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Point Blank Free DJ Workshop in Ibiza

October 24th, 2012

On September 27th, Point Blank in association with Pioneer hosted a day of free DJ workshops at the hotel Es Vive in Ibiza. Each workshop lasted for an hour, and was taught by the hotel’s resident DJ Clara da Costa, who is also a resident at Sands and has previously held down a residency at Ibiza super-club Es Paradis.

Keen to get a taster of one of the essential life skills in Ibiza, and to find out how difficult it really is to be a DJ, regular bloggers Ade (aka DJ ADEROXX) and ClaireB, and Fix Ibiza friend Saydi Beard went along.

After a masterclass from Clara about how to use the CDJs to cue and mix two tracks together and some valuable insider tips about being a DJ, we were then able to have a go on the decks ourselves. And my verdict? Well, there’s a bit more to being a DJ than pushing a few buttons, if you want to deliver a slick, well-mixed set, even though the technology will help you if you know how to use it! I don’t think David Guetta is going to get any competition from me just yet, but watch out for DJ ADEROXX.

By ClaireB

See the video Point Blank made from the day’s sessions:

Point Blank offer a range of music production and DJ courses, including online courses. Full details are on the website:

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Halloween 2012 – Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes

October 23rd, 2012

The summer maybe over and the closing parties done but now all the winter events kick in.

So next Wednesday Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes will be transformed into a Haunted House on the Hill for a night of bloody good fun…

We’ll kick off at 10pm by inviting you to a scrummy bowl of homemade pumpkin soup to line our little zombie bellies..

After that, it’s a sup from the witch’s cauldron for all involved; our special magic potion, carefully concocted by senior members of the coven.

A delve in the trick and treat glory hole, an attempt to bob an apple from the bloodbath, just some of the spooky surprises we’re planning amongst the Halloween games.

On the big screen, expect Rocky Horror, Teen Wolf, Lost Boys, Nightmare on Elm Street and other stuff to make you shiver..

As far as dress code, think vampires, werewolves, faeries, witches, ghouls, ghosts, zombies, monsters, mynaeds, shape shifters- all the stuff that Halloween is made of! But there are no limits- as long as you’ve made an effort, that’s the spirit we’re after!

Of course, we also want you to shake your old bones in Freddie (Kruger)’s Bar and so, providing the scary music, DJs Colin Peters and Stray Kitten will be joined by a magical mystery guest..we may or may not give you a clue on that soon..

More details as we come up with them, but meanwhile, get your witches thinking hats on and start crafting that costume.

So, to recap:
10€ in advance/on the door includes your pumpkin soup, a trick or treat, your witches brew and a bloody good night out..

See you there, Monsters!

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A year of live music in Ibiza – 2012 roundup

October 23rd, 2012

I ended up this year doing 3 “penpal” audio reports for Amazing Radio on Ibiza’s live music scene. It came out of the blue but since I love live music and I thought I could do something positive for Ibiza with it I thought – er yeah ok – I had no idea what on earth I was going to do…

If you follow my twitter feed you’ll know who Amazing Radio are by now – if not ask me on twitter but Amazing Radio is first thing i turn on in morning and last thing off…

It covers a complete spectrum of music and you never know what you’ll hear next – there’s no old catalog stuff, its only new music.

I did three segments and are exactly how they were aired and my personal view.

1st was a brief recap of ibiza music history & whats in store for 2012.

2nd was spur of the moment idea to i/view Alt-J at their gig at Ibiza Rocks – (double bubble win if I could do it as that was one gig I was looking forward to). I needn’t have worried as they were top blokes and great to talk to.

3rd was again another surprise and i got the email while I was at Henrys birthday get-together so I thought 2012 roundup, interview Henry and do it all in his studio using the state of the art stuff… be rude not to!

The 2nd. Interview with Alt-J at Ibiza Rocks before they supported Bloc Party back on 5th September 2012:

3rd is the Summer round up & quick chat with good friend Henry from Sonic Vista Studios:

There is the inevitable focus on all the usual suspects every summer and so I leave it to the others to cover that but I can honestly say this is the best year for live music since I’ve been here.

Been asked to do some more reports over the winter…

Thanks to Bethan & Dani for encouraging me.

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