their studios, including artist Robert Arato and Henry Sarmiento from Sonic Vista recording studios For details of the artists taking part go to

Bill Campbell, the founder and owner of Islington Mill says:

“This residency is a pilot for the Mill’s organisational exchange in October with Flux Factory New York. It is an experiment to see whether the ‘Mill experience’ is translatable overseas and what we can all do as Mill affilates when we have even fewer resources and are in the sunshine! I’m planning on making some music, throwing some shapes, putting on my glitterclava with Mill collective Positively Destructive and also doing some ‘fun’ organisational business planning.”

CanVasWe were lucky enough to attend a BBQ at Robert Arato’s studio in the Ibizan countryside and meet and chat with some of the artists. They’re a lovely, creative bunch, and as day turned into night, jam sessions were breaking out inside the studio, with people taking it in turns to jam on the grand piano, drums, bass, guitar and bongos inside the studio.

Whilst we were at the BBQ we interviewed Jules and Katy from The Ting Tings who have close ties with Islington Mill about CanVas which was broadcast today on Bethan Elfan’s show on Amazing Radio today – we’ll put up the full interview shortly.

There will be an event at Las Dalias in Ibiza on May 28th, which will feature work from many of the artists involved, and should be a great inspirational and fun event. Watch this space for more details on this.

Words & Photos by ClaireB

Photos from the BBQ at Robert Arato’s studio – click on images for larger versions

CanVas CanVas
CanVas CanVas
CanVas CanVas
CanVas CanVas

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Ibiza International Music Summit, May 24, 2013 – Day 3

May 25th, 2013

It’s the morning of Day 3 of IMS, and after thoroughly enjoying the amazing interviews from yesterday and the wonderful party in Dalt Vila afterwards, I’m not only feeling tired, but I also have to finish writing up about Day 2.

The first session at 11.00am was music legend Jean Michel Jarre. I have to confess to not being there to see him, deciding to stay at home and complete my review of Day 2 and download the precious photos and videos I had taken off my camera. However, one of the team was, and he recorded part of the session, the raw audio is here:

      jean michel jarre at ims 2013

When I arrive at the Gran Hotel, it’s clear that the schedule is also taking its toll on other delegates, and there are noticeably less people about than there have been on other days.

The Question Time session was illuminating, with an interesting mix of people on the panel to answer pre-determined topics to debate and questions from the audience. Moderated by Gary Smith (Billboard), with Brett Robinson (Future Entertainment), Danny Whittle (IBZ Entertainment), Matthew Adell (Beatport), Rob Star (Mulletover), Sasha (Artist) and Terry Weerasinghe (Native Instruments).

There were some pertinent comments about overcrowding in clubs, a hot topic at the moment given some of the recent fatal incidents in Madrid and Brazil. Danny said we need to find a balance between letting people in and providing a safe environment for people, and club owners have to take responsibility for this. Rob commented on it from the clubber’s perspective, saying it’s not nice for punters to be in a packed venue where you can’t dance. Brett said that you’ve got to deliver a good experience for people and if they can’t access the facilities they want (dancefloor, toilets, bar etc.), then you’re not providing that.

The discussion then moved on to Social Media Wars. Sasha said he always treats twitter as a bit of a laugh – not just as a promo tool – he tries to post things that are funny and reach out to people. He was asked how do you deal with haters? Sasha replied saying that the great thing about Twittter is the block button, and that now with Twitter and FaceBook we’ve moved on from forums which were full of trolls saying nasty things which we couldn’t do much about. Now we can block and report easily. Brett told us how they get instant feedback via social networking sites from punters, e.g. if the queues for the toilets or bar are too long, and that for them it’s a great resource (he didn’t say however how or if they act on those kind of issues that are reported though).

They were just getting their teeth into the issue of VIP areas in clubs and their increasing presence, but were cut short as they ran out of time. I’d have been interested to see the views of some of the other panelist’s who organise events outside of Ibiza on this topic.

Next was the IMS vote, where the audience is given electronic response systems to cast their vote on a number of questions. This is always a humorous session, but the feedback is used to inform IMS of delegate’s views, and to help shape the direction of their next events.

The summit closed with a keynote interview from German DJ/Producer Sven Väth. Interviewed by Ben Turner, this proved to be a very entertaining and refreshing end to the summit. Sven told us about the many facets of his career, and how he first came to Ibiza as a teenager in 1980, sleeping on a stolen sunbed in the forest for three months, and becoming inspired by the Spanish DJs such as Alredo, playing in what were then, open air clubs. He became a raver, got into DJing, became a big popstar and then went back to DJing and producing.

What was refreshing was his self-confessed ‘hippy’ approach to life and work, shying away (eventually) from manipulative big companies and business, preferring to be in control and do things his way, harking back to the more simplistic days of the 80s and 90s. He told us about how he only owns and DJs from vinyl records, and refuses to download music. When he DJs he uses turntables and a mixing desk, and he got a round of applause from the audience when he said this, going on to say, “I mean synch button – come on – I have goosebumps when I’m mixing”.

His approach to DJing is to respond to the music and how he feels, and how the crowd in front of him is responding, saying, “improvisation is my biggest artform”. He went on to talk about how with Cocoon he was trying to bring back the feeling he had when he first came to Ibiza. He also hit out at the current trends of VIP culture in Ibiza clubs and DJs charging for after parties.

Sven’s interview was thoroughly inspiring and refreshing, and left me full of anticipation of seeing him perform at the Grand Finale in Dalt Vila in a few hours time. So it was with full of hope that we left the Gran Hotel and IMS 2013, our home for the last three days, and headed up to Dalt Vila again. When we got there, Tensnake were onstage, just as the sun was beginning to set behind the hills in the distance. There had been rumours that Nile Rodgers (who has been working with them recently) might perform with them onstage. We spotted him on the side of the stage taking photos and videos of the crowd and watching Tensnake perform, but unfortunately for us, this was all we witnessed.

DJ Maya Jane Coles was on next, and I was wondering how tonight’s show was going to top the previous night’s spectacle, but as the night wore on, it was clear that IMS had some tricks up their sleeve. The visuals and lighting effects improved, and with each DJ that took the stage, Solomun followed by Sven Väth, the pace of the music and the show stepped up a gear. When it all ended at midnight, no-one wanted it to stop – it was a magnificent finale to a great, inspirational three days.

For more info see the website:
Follow the summit on Twitter: #IMSIbiza

Full photo gallery of the 3 days to follow .

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Rock ‘N’ Mola, Ibiza, May 17-19, 2013

May 25th, 2013

The love child of Jill Canney @FixIbiza, Ibiza’s own rock and roll festival took place over three days in venues in and around San Jordi for its third outing. Celebrating rock and roll music and bringing back the glamour of the 50s and 60s, the festival was the antithesis to the dance music and DJ culture normally associated with the while isle.

The festival kicked off on Friday night in Can Jordi, a great little bar on the road to San Josep, where the bar to buy drinks is actually located within the local shop, and the locals collect their post from pigeon holes outside in the verandah. It was in the verandah that we were treated to a great set from local teenager Marlon Lopez. At 15, he hasn’t left school yet, but can sure play a guitar, sing and entertain an audience.

Then we trouped off to HAMC to catch the first of the shows from London band The Caezars, and what a great show it was. A 5-piece band which includes a stand-up double bass player, all sporting a great range of quiffs, they looked the part as they played fast-paced late 50s early 60s style rock and roll and rockabilly. They had the crowd jiving in no time and rocked the roof off the club. Watch the video to see them in action. After an impromptu song from local girl Leanne Chiltern we all continued to enjoy the vibe of the club, drink their nice cold beer and help The Caezar’s keyboard/rhythm guitarist Tim celebrate his 18th birthday.

The main event of Rock ‘N’ Mola took place on Saturday in the square behind the church in San Jordi. In true festival style the square was decked out for the event, with cars provided by The Classic Automovile Club Ibiza and a retro market where you could buy vintage clothes and accessories, have a makeover and be photographed and buy gorgeous cupcakes. And of course there was a bar for liquid refreshments. Throughout the afternoon and evening entertainment was provided by a string of DJs playing rock and roll music in between the live bands and acts, beginning with The Folkin’ Hobos.

Next we were treated to a great performance from The Capricorn Dance School who showed us how to jive. Video of the dance troupe:

One of the highlights of the afternoon for me was an appearance from Elvis impersonator ELV.IS BOB. Elvis was alive and kicking in Ibiza on Saturday, and it was a great, fun performance. Video of ELV.IS BOB performing Jailhouse Rock, with some great jiving from Jill and the Ibiza Colonel Bill:

Local band The Moonshine Band were next to take the stage, playing their own brand of Celtic rock.

The finale was provided by another great set from The Caezars. Spread out over a larger stage than they had on Friday night, the band’s performance was more animated, and they were clearly enjoying themselves. Singer A.J. did a great job of getting the audience to move closer to the stage and engaged everyone in joining in with ‘Hail Caezar’. And Tim got to celebrate his 18th birthday again, and was presented with a birthday cake and a leopard-shaped balloon, which was tied to his guitar for the rest of the show. It was another great set from the band. For a taster, see the video:

Sunday saw the festivities winding down somewhat at the nearby Boutique Hostal Salinas. Billed as ‘La Resaca’ or hangover, it was time to listen to some of the same DJs play more great music, as we chilled out by the pool in the Ibizan sunshine. Some of the stalls were also on hand to provide retro glamour in the form of vintage clothes, makeovers and photos. I stayed for a few hours, but to be honest the last two days of Rock ‘N’ Mola had left me shattered, and I left them to continue rocking.

It was a marathon of a weekend, and a brilliant mix of entertainment: live bands, DJs playing great rock and roll music, fantastic venues and an injection of 50s retro glamour. Hats off to Jill Canney @FixIbiza for all her hard work in putting it together and pulling it off. And if you get chance to see The Caezar’s live anywhere, then go see them!

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Ibiza International Music Summit, May 23, 2013 – Day 2

May 24th, 2013

One of the problems of being at the Summit is that schedule is so interesting and jam packed that it becomes difficult to find the time to write up about what you’ve encountered. This is exacerbated on Day 2 because of the first of the grand finale parties in the evening, held in Dalt Vila, underneath the cathedral, which simply can’t be missed. And then there’s the photos and videos to download and process which takes time, so unless you stay up all night to do it, it becomes impossible to keep up. If you stay up all night, you’re in danger of missing the events on Day 3. So, what follows here is an overview of what happened on Day 2, which will be followed up by a full report with photos and videos which capture the spirit of the event.

Day 2 saw some really special interviews. Starting in the morning with Pete Tong interviewing Nile Rodgers. Nile had his guitar with him, and talked openly about his recent collaborations with Daft Punk, Avicii and Chase and Status. He told us about his songwriting process, picking up his guitar and giving us examples as he talked about it.

Nile Rodgers describing his songwriting process

He also talked openly about some of the other people he met and worked with over his career, including David Bowie, Miles Davis and Madonna, giving us many anecdotes in the process. And touched on his reaction to being diagnosed with cancer and how he has dealt with it. He’s an incredibly entertaining and humorous speaker, and had the audience enthralled and laughing for about an hour and half.

The highlight of the session for me however was watching him learn to play ‘Get Lucky’ on his guitar over the record, which he said he hadn’t played since he worked on it. It took him about 30 seconds to find the key and remember the parts, but once he got into it, it was pure magic to experience what must have been his first live performance of this.

After that session, it was hard to believe that anything could be more captivating, but I was wrong, and interesting sessions followed one after another. Paul Van Dyk talked about his approach to his work and the educational projects he was supporting in India and Berlin and then joined a panel session on Social Responsibility in Electronic Music.

Nile Rodgers playing along to Daft Punk’s Get Lucky

Then Nile Rodgers returned to the stage to present the IMS Anthem that he had written, along with Eats Everything who had produced a remix of it. In the session moderated by Luke Hopper, Nile told us about his approach to writing and recording the anthem before it was played to us, and I have to say, it was another Nile Rodgers gem. Then Eats Everything briefly introduced his remix before playing it, and then outlining his approach and what he had done to produce it. It was an interesting insight into the creative process of producing and remixing tracks from the perspective of both parties.

Nile Rodgers talking about composing the IMS anthem

Later on there was a keynote interview with Idris Elba, who fascinated us with stories about his early encounters with DJing from his uncle, growing up in East London, moving to the US, and how his career as a DJ and actor took off.

As if that wasn’t enough, for the last keynote interview and session of the day, Rob Da Bank interviewed Fatboy Slim. This quickly turned into another enthralling session, where Fatboy talked openly about the many facets of his career, from being a punk rocker, to being in bands and the crossover to becoming a huge commercial DJ and producer. Again, we heard many interesting and amusing stories and anecdotes – it was a great way to end the day.

After getting some much needed food, it was then time to head up the first grand finale party in Dalt Vila. Getting there just as the sun had gone down, we watched the lights come up around Ibiza town and in the marina below, and partied to sets from Idris Elba, Pete Tong and Fatboy Slim. A wonderful setting for a party, and an opportunity to see some big name DJs performing out in the open. Fatboy Slim ended the night in true style by finishing with a mix of Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’ with Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’, which for me was a perfect way to end a long and great day.

IMS continues until Friday May 24. For more info see the website:
Follow the summit on Twitter: #IMSIbiza

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Ibiza International Music Summit, May 22, 2013 – Day 1

May 23rd, 2013

So here I am at the 6th edition of The International Music Summit in Ibiza, in the sumptuous surroundings of The Gran Hotel. The IMS as it’s known, is described in the manual that comes in our delegate pack as “Electronic music’s equivalent to TED – a hub for the world’s leading professionals in dance music”. This year’s theme is ‘Beyond the Boom Boom’ recognising that electronic dance music, or EDM as it’s known in the business is now big business. Maybe as a reflection of this, we’re told by Pete Tong in the introductory welcome that the summit has sold out for the first time this year.

It’s my second visit to the summit, and I know that after the experience of last year, that this conference can be somewhat of a marathon. It takes place over three days with back to back sessions, no breaks for lunch or coffee, and then there’s the multitude of night time parties happening at various venues around the island. In view of this grueling schedule, I’m being selective about the sessions that I attend so that I can schedule in breaks and not suffer from conference overload! So I’m only going to report on the sessions that I go to.

The session’s all take place in one room, which is dangerously located to one side of the courtyard and the swimming pool. And the rain and cold winds that have been with us for the last few days have finally gone, and the Ibizan sun is out in full force. It’s dangerous in the sense that once you leave the room, it can be hard to make the decision to go back in.

The first session is The IMS Business Report, given by market researcher Kevin Watson. He presents us with an impressive array of stats, showing the recent growth and activity in the industry. The US dance market grew 36% in 2011-12 and it is also still growing in the UK. Dance festivals have also grown considerably in the US. The largest EDM clubs in Las Vegas collectively make over 600 million dollars per annum. Globally, the EDM industry annually is estimated to be 4.5 billion dollars annually. So it’s definitely big business!

Next, Patrick Moxey, the Electronic Music President at Sony Music/Ultra Records gave us some insights from his perspective. Before the boom there were lots of barriers to establishing dance music in the music industry, but things have now changed. As an example, Daft Punk’s single ‘Get lucky’ is currently no. 1 in 65 countries.

Marc Geiger (William Morris Endeavor), gave a slightly different perspective. He sees it as being about change at the moment. And for him the big question is can this industry change and keep its market position? He talked about how in the last 10 years the power has changed to Twitter, YouTube, Spotify etc. Consumer habits have also changed, from owning physical products to downloading and streaming. He sees a consolidation of companies and brands taking place. Moreover, he things that the boom boom starts now if we grow up and pro up (i.e. become more professional), and he believes that 4.5 billion dollars is a conservative estimate of what can be made, and that the figure is more like 10 billion. However, there’s a need to build for the long term, invest, think globally and work with the experts. He sees one of the current problems as needing to find a better way of making the large volume of an artist’s output accessible. Content needs curation, and there’s a need to clean up the metadata. He also wants to see the DJ turn into a David Bowie kind of figure, to keep us interested. What’s more is that we need 100 of them – we need more stars. He concluded with the message that everything is changing around us and we’ve got to keep up.

Meanwhile in the courtyard, two artists, Fin DAC and Inkie, were creating paintings for tonight’s auction, providing a visual diversion from hearing people talking, and a chance to stand in the sunshine for a while and observe the canvases take shape.

As a resident of the island, something of great interest to me was the panel session ‘The Changing Face of Ibiza’. On the panel chaired by Grego O’Halloran (Resident Advisor) were representatives from several Ibiza clubs: Shane Murray (Ibiza Rocks), Guy Gerber (DJ with a new residency at Pacha), Mark Netto (IBZ Entertainment/Bomba), Yann Pisseman (Ushuaia), David Vincent (Sankeys) and Steve Hulme (Pacha). Whilst a lot of the session allowed the panelists to talk about what they were doing this season and what had changed, there were a few interesting insights given, and that is what I want to focus on.

Ushuaia with the establishment of its new ‘Tower’ which is about to open, talked about seeing their establishment as an ‘amusement park’ for adults, in which they will be able to eat, drink, party and sleep. Mark Netto of new club Bomba talked briefly about the administrative, logistical and political problems they had experienced in getting the club off the ground. However, he believes that Ibiza needs a new venue, and it will probably open towards the end of June. Dave Vincent from Sankey’s told how they wanted to focus more on the Ibiza club, bring new forward/thinking talents to the island, and promote all the parties themselves, which led to the closure of the original club in Manchester so that they could concentrate on this.

The story from Steve Hulme at Pacha about the recent changes at the club was also that the family wanted to take more control, and wanted to freshen things up and look forward to the next 10 years. Guy Gerber talked about the concept for his new residency at Pacha ‘The wisdom of the glove’, which I didn’t quite get, or maybe he just didn’t explain it very well. Shane from Ibiza Rocks told how for 8 years they have been kicking against everything else on the island, wanting to create the feel of festivals and live music. Whilst music is at the heart of what they do, they’ve been looking more at their audience and started We Are Rockstars (W.A.R.) to reflect that they are also into the club scene.

There were some messages coming through from the panel that the big clubs were not at war with each other, but given that the club scene is big business in Ibiza, there is clearly competition between them, which can only be healthy and raise the bar (and probably the prices). There was a view that the increase of VIP tables was as a result of clubbers who have grown up and acquired more money to spend on their entertainment.

Other recent changes are that most clubs now offer parties 7 days a week, and that clubs no longer can dictate that DJs have to remain exclusive to them. The artists have more power, there are more slots to fill, but there was also a feeling from some that the punters were ultimately in control, as they buy the tickets.

The final and most controversial presenter of the day was Bob Lefsetz, an American music industry analyst and critic. As hard as Pete Tong tried to structure the interview, what resulted was more of a random stream of consciousness highlighting Bob’s unique views about the music industry, EDM, use social media and the like. There’s no way I’m going to attempt to give the gist of the whole interview and what was discussed, so I’m going to provide some snippets of some of the things that I found interesting and/or amusing.

Probably the first comment that hit home referred to the previous panel session, saying “that guy from Pacha, I’d like to lock him in a room and find out the truth”, which was probably what we were all thinking at the time.

On Daft Punk’s ‘Get lucky’, “It is a good disco song, but it sounds like it was from 30 years ago. But it’s good ear candy.” Continuing to talk about the band he said that “The hardest thing to do is recreate success, and the longer you leave it the harder it is.”

On curation: “The problem with curation is that it doesn’t scale, and it doesn’t generate money.”

On social media: “Facebook is passé.” “All these companies (like Twitter, FaceBook etc.) are only concerned about making money – they don’t care about you.” “Deadmou5’s social media is better than his music.”

Some of the things he said were contentious, some thought-provoking, and some things we already knew deep down inside, but it was an interesting session to end the day.

IMS continues until Friday May 24. For more info see the website:
Follow the summit on Twitter: #IMSIbiza

(Ed: photos to follow :) )

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The Hepatitis C Trust auction in Ibiza at the IMS

May 18th, 2013

Actor Idris Elba,  Luciano and urban artists
Fin DAC and Inkie support The Hepatitis C Trust auction in Ibiza

The Hepatitis C Trust’s flagship awareness campaign Get Tested! is back at the  International Music Summit (IMS) in Ibiza. The art auction will held at the Legends Dinner on 22 May 2013 to celebrate the career of Fat Boy Slim. Funds from the auction will go towards the charity’s vital work in increasing prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis C in the UK.

Travelling to Ibiza with Get Tested! are renowned urban artists, Bristol born Inkie and London based Fin DAC, best known for his haunting images of rock stars. On 22 May both artists will be painting live on the lawn at EL Gran Hotel, Ibiza. Dance music legend Luciano and The Wire actor Idris Elba, have given their best images to Inkie and Fin DAC to create special portraits which will be auctioned at the Legends Dinner later that evening.

The auction has become a showcase for new and emerging talent. For the fifth year running, The Hepatitis C Trust is IMS’s chosen charity for the auction. Most of the art has been supplied by Notting Hill based West Bank Art Gallery and the street art specialists, Urban in Ibiza.

Get Tested! is an awareness campaign that promotes hepatitis C testing and prevention and is run by The Hepatitis C Trust. On the night, Get Tested! will distribute awareness materials and inform delegates about hepatitis C.

Gemma Peppé, campaign manager for Get Tested! says,

“The landscape of hepatitis C has changed in the five years we’ve been coming to the IMs, the treatment drugs are much more efficient. There are still 200,000 people who are undiagnosed who we will only find through raising awareness at events such this. We feel it’s important to have a presence at this music conference given that there will be so many key influencers in attendance.”

Pete Tong, Radio 1 DJ and IMS founder.

“IMS is very happy with its long running collaboration with The Hepatitis C Trust. Hepatitis C is a very serious issue that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The music industry should do all they can to educate industry members and the wider public.”

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Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel launches new summer menu

May 16th, 2013

Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes HotelIbiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel in San Antonio has launched their new summer menu in the House Restaurant ‘Room 39’, and we were invited along to sample the evening menu, created by chef Adam White.

We started off with a deliciously strong Mojito at the bar, from the Rock n Roll cocktail menu, before sitting down in the Plaza Mayor, the outside courtyard of the restaurant. The courtyard, like the rest of the hotel, is beautifully enhanced with quirky objects d’art and signs, the odd stuffed animal and brightly coloured bougainvillea in all colours of the rainbow. It’s an eclectic but tranquil dining environment, with white mesh canopies overhead to filter out the scorching Ibizan sun.

The A la Carte dinner menu is extensive, with a delicious-sounding mix of starters, salads, main courses, and desserts, with a wine list to match. Whilst we waited for the selection of starters to arrive, we were expertly advised on the winelist, and which wines would be good accompaniments to the food we had chosen. There were crisp whites, a pale chilled rosado (perfect for summer) a selection of reds and of course cava. Along with our chosen wine, came some delicious home-made bread and allioli, served with local green olives.

And then the starters arrived. Fresh tuna tartare with rocket and avocado; Crostini with Serrano ham, fresh figs and mint; Line seared king scallops with spinach and caramelized walnuts; Goats cheese and red onion tart tatin with beetroot puree; Smoked duck and foie gras terrine with apple and cider chutney; Spiced crab cake with chilli jam and coriander crème freche. They were all perfectly cooked, beautifully presented and delicious, but the highlights for me were the scallops, which were a great combination with the spinach and walnuts, the goats cheese tart with the wonderful beetroot puree and the crab cake with the chilli jam. The combination of flavours in most of the dishes, particularly the ham, figs and mint on the crostini and the tuna with rocket and avocado were a delight on the tastebuds.

Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes HotelWe had just finished the starters, and already feeling like we’d had a complete meal, when the salads arrived: Shredded duck and mango salad with chilli and soy dressing; Classic ceasar salad (served with and without char-grilled chicken); Quinoa salad with char-grilled asparagus, feta cheese, spinach and rocket; Ensalada caprese with grilled aubergine and fresh pesto; Sesame toasted goats cheese served on crunchy beetroot salad. The flavours in the duck and mango and quinoa salads were amazing, the ceasar salad was perfect and the goats cheese with the beetroot salad (I love beetroot) was delicious.

After a welcome pause, the main courses arrived: Roast chicken supreme with sweet potato, fennel and parmesan gratin; Char-grilled sesame crusted tuna steak on watercress salad with soy, chilli and ginger dressing; Ravioli of goats cheese and chive with char-grilled asparagus rocket and pesto. I chose the tuna, which was cooked to perfection and succulent, and was balanced perfectly with the blend of flavours in the salad, which to my delight also included beetroot. Delicious, and without a doubt the best tuna dish I have ever eaten. My colleague had the chicken, which looked good and was declared to be lovely. The ravioli, which I very nearly chose also looked delicious, and had a large serving of asparagus on the top.

Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes HotelAfter another pause, a selection of desserts arrived, again, all beautifully presented: Roasted rhubarb panacotta with mango coulis; Lemon cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries and chantilly; Caipirinha fresh fruit salad with fresh mint; Summer fruits tiramisu; Bailey’s chocolate brownie with hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream; A selection of local manchego and goats cheeses. Whilst I hardly needed any more food, they all looked so deliciously tempting, it was impossible to resist trying them all. They were all lovely, but of particular note for me were the rhubarb panacotta, which was smooth and deliciously creamy with a nice rhubarb tang and the lemon cheesecake, which was light and lemony. For my colleague, the chocolate brownie was the one to die for. And the cheese was a lovely accompaniment with my red wine at the end of the meal.

All in all, it was a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds, not to mention the stomach. There were lots of healthy dishes with fresh ingredients and flavours, perfect for summer dining on the white isle. And the whole experience was wonderful, topped off with great service from friendly, efficient staff in a fantastic location. I’ll be back!

By ClaireB

Click on images for larger versions

Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel
Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel
Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel
Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel
Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel
Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel
Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel
Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel
Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel
Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel

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Rock n Mola 2013 – the weekends lineup

May 14th, 2013

Rock n Mola is back for a third year and this time has moved to San Jordi. As you can see its a packed program of live music and fun – see you down the front:

Friday 17th May




Saturday 18th May



13,30h: Rock n Mola Takeover @ VINYL BAR

and also at LA PLAZA DE SAN JORDI:

from 11,00h:

ROCK N MOLA starts in LA PLAZA with EL RETRO MARKET + IBIZA PIN UPS + BABY ROCKERS (music activities for kids)







18,00h ELV.IS BOB







02.00h Finish


Sunday 19th May





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