Theme Park and Maccabees, Ibiza Rocks 2012 – Review and Photos

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I’m looking forward to this gig – two guitar bands. I like The Maccabees – Theme Park are new to me, but it’s always good to be exposed to a new band. And Ibiza Rocks are pretty good at pairing acts, so it’s fair to assume that the band chosen to support The Maccabees will be worth watching.

Macabees Ibiza RocksPrior to Theme Park coming onstage, the venue was quieter than it had been the last two weeks. In my previous posts I haven’t talked about the venue, which is great. It’s outdoors, in the courtyard of the Ibiza Rocks Hotel, the stage being just to the left of the pool (which is out of bounds on gig nights).

The stage is high, so it’s easy to get a good view of the performer(s) from pretty much anywhere. And the area in front of the stage is wider than it is deep, providing plenty of vantage points. I don’t know what the capacity is, and I can never judge crowd numbers, but it’s large enough to create a good atmosphere, but small enough for it to be an intimate gig. And the sound is always great, even though it’s al fresco! It’s a perfect venue for a gig as far as I’m concerned.

Theme Park make a low key entrance at 9.20. Four guys at the front with guitars, and a drummer at the back. The first song is jangly-guitar, funky pop. Part way through the song a horrible sound emanates through one of the monitors on the stage, and a few minutes later the band is ushered offstage! Technicians are running around and looking at said faulty piece of equipment. Confusion rains! After 10/15 minutes the problem is resolved and the band return to the stage. The singer has a soulful voice, and jangly guitar accompaniment suits the setting perfectly, as the sun goes down over Ibiza Rocks and the lights come up.

The band members swap instruments occasionally, and the singer plays guitar on some tracks. It was very danceable, and just a shame that they didn’t have a bigger audience. They left the stage at 10 pm, presumably having played a shorter set because of the technical problems, which is a shame. They’ve only been together for just over a year, and you can tell they’re perfecting their act, but they look like they’ve got a good future ahead of them.

Macabees Ibiza RocksThe Maccabees have the coolest guitar techs I’ve ever seen, two teddy boys in full drapes and regalia! They look great but it’s not practical attire in Ibiza at the end of June. Unusually, they’ve removed the monitors from the front of the stage.

The stage is set up for four musicians in a line about a third of the way back on the stage: three microphones and an impressive set of foot pedals for each of them. These guys look like they mean business. They know how to party too. Earlier that day a video was put out on Twitter of one of the band jumping into the pool at The Ibiza Rocks Pikes Hotel:

The Maccabees come onstage at 22.45 to screams from the crowd. By this time everyone has emerged from the bar and there’s a good sized crowd in front of the stage. They kick off with William Powers from their second album. There’s lots of melodic guitars over the top of rhythmic bass.

The set combines a mix of tracks and singles from their three albums. The crowd knows them: they’re dancing and they’re singing along. The sound is good and clear and the stage lighting accompanies the band’s performance to good effect. There’s lots of strobe lighting. It’s definitely a rock gig, and the whole show is tight and professional. The band has honed their act. They know how to play, they sound great, they look cool and they can pose. What more do you need from a band?

They end the set with ‘Pelican’, the first single to be released from their last album ‘Given To The Wild’ released in January. But they’re not offstage for long, returning to play an encore. The band were clearly enjoying themselves, and so were the audience. Tonight, The Maccabees put the ‘rock’ back into ‘Ibiza Rocks’.

By ClaireB

Maccabees setlist:

William Powers
Feel to Follow
Wall of Arms
No Kind Words
First Love
Can you Give it
Forever I’ve Known
Toothpaste Kisses
Love you Better
Went Away
Precious Time
Grew up at Midnight

Click on images for larger versions:

The Maccabees

Macabees Ibiza Rocks Macabees Ibiza Rocks
Macabees Ibiza Rocks Macabees Ibiza Rocks
Macabees Ibiza Rocks Macabees Ibiza Rocks
Macabees Ibiza Rocks Macabees Ibiza Rocks
Macabees Ibiza Rocks Macabees Ibiza Rocks
Macabees Ibiza Rocks Macabees Ibiza Rocks

Theme Park

Theme Park Ibiza Rocks Theme Park Ibiza Rocks
Theme Park Ibiza Rocks Theme Park Ibiza Rocks
Theme Park Ibiza Rocks Theme Park Ibiza Rocks

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