Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes launches “Rockovery”

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This summer sees the launch of Rockovery, an ingenious new development by Ibiza Rocks, which sees legendary boutique hotel Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes join forces with Ibiza Retreats to create bespoke holiday packages combining the very best in Balearic nightlife with the most relaxing spiritual sanctuaries the island has to offer.

There’s no denying Ibiza’s heritage as the unrivalled party Island. In recent years however the White Isle has seen an influx of the more holistic holidaymaker; those looking to seek out Ibiza’s relaxation retreats to enjoy the island’s cool credentials rather than just clubbing. It’s no coincidence that Ibiza is referred to as the island of Ying and Yang, and up until now it’s been a difficult balancing act to get the best of both worlds.

Now the time has finally come and holidaymakers can think yoga as well as Jaegermeister and relaxing as well as raving with Rockovery. Three different retreat packages (starting from €125) are on offer to guarantee guests that whichever side of the scale their balance tips at, Rockovery has them covered. Guests are encouraged to communicate their state of body and mind, and define the tailored package they desire, by following the exclusive Rockovery traffic light system. Red = awful. Body and mind need full Rockovery. Amber = ok, but need a bit of help please. Green = things are feeling pretty good and just want to boost my beauty and energy. Once the Wellness Hosts know, it’s all systems go…..even if it’s go slow.

The treatments and therapies all balance and restore, using salts from Ibiza to polish and buff and herbal teas from the countryside to detox and purify. Keeping it real and letting mother nature work her magic, Ibiza offers over 250 healing herbs and plants and treatment at Rockovery will mostly use Ibizan created and sourced products. From the almond oils for massages, to the amazing Salinas salt scrubs, guests can expect fresh rosemary, mint, lemon and relaxing lavender to tease and tantalise their senses and scent them on their way to a healthier, happier blissed out state of body and mind. Rockovery is offering a memorable, spa experience that has never been experienced before. Forget the run of the mill Balinese or Thai spa that is mimicked world over; Rockovery has created a look, a feel and an identity based on a techno hippy with an electric ying yang vibe. The whole ‘feel’ focuses on the Ibizan landscape of carob trees, stone paths and the backdrop of the hotel and its brightly coloured fluro pink tennis court. This is as ageless as Ibiza and is as UN set in stone as the Ibiza Rocks House client, retaining the pure wellness colour, white, but trimming and popping with fluro colour and the electric Ying Yang print.

Post Party Rockovery is a mini-retreat with one simple aim: to put you back together when the season has taken its toll! The Ibiza Retreats team of world-class therapists and wellness experts will be on hand to massage aching muscles, soothe weary dancing feet and clear fuzzy heads – a total detox and purify to leave you glowing in mind, body and spirit.

Healthy Hens can embrace Ibiza’s feminine energy and feel their gorgeous goddess energy inside and out – a healthy balance to letting your hair down and a sophisticated way to see the hen off in style! Includes a tea ceremony [or bubbly!] on arrival, a wellness consultation, foot baths and massages, plus yoga and stretch classes. Additional add-on treatments include massage, Reiki, facial, mani/pedi, belly dancing or oriental dance.

Pure yoga [and a bit of partying!] acknowledges that it can be really liberating to let your hair down on a good old girly holiday, but the recovery can be more of a challenge now than it used to be. Balance is always the key – and this package strikes it for you! Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes is all about letting your hair down in style, and feeling free to express yourself. So how about a retreat in the ultimate Rock ‘n’ Roll boutique hotel, but with a twist? Yoga in the [not too early!] morning to wake-up, purify and sweat out all those excesses, followed by a detox juice, healthy lunch and afternoon filled with massage and a facial not to mention that much-needed rest time to stock up on shut eye and Vitamin D by the pool. Bliss.

As well as the Retreats, Rockovery will also offer a range of sensational yoga sessions. Yoga Chillax Brunch Sessions will offer yoga followed by island soul food and the best Balearic beats, whilst kids are entertained with bhangra, dance, drumming circles, kids yoga and painting. Sunset yoga sessions with Ibiza Sonica will offer the ultimate sunset relaxation accompanied by a soundtrack provided by guest DJs giving an eclectic back drop sound to the Ibiza sunset – yoga a la Ibiza Rocks! Every Thursday evening – these sunset yoga sessions are open for island residents, hotel guests and other budding yogis from around the White Isle. The new free form Ibiza Rocks House Yoga Temple has sunset views and amazing DJ’s creating uplifting vibes for Balearic beats in body and soul. Feel the rhythm in these flow yoga sessions led by experienced Ibiza Retreats teachers for all levels, inhaling fresh air and exhaling any stresses away to feel naturally revitalised for another wonderful Ibiza night.

The true beauty of Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes is that it offers something for everyone. The traffic light system reflects Rockovery’s openness to all – merely dip your toe in or fully submerge in the Rockovery experience. If husband, boyfriend or lover / family or friends are not into yoga, they can soak up the vibes sipping Ibiza Rocks House detoxifying (or retofixying) smoothies and cocktails at the legendary club TROPICANA pool bar and/or treat themselves to a marvellous massage overlooking the yoga in the comfy cushion-filled chill-out zone whilst the summer breeze filters through the Rockovery flags. The rules are, there are no rules, just choice.

Rockovery is the next natural step for Ibiza Rocks, since taking over Ibizan Institution, Pikes Hotel, named after its founder and all-round party legend/personality Tony Pike. Pikes was the film set for Wham’s ‘Club Tropicana’ video and the exclusive party-retreat for the rock ‘n’ roll elite of the 1980’s, hosting Freddie Mercury, Grace Jones and Elton John, to name but a few. It reopened as Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes and welcomed a new breed of rock star through Pikes newly polished doors (all Ibiza Rocks bands stay and play at Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes).

The 25 room boutique hotel was lovingly restored under the ownership and direction of Ibiza’s foremost live music promoters, Andy McKay and Dawn Hindle, the unstoppable partnership behind the Ibiza Rocks brand. They were part of the hedonistic club and party scene running Ibiza’s most famous club night Manumission throughout their twenties and early thirties. Still working full speed, hosting 16 weeks of Ibiza and Mallorca Rocks gigs throughout the summer, but now with a family of three, Dawn and Andy know only too well that they can Rock, but also need to Rockover – and so too do their House guests!

Dawn Hindle, Joint Founder, Ibiza Rocks said: “Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes offers a more relaxed, higher end accommodation option for the more discerning Ibiza lover and Rockovery is the next natural step. So many people love coming to the Ibiza Rocks gigs and afterparties and want that nocturnal experience, but need the balance. We cater for that “forgotten” generation who want a bit of both. There was a need to offer our clients an Ibiza Rocks experience from music to massage to yoga and beyond, all with a rock ‘n’ roll twist.

After running the world’s biggest club night Manumission for 15 years there comes a point when you grow up! You realise life changes, you and your desires and expectations change and that your body and the way you treat it also has to change. We are prime examples of our Rockovery client – still enjoy a party but value a more a balanced existence. Rockovery was created with our guests in mind, free thinking, open to suggestion, but with a real core of the values of wellness and occasionally spiritually. It picks up on the social trend that is emerging from the 30/40 generation who partied hard and may still on occassion, but know that the only way forward is to do so whilst respecting your body and giving it a little love back.”

To give guests the highest quality experience, Ibiza Rocks have brought on Ibiza’s best Wellness specialists, Ibiza Retreats to help develop this unique offering. Ying meets Yang.

Larah Davis, Ibiza Retreats said: “I have partied around the world and had the most amazing time in Ibiza for 18 years, loving the freedom and the connection with other like-minded people and the incredible feel-good vibes, yet both mine and Susie’s “life journeys” have been filled with more spiritual uplifts and natural highs. Our motto is: Set your spirit free! So, without judgment for whatever you have done the night before, you can be 100% honest about how you are REALLY feeling and we are passionate about tuning people into Ibiza’s magical healing energy. With Rockovery, we will share the organic feel-good factors that keep guest rocking and rolling and with a team of World Class Therapists, our work is to help guests recuperate and revitalise after letting their hair down, and to encourage them to dip a toe into YOGA and other wellness experiences that will give them an incredible natural energy.


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