Kasabian, Zane Lowe, Toy, Ibiza Rocks 2012 7th Birthday Review and Photos

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Tonight’s gig is going to be one of the biggest of the year, as it’s Ibiza Rocks 7th birthday, and Kasabian are headlining. These days Kasabian only usually play stadiums and headline big festivals, so it’s quite a coup to have them return to Ibiza Rocks, after they last performed there in 2007. Also on the bill are London up-and-coming band Toy, and Ibiza Rocks/W.A.R. regular, Zane Lowe.

toyToy come on at 8pm which is a little early for a rock band in the middle of the summer, as it hasn’t even started to get dark, and any attempt to light the stage for them is futile. Nonetheless, they belt out their brand of loud pounding rock music. They were The Guardian’s ‘New Band of the Day’ back in March, and musically were described as “Motorik – that hypnotic rhythm designed to replicate the experience of motorway driving”, combined with “shoegazing, phychedelia, post-rock, goth and postpunk”. And between the 5 of them, singer/guitarist, guitarist, bass player, drummer and female keyboard player, they cumulatively had the most hair we’ve seen on the stage at Ibiza Rocks this year. And much hair was tossed around in the air during their set, which brought a different style of rock to Ibiza Rocks.

I couldn’t help feeling however, that their performance would have been a little more atmospheric if they had been on stage after dark. At the end of the last song in the set, Tom the singer propped his guitar up against the monitor at the front of the stage to create feedback. He left it there when they walked offstage, and there it stayed for about a minute or so until someone turned it off. This for me is one of the best ways to leave the stage. All in all, a very enjoyable set, and a band to watch out for.
See video clip: http://youtu.be/DcvARGT4who

Next we had Zane Lowe DJing to keep the audience entertained before Kasabian, who exercised his inimitable style of whooping up the crowd into a jumping frenzy. By the end of Zane’s set, it’s dark, the place is packed, and everyone is waiting for Kasabian.

kasabianKasabian take to the stage at 10.30. Sergio goes to the front of the stage to greet the audience, and is followed by singer Tom, sporting a pair of red sunglasses. The crowd erupts. They launch into ‘Days are Forgotten’. I’m in the pit taking photographs, so I’m more aware of the energy coming from the stage than the audience that is behind me for the first three songs. ‘Days are Forgotten’ goes into ‘Shoot the Runner’, then ‘Velociraptor!’.
Leaving the pit, I witness several girls being pulled from the front over the barriers, and am now aware of the full force of the crowd in front of the band. This is the most frenzied and packed I’ve ever seen the venue, and it takes some doing to get away from the stage area through the masses.

Back up on the balcony there’s a better view of the proceedings. There are 2 searchlights positioned on balconies, which are periodically shone onto the stage and around onto the audience. There’s a group of lads going crazy in the middle of the crowd, moshing and crowd surfing. Even though throwing drinks is banned at Ibiza Rocks, everything and anything is being thrown around in the direction of the stage: drinks, shoes, T shirts and the occasional toilet roll from the balconies, which Tom throws back into the crowd as they land on the stage.

kasabianThe band masterfully takes us through tracks and hit singles from each of their four albums, as the crowd jumps, sings, chants and enjoys every moment. They end the set with Club Foot. Tom announces that it’s the keyboard player’s birthday, and asks the audience to join him in singing ‘Happy Birthday’, which they dutifully do. When the stage is empty, the crowd carries on singing the chorus of ‘Club Foot’, and making enough noise to tempt them back for an encore. I think we all know they’ll be back, as they haven’t played their anthemic ‘Fire’ yet.

A few minutes later, and they’re back onstage. We’re treated to ‘Switchblade Smiles’, ‘Vlad The Impaler’ and finally ‘Fire’. The atmosphere is electric. At the end they throw out the set lists, drumsticks and a tambourine into the crowd. The others leave but Tom goes back to the stage to give a solo burst of the Beatles ‘She loves you’. And that’s it, the end of a great Ibiza Rocks 7th birthday.

Kasabian played:

Days are Forgotten
Shoot the Runner
Where Did All the Love Go
Let’s Roll Just Like We Used To
Processed Beats
Take Aim / Everybody’s Got to Learn Sometime
Club Foot
Man of Simple Pleasures

Switchblade Smiles
Vlad The Impaler

Words and photos by ClaireB

Click on images for larger versions

Kasabian Ibiza Rocks Kasabian Ibiza Rocks
Kasabian Ibiza Rocks Kasabian Ibiza Rocks
Kasabian Ibiza Rocks Kasabian Ibiza Rocks
Kasabian Ibiza Rocks Kasabian Ibiza Rocks
Kasabian Ibiza Rocks Kasabian Ibiza Rocks
Kasabian Ibiza Rocks Kasabian Ibiza Rocks
Kasabian Ibiza Rocks Kasabian Ibiza Rocks
Kasabian Ibiza Rocks Kasabian Ibiza Rocks

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