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International Music Summit 2012 Day 3

May 26th, 2012

I’m going into Day 3 full of anticipation! Today will be the highlight of the Summit for me – it’s the day of the old skool guys, the big boys – Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder, Carl Cox, amongst others, but for me these are the big drawers! And there’s tonight’s finale party in Dalt Vila: DJ E.A.S.E. (Nightmares on Wax), Pete Tong and Carl Cox et al. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to relate to these guys more than the up-and-comers from last night.

Nile Rodgers was interviewed by Pete Tong. Well it was billed as an interview, but Nile didn’t need much prodding or probing to talk, in fact Pete had more trouble trying to get a word in edgeways than trying to get Nile to open up. We were also told beforehand that Nile wanted to play for us too – he didn’t just want to talk. So there he was, sitting on a stool, guitar at the ready.

What unfolded was a series of stories about how Chic started out and how some of their famous hits came to be written, with examples from Nile and his guitar, which he insisted on tuning by ear, blaming the Ibizan humidity for it being so out of tune when he started playing it. Here are some snippets from the tales he told us, but to be honest, I was too busy enjoying the occasion to be able to take substantial notes.

He started as a classical musician, and learnt to play the guitar to impress a girl, which he failed to get. In 1977/8 their records were being played in Studio 54 in New York, but they themselves couldn’t get in the club (it had a notoriously strict door policy, and if your face didn’t fit, that was it). He talked about how they were ‘anonymous’, because they only existed at that time on record, getting played by the odd DJ in clubs. He told an hilarious story about how Grace Jones had told them to go the back door of the club, and say that you’re a friend of Grace Jones, and that you have to let me in. It didn’t work. Their number one hit song ‘Le Freak’ was written as a response to this night.

They went back home, and started jamming out of frustration. It started out as “Fuck off”! The words gradually morphed and ended up as “Freak Out”, with a song becoming a tribute to Studio 54, rather than a frustrated rant about it. He said later of the song, “Le Freak was an accident.” The song and the band also became an instant hit with African’s who misheard the lyrics, thinking they were singing A-fri-ca! Sing it to Le Freak – it works, as Nile demonstrated to us!

They quickly learnt that if your record fills the dance floor, the DJ will put you on the playlist, and this was the case with Good Times, in 1978.

A fitting tale, because of the afternoon’s lineup, was his reaction to hearing Giorgio Moroder’s ‘From here to eternity’ for the first time, and that a lot of good music comes as a reaction to jealousy. When he heard that track he said to himself, “I want that”! Not realizing that it was played on a synthesizer, that night he taught himself to play it on the guitar. He said, “I’m going to play in Giorgio’s band- I was so jealous”. That night he dreamt ‘I want your love’, and a new song was born as a reaction to ‘From here to eternity”. We were treated to a live demonstration of how he developed the guitar riff and the style of playing, emulating the synth riff in the original.

Hew also talked about some of the other artists that they produced (they were also prolific producers, as well as writing their own material. An interesting example was ‘I’m coming out’ was Diana Ross’ coming out on stage song – they wrote it like that for her, because Chic always had a coming out song on each album. The record company didn’t like it, but Diana loved it, and she always come out on stage to that song.

Nile was asked about the new material he has been working on with Daft Punk. He said, “that shit is amazing … Daft Punk are smoking”.

One of the questions from the audience asked about the recent deaths and influence of Donna Summer and Robin Gibb. He said that one of the big turning points in my life were the Bee Gees – they were instrumental to our development, in particular the soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever. He said of Donna, “Donna was a terrific friend. We only worked together once. I adore her.”

Nile was hilarious – putting on accents as he told his tales (Grace Jones, Diana Ross and so on), and telling jokes – he had the audience in stitches. He came across as a very warm, open person, and wowed the audience. He received a standing ovation at the end.

He has written an autobiography which Pete Tong read and highly recommended, so if this has whet your appetite, I’m sure most of the tales and more will be included in the book: Le Freak: An Upside Down Story of Family, Disco and Destiny

Next up were the DJs Loco Dice and Carl Cox in conversation. In what could have been a really difficult act to follow, another interesting session unfolded. They are friends, and there was a great rapport between them: it was a very jovial and informal conversation. They talked about the ‘competition’ between them. Loco jokingly says that keeps great new tracks to himself, otherwise if Carl picks up the track, everyone will think that it’s Carl Cox’s tune! He meant it as well!

Loco Dice believers that, “there should be no boundaries or barriers for DJs. We always have to try things out, it’s a rehearsal.” “You can still be a great DJ and play old music but you have to mix it up, pack it fresh.”

Carl said that sometimes we play together. When we play together I don’t win and he doesn’t win – the punters win!

It was an interesting and humorous exchange between the two of them, which gave a glimpse into some as aspects of their profession and their relationship.

This was followed by Giorgio Moroder being interviewed by Joshua Glazer.

He told how he had arrived in Ibiza from Cannes (the film festival has just been talking place), starting out in Nashville where he had attended Donna Summer’s funeral. His luggage still hadn’t arrived (obviously his airline didn’t realize who they were transporting!).

What brought you to Ibiza? “A friend works for Luis Vuitton and asked me to do some DJ remixes in Cannes. Ibiza is the capital of dance music so I had to go there.”

He was asked about Donna summer, and did he remember the first time he heard those songs in a club. He said that he would go to discotecs to hear the tracks to see how they sounded in that environment. He first heard ‘I feel love’ in Studio 54.

He talked about his musical past, and how some of the tracks were recorded. He started his musical career as a double bass player in a band. Are you a song guy or a tech guy first? “I’m a song guy.” He says “I’m a disaster with technology”. He has people that do that for him.

Talking about Kraftwerk he said, “I liked the first album and some of the songs … but it was a bit repetitive”.

He then went on talk about some of the film scores he has created and how he approaches making music for films.

And was asked, “were you paying attention to what was happening to dance music?”. Surprisingly, he answered that, “I don’t listen to music much. We don’t have a music system in the house. I listen to music in the car.” It’s strange that someone who’s prolific musically, does not really listen to the music of others much.

In the audience question slot at the end, Mark Jones a UK-based radio broadcaster took to the stage. He had emailed various musicians who have been influenced by Giorgio’s work to send him questions to ask. Phil Oakey (from the Human League) asked which 3 tracks are you proudest to write? He said that he loved the one we did with Phil ‘Electric Dreams’. ‘I feel love’ is the proudest, “because it was so much fun and it became so big”. LaRoux asked about he writes his songs – how much is improvisation or in your head. He explained that he usually sits at the piano, or “sometimes I get inspiration in a restaurant – now I use my iPhone to take notes”. But most songs are composed on the piano. Gary Numan asked, “How did you first discover synths?” He said, “the first time I heard a synth I knew it was a new instrument.” Other questions were asked by OMD, Adamski, Howard Jones and Two Many DJs, just to give an example of the man’s influence in recent and current electronic music.

After closing remarks from the IMS team, everyone relocated to Dalt Vila for the finale party, at the same site as the party the previous night. We were treated to a musical and light extravaganza, in what must truly be one of the best sites for a party in the world, sandwiched high up between the cathedral, old town and the port. The music was more to my taste than the previous night.

A highlight was Carl Cox coming on stage playing New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’, a mighty fine entrance in my book, and one that got the crowd going. A frustration was that he nearly at one point broke into Donna Summer’s ‘I feel love’, but he didn’t, and this was a huge disappointment. It would have been a fitting tribute to what had been a memorable and fantastic day, an exciting music summit, and a timely reminder of one of the ground-breaking moments in electronic music’s history. And a tune which we had heard so much about during the day.

In summary the past 3 days have been enlightening, informative, funny and made you think. A successful conference.

By ClaireB

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International Music Summit 2012 Day 2

May 25th, 2012

I started Day 2 with some slight fatigue after Day 1, and I didn’t even go to any of the parties! The result was a decision to not sit in lots of sessions, but to be a bit more selective, and only sit in on sessions that interested me. Hence, my summary of Day 2 does not give a running commentary of the day’s events.

What I didn’t mention yesterday, is that the summit is rather a feat of endurance. Yesterday it started at 13.00 and finished at about 20.30. Today it ran from 11.30 to 20.00. And then the social schedule kicks in! And being in Ibiza and all that, it’s serious partying! The schedule during the day is back to back sessions – no lunch, coffee or comfort breaks! So, one has to make one’s own breaks, at opportune times in the schedule.

My first presentation of the day was from James Vaux, on ‘What EDM can learn from the finance industries’. The dance music industry has an annual turnover of $8.4 billion – James says this is not much – one company makes more manufacturing ball bearings than this! He believes that more professional business practices are required in the industry for it to improve revenues, and by better understanding of what consumers want, and then capitalising on that.

Next, an hour-long panel session, ‘Ibiza – The Year of Change’. The starting point of the debate was that in 2012 Ibiza has seen a huge change, with many Djs launching new nights. So is this a year of change or not? Moderated by O’Halloran, the panel featured a distinguished set of people representing several of Ibiza’s clubs and promoters: Danny Whittle (Pacha, director), Juan Arenas (Space, promoter), Pino Sagliocco (Ibiza 123 / Live Nation ES, promoter), Tom Preuss (Artist A Life / Desolat, manager), Valentino Barrioseta (Amnesia, media), Yann Pissenem (Ushuaia, promoter).

As a newcomer to Ibiza, I was particularly interested to find out what was happening. Yann from Ushuaia which opened last year and offers a different type of event – outdoor, daytime parties – thought that the change in Ibiza is more of an evolution. Pino, from the Ibiza 123 festival, which is running for the first time this summer, said that Ibiza has a long history of rock musicians playing on the island. With the 123 Festival he decided to bring the fusion back to this island – to put the rock and the electronic world together. Danny Whittle from Pacha sees the festival as giving something back to the islanders.

In summing up discussions, Valentino saw the changes as more of a development – we are increasing the attention of the world outside. Danny sees a constant evolution in Ibiza, and this year is no different. Yann also believes that it has always been changing. Pino thinks that the real change is going back to live music and open air parties, and that Ibiza will always be the pioneer. Juan believes that the rest of the world is changing, and that people are changing and the Internet has changed things. Juan doesn’t think that there is more change this year than in others. Tom sees it more as just yearly adaptation.

So the story seems to be that clubs, promoters and DJs come and go and that the scene in Ibiza continues to evolve. Danny made a poignant point, “we have four months of the year to make our living”, which puts things into context and shows why continuing innovation and evolution is important, to keep people coming back to Ibiza and its venues.

Next, Paul Oakenfold in conversation with Ben Turner talked about his move to the USA and his involvement in making film scores and continuing to DJ, but mainly at daytime pool parties. Electronic music is exploding in America, and is becoming hugely commercially. Largely as a result of Gaga and The Blackeyed Peas using electronic music, which the radio stations picked up on. There’s definitely a sound in America.

He said that “trance was cheesy”, the music all sounded the same and was boring. He has a recording studio at home and has been learning the craft of making songs. His father was a musician. So he took time out to learn that, and collaborate with other singers and artists.  He’d love to work with Dr Dre. The nice thing about the ‘in conversation’ sessions are the insights and anecdotes that transpire. For example, we learned how his house in LA overlooks The Hollywood Bowl, and he invites people round to watch the shows from his garden.

A highlight of the afternoon for me was the session where Sister Bliss took us the process of remixing the IMS Anthem created by The Japanese Popstars. It was a master class in how to strip down, and then build up a mix of a track, step by step. She played a snippet of each element of the track to illustrate how the remix was built up, talking us through the creative process, decision-making and what she was trying to achieve at each step, before playing the completed remix in its entirety. In a summit which has mainly been people talking about what they do, it was refreshing to see some EDM being created on the spot.

Another interesting panel was ‘Social Media Makers – The new Club 18-30’. A panel of 5 youngsters who all have their own social media companies focusing specifically on music. It proved to be an interesting insight into how these kids, who are the same age as the kids they are reaching out to, are setting up their own companies with little outlay, doing what they believe in, and in the process reaching out to massive audiences and having successful businesses on their hands.

To sum up the session, they were asked where they thought social media going. Luke thought it was all about mobile solutions. Jamal said it was probably getting bigger and maybe being able to turn on your TV on through Twitter. Luke believed its not about the platforms, it’s about the way that people consume the Internet.

The day ended with the first of the two parties in Dalt Vila, on a site perched up in the old town of Ibiza, above the port and marina, and below the cathedral. It’s an impressive site, especially as the event began in twilight, before the sun sank behind the pine-clad trees, and the twinkling lights below and the floodlights above came into their own. Also impressive, but then it was IMS, was the line-up: MINX, Goldfish, Paul Oakenfold, Diplo and David Guetta ( was due to play but cancelled due to illness).

As the sun went down, the music, the projections on the stage and onto the Cathedral and the walls below and the light show started to get more intense. Paul Oakenfold did his thing, but Diplo was the highlight for me, probably because he played some tunes I knew, the highlight being a mix of Blur’s ‘Song Two (always a great one to get the crowd going), and throwing in a bit of Beastie Boys to boot. Goldfish played instruments over the top of their tunes to good effect. When David Guetta came onstage, the crowd went mad. I’m not sure what his appeal is, but he has it. I witnessed a couple of tracks, and then retired for the night, preferring to save my energy for Day 3, which is going to be special.

The full schedule and details of the event are on the website:

Video summary of Day 1:

Follow the event on Twitter #imsibz or @imsibiza

By ClaireB

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International Music Summit 2012 Day 1

May 24th, 2012

Now in its 5th year, the International Music Summit (IMS Ibiza) aims to offer delegates in the music industry the chance to listen to and be a part of a vital conversation with the world’s leading figures across music, business and digital strategy. It has a particular focus on electronic dance music.

The first day kicked off on Wednesday May 23rd at 13.00 promptly at The Gran Hotel in Ibiza. Surprisingly the delegates managed to drag themselves away from around the gorgeous pool area to pour into the summit venue for the event introduction from the IMS team: Ben Turner, Danny Whittle, Mark Netto, Pete Tong and Simeon Friend. The brief and to the point intros (other event organisers take note) were followed by two short but illuminating presentations about the state of the markets for electronic dance music, now commonly referred to as EDM.

The focus of the next four sessions was predominantly new forms of marketing and promoting music and artists using social media, with representatives from Twitter, Spotify and FourSquare talking about how their platforms support and facilitate this.

Tatiana Simonian from Twitter gave some interesting examples of how some artists are using Twitter themselves, and the benefits that live tweeting can bring. Omid Ashtari from Four Square talked about a new addition to the platform, that they are taking in Songkick’s data, and that artists can now add rewards to events, such as money off merchandising at a concert. Will Hope from Spotify outlined how 70% of their revenue actually went to the artists. Vue cinemas showed how they were bringing music events and films into their cinemas.

A welcome addition to the afternoon schedule was James Barton from Cream being interviewed by Pete Tong, about why he has just sold the Cream business to Live Nation after building it up for 20 years. He also talked about his new job within Live Nation as President of Electronic Music, with a focus on North America and how he will be looking at new markets in places like China and India. The conversation that ensued was humorous and insightful into many aspects of Cream and the brand, with lots of anecdotes about the ups and downs experienced over the last 20 years.

Next up was ‘Meet Team Chase and Status’ in which a panel of 7 people behind Chase and Status talked how they came to be signed, promoted and became highly successful.

A later panel session ‘Brand and Band – A case study with Professor Green’ featured The Professor himself and people from his management team, record label and brand sponsors talking about the brand partnerships he has with O2 and Puma. The Professor talked eloquently about how such deals enable him to do new and innovative work, for example play a small gig in Manchester for 250 Facebook fans and make a 360 degree interactive video, which he would not easily have been able to realise otherwise. Interestingly, the deals he has allow him to have complete creative freedom in the projects he embarks on.

The final session for the day was billed as an IMS exclusive, ‘Danny Tenaglia in Conversation’ with Ben Turner. The interview was conducted via Skype, direct from Danny’s loft in New York. After a few initial technical hitches Danny appeared live on the screen in front of us. The focus of the conversation was Danny’s recent announcement on FaceBook that he was retiring from being an International DJ.

He gave a very candid insight into how he is reassessing his life as a DJ in his 51st year. In particular, the dichotomy about wanting to play music and make people happy, but that he doesn’t like the celebratory status that has come with it, which stops him from being able to go out and enjoy himself in the way he would like to, and the amount of travelling involved (he has a deep-rooted hatred of flying). The upshot is that he’s not really retiring, but reassessing his work/life balance, and cutting back on the International travel. In the process he’s finding that as one door closes, others are opening.

He’s going to concentrate on getting better at his craft and learning how to use new technology more, and maybe start a DJ school. At the end we were given a guided tour of his loft, which is hugely impressive in its immenseness, and for the view of New York from the roof. It’s easy to see why he wants to spend more time at home!

The full schedule and details of the event are on the website:

Follow the event on Twitter #imsibz or @imsibiza

By ClaireB

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Rock n Mola live music festival schedule

May 18th, 2012

Friday 18th May

Plaza del Parque
20.00h: Official Opening Presentation
Introduction to The Ladies
20.30h: Dance Demonstration from Paso a Paso Dance School
21.00h: Mini Set Bob as Elvis
21.30h:Dance Demonstration Lindy Hop from La Nave
22.00h: DJ Bombotron
23.00h: Colin Peters

Aramon (Upstairs)
00.00h: DJ Selector No Roots
02.00h: Colin Peters

Saturday 19th May
Plaza del Parque

Mercat Vell
10.30h: BABY ROCKERS (Actividad Infantil)
15.30h: RIC JAZZBO
18.30h: BEN DE MIEDO

Plaza de Sa Drassaneta
15.00h: EH! JESIDI LIVE!


Desayuno en CROISSANT SHOW (Mercat Vell)
Aperitivo en SUSHIYA AOYAMA (Plaza de Sa Drassaneta)
Maki + cerveza 2,50€/ Maki + cava 3,00€/ Maki + sake 4€
Comida en SOUL RESTAURANT (La Marina/ C/ del Mar)
Menú: 1º, 2º y sorbete mola 15€
Cena en THAI’D UP (Puerto de Ibiza)
2×1:Tu acompañante come gratis
Caprichos CUPCAKE COLLECTION (Mercat Vell)



Sábado 19 de mayo/ CURSO Lindy Hop/ Aramon/ 19.00-22.00h/ Precio: 25€
Domingo 20 de mayo/ CURSO Lindy Hop/ La Nave Ibiza, Santa Gertrudis/ 18.30-22.00h (incluye cena y Jammin’)/ Precio: 35€
Viernes 18 de mayo/ Plaza del Parque/ 20.00h: Inscripciones

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IMS 2012 Events & Parties announced

May 3rd, 2012

Where in previous years the focus has been on both the main event (the three-day music summit at the 5* Ibiza Gran Hotel) and the Friday night IMS Grand Finale Festival at Dalt Vila, last year saw the introduction of David Guetta also co-hosting Thursday night at Dalt Vila and this year it’s no different.

The unstoppable global force that is Mr Guetta returns (with friends!) to throw a huge open-air free party on the Thursday again, but that’s not all, there’s now a full week of IMS events/parties spread across Pacha, Blue Marlin, Grial, Es Vive, and new venue Bubbles, as well as the legendary opening parties at Space and Ushuaia. 

The IMS Opening Party also takes place at Pacha with the first ever set from Chase & Status in the club. They will be followed by Porter Robinson – the hottest new name to emerge from the American EDM scene, fresh from his American college tour with Tiesto. Plus expect a storming back2back set featuring Kaz James and Carl Kennedy.

With the IMS Grand Finale Festival still very much the jewel in the IMS crown (Friday 25th May), this year’s line-up features Carl Cox, Loco Dice, Pete Tong, Seth Troxler, DJ E.A.S.E, Azari & III (live) and Disclosure (live) – all set in the heart of Ibiza Old Town, with nothing but the stars above you, looking over the Balearic Sea.

Artists playing across the week include (a-z):

2manydjs – Azari & III (live) – Calvin Harris – Carl Cox – Carl Kennedy, Chase & Status – Cosmo – David Guetta – Detroit Grand Pubahs – DJ E.A.S.E – Diplo – Disclosure (live) – Doorly – Dubfire – Fatboy Slim – Francois K – Goldfish (live) – Groove Armada – Jim Rivers – Jon Rundell – Joy Orbison – Julio Bashmore – Kaz James, Loco Dice – Mark Knight – Martyn – Miike Snow – MINX – Nina Kravitz – Paul Oakenfold – Pete Tong – Porter Robinson – Radio Slave – Roger Sanchez – Sasha – Scarlette Etienne – Seth Troxler – Silicone Soul – Sister Bliss – Sonny Wharton – Steve Lawler – Wally Lopez + many more!


IMS pre-party: The Ibiza Residents Special at Grial
Andy Baxter – Pacha/Mambo
Mr Doris – We love Sundays
Clara Da Costa – Ibiza Sonica Radio
Valentin Huedo- Blue Marlin
James Kameran
Alexander Magnus


IMS Opening Party at Pacha
Chase and Status (Dj Set)
Porter Robinson
Kaz James & Carl Kennedy B2B
Angel Linde

IMS Presents Intec Records showcase at Bubbles
Jon Rundell
Jim Rivers

IMS Presents Skiddle showcase at Grial
The Japanese Popstars (DJ Set)
Sonny Wharton
Jamie Scahill
Graham Sahara


IMS Presents David Guetta and friends at Dalt Vila, Ibiza Town
David Guetta
Paul Oakenfold

Live Performance by:
Goldfish (Live)

IMS Presents Francois K at Bubbles
Francois K
Nina Kraviz

EPM & BulletDodge presents Players Club at Es Vive Hotel
Silicon Soul, Detroit Grand Pubahs, Kristian Hiekilla, Gareth Whitehead & My Evil Twin, Jesse James


IMS Grand Finale Festival at Dalt Vila, Ibiza Town
Carl Cox
Loco Dice
Pete Tong
Seth Troxler
DJ E.A.S.E. (Nightmares on Wax)

Live Performances by:
Azari & lll (live), Disclosure (live)

Pure Pacha All Gone Pete Tong – Opening Party at Pacha
Pete Tong, Calvin Harris


Defected – Opening Party at Pacha
Bob Sinclar, Shapeshifters, Simon Dunmore, John Jacobson

IMS & W Hotels Present Shut Your Pretty Mouth at Blue Marlin
Sister Bliss, Scarlett Etienne, Posso

Mulletover in Ibiza at Sankeys, Playa d’en Bossa
Joy Orbison, Julio Bashmore, Geddes, Huxley

RocknRave at Ibiza Rocks House Previously known as Pikes Hotel, San Antonio. 5 pm.


Ushuaia Opening Weekend with Fatboy Slim & Guests at Ushuaia, Playa d’en Bossa
Fatboy Slim, Groove Armada, Miike Snow, Alex Metric. Doorly

Space Opening Fiesta at Space
Carl Cox, 2manydjs, Dubfire, Sasha, Roger Sanchez, Steve Lawler, Mark Knight, Wally Lopez

IMS & W Hotels Present Shut Your Pretty Mouth at The Wet Deck, W Hotel, Barcelona
Sister Bliss, Scarlett Etienne, Posso

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Ibiza 123 Festival promo video

May 2nd, 2012

The Ibiza 123 Festival taking place in San Antonio July 1st,2nd & 3rd have released their first promo video about the event:

Work on landscaping the ground should start iwthin the next week or so.

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Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes launches “Rockovery”

May 1st, 2012

This summer sees the launch of Rockovery, an ingenious new development by Ibiza Rocks, which sees legendary boutique hotel Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes join forces with Ibiza Retreats to create bespoke holiday packages combining the very best in Balearic nightlife with the most relaxing spiritual sanctuaries the island has to offer.

There’s no denying Ibiza’s heritage as the unrivalled party Island. In recent years however the White Isle has seen an influx of the more holistic holidaymaker; those looking to seek out Ibiza’s relaxation retreats to enjoy the island’s cool credentials rather than just clubbing. It’s no coincidence that Ibiza is referred to as the island of Ying and Yang, and up until now it’s been a difficult balancing act to get the best of both worlds.

Now the time has finally come and holidaymakers can think yoga as well as Jaegermeister and relaxing as well as raving with Rockovery. Three different retreat packages (starting from €125) are on offer to guarantee guests that whichever side of the scale their balance tips at, Rockovery has them covered. Guests are encouraged to communicate their state of body and mind, and define the tailored package they desire, by following the exclusive Rockovery traffic light system. Red = awful. Body and mind need full Rockovery. Amber = ok, but need a bit of help please. Green = things are feeling pretty good and just want to boost my beauty and energy. Once the Wellness Hosts know, it’s all systems go…..even if it’s go slow.

The treatments and therapies all balance and restore, using salts from Ibiza to polish and buff and herbal teas from the countryside to detox and purify. Keeping it real and letting mother nature work her magic, Ibiza offers over 250 healing herbs and plants and treatment at Rockovery will mostly use Ibizan created and sourced products. From the almond oils for massages, to the amazing Salinas salt scrubs, guests can expect fresh rosemary, mint, lemon and relaxing lavender to tease and tantalise their senses and scent them on their way to a healthier, happier blissed out state of body and mind. Rockovery is offering a memorable, spa experience that has never been experienced before. Forget the run of the mill Balinese or Thai spa that is mimicked world over; Rockovery has created a look, a feel and an identity based on a techno hippy with an electric ying yang vibe. The whole ‘feel’ focuses on the Ibizan landscape of carob trees, stone paths and the backdrop of the hotel and its brightly coloured fluro pink tennis court. This is as ageless as Ibiza and is as UN set in stone as the Ibiza Rocks House client, retaining the pure wellness colour, white, but trimming and popping with fluro colour and the electric Ying Yang print.

Post Party Rockovery is a mini-retreat with one simple aim: to put you back together when the season has taken its toll! The Ibiza Retreats team of world-class therapists and wellness experts will be on hand to massage aching muscles, soothe weary dancing feet and clear fuzzy heads – a total detox and purify to leave you glowing in mind, body and spirit.

Healthy Hens can embrace Ibiza’s feminine energy and feel their gorgeous goddess energy inside and out – a healthy balance to letting your hair down and a sophisticated way to see the hen off in style! Includes a tea ceremony [or bubbly!] on arrival, a wellness consultation, foot baths and massages, plus yoga and stretch classes. Additional add-on treatments include massage, Reiki, facial, mani/pedi, belly dancing or oriental dance.

Pure yoga [and a bit of partying!] acknowledges that it can be really liberating to let your hair down on a good old girly holiday, but the recovery can be more of a challenge now than it used to be. Balance is always the key – and this package strikes it for you! Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes is all about letting your hair down in style, and feeling free to express yourself. So how about a retreat in the ultimate Rock ‘n’ Roll boutique hotel, but with a twist? Yoga in the [not too early!] morning to wake-up, purify and sweat out all those excesses, followed by a detox juice, healthy lunch and afternoon filled with massage and a facial not to mention that much-needed rest time to stock up on shut eye and Vitamin D by the pool. Bliss.

As well as the Retreats, Rockovery will also offer a range of sensational yoga sessions. Yoga Chillax Brunch Sessions will offer yoga followed by island soul food and the best Balearic beats, whilst kids are entertained with bhangra, dance, drumming circles, kids yoga and painting. Sunset yoga sessions with Ibiza Sonica will offer the ultimate sunset relaxation accompanied by a soundtrack provided by guest DJs giving an eclectic back drop sound to the Ibiza sunset – yoga a la Ibiza Rocks! Every Thursday evening – these sunset yoga sessions are open for island residents, hotel guests and other budding yogis from around the White Isle. The new free form Ibiza Rocks House Yoga Temple has sunset views and amazing DJ’s creating uplifting vibes for Balearic beats in body and soul. Feel the rhythm in these flow yoga sessions led by experienced Ibiza Retreats teachers for all levels, inhaling fresh air and exhaling any stresses away to feel naturally revitalised for another wonderful Ibiza night.

The true beauty of Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes is that it offers something for everyone. The traffic light system reflects Rockovery’s openness to all – merely dip your toe in or fully submerge in the Rockovery experience. If husband, boyfriend or lover / family or friends are not into yoga, they can soak up the vibes sipping Ibiza Rocks House detoxifying (or retofixying) smoothies and cocktails at the legendary club TROPICANA pool bar and/or treat themselves to a marvellous massage overlooking the yoga in the comfy cushion-filled chill-out zone whilst the summer breeze filters through the Rockovery flags. The rules are, there are no rules, just choice.

Rockovery is the next natural step for Ibiza Rocks, since taking over Ibizan Institution, Pikes Hotel, named after its founder and all-round party legend/personality Tony Pike. Pikes was the film set for Wham’s ‘Club Tropicana’ video and the exclusive party-retreat for the rock ‘n’ roll elite of the 1980’s, hosting Freddie Mercury, Grace Jones and Elton John, to name but a few. It reopened as Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes and welcomed a new breed of rock star through Pikes newly polished doors (all Ibiza Rocks bands stay and play at Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes).

The 25 room boutique hotel was lovingly restored under the ownership and direction of Ibiza’s foremost live music promoters, Andy McKay and Dawn Hindle, the unstoppable partnership behind the Ibiza Rocks brand. They were part of the hedonistic club and party scene running Ibiza’s most famous club night Manumission throughout their twenties and early thirties. Still working full speed, hosting 16 weeks of Ibiza and Mallorca Rocks gigs throughout the summer, but now with a family of three, Dawn and Andy know only too well that they can Rock, but also need to Rockover – and so too do their House guests!

Dawn Hindle, Joint Founder, Ibiza Rocks said: “Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes offers a more relaxed, higher end accommodation option for the more discerning Ibiza lover and Rockovery is the next natural step. So many people love coming to the Ibiza Rocks gigs and afterparties and want that nocturnal experience, but need the balance. We cater for that “forgotten” generation who want a bit of both. There was a need to offer our clients an Ibiza Rocks experience from music to massage to yoga and beyond, all with a rock ‘n’ roll twist.

After running the world’s biggest club night Manumission for 15 years there comes a point when you grow up! You realise life changes, you and your desires and expectations change and that your body and the way you treat it also has to change. We are prime examples of our Rockovery client – still enjoy a party but value a more a balanced existence. Rockovery was created with our guests in mind, free thinking, open to suggestion, but with a real core of the values of wellness and occasionally spiritually. It picks up on the social trend that is emerging from the 30/40 generation who partied hard and may still on occassion, but know that the only way forward is to do so whilst respecting your body and giving it a little love back.”

To give guests the highest quality experience, Ibiza Rocks have brought on Ibiza’s best Wellness specialists, Ibiza Retreats to help develop this unique offering. Ying meets Yang.

Larah Davis, Ibiza Retreats said: “I have partied around the world and had the most amazing time in Ibiza for 18 years, loving the freedom and the connection with other like-minded people and the incredible feel-good vibes, yet both mine and Susie’s “life journeys” have been filled with more spiritual uplifts and natural highs. Our motto is: Set your spirit free! So, without judgment for whatever you have done the night before, you can be 100% honest about how you are REALLY feeling and we are passionate about tuning people into Ibiza’s magical healing energy. With Rockovery, we will share the organic feel-good factors that keep guest rocking and rolling and with a team of World Class Therapists, our work is to help guests recuperate and revitalise after letting their hair down, and to encourage them to dip a toe into YOGA and other wellness experiences that will give them an incredible natural energy.

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