Q&A with Danny Whittle about the Ibiza 123 Festival

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After the press conference at Cafe del Mar yesterday to launch the new Ibiza 123 Festival in July – with the likes of Sting, Elton John, Lenny Kravitz, David Guetta, Tiesto, Pete Tong and a host of others – we had a number of background questions we thought might be useful to ask.

So who else to ask than our friend Danny Whittle, the man at Pacha and one of the founders and organisers of the IMS but more importantly a senior part of the Ibiza 123 Festival team.

Hi Danny, how did the festival actually come about as there hasn’t really been an outdoor festival since the MTV one in 2000, as the 2001 MTV event that was supposed to take place at the Hippodromo was knocked back at the last minute and had to move to Privilege. I assume it’s been in the planning for quite awhile.

To be honest its not been in the planning for a long time. Myself, Ben Turner and Pete Tong met up with Pino Sagliocco last Septemeber. We sat down at his beach house and decided we all wanted to do a festival in Ibiza. We then came up with the rocktronic concept of fusing the genres and when we realised the dates we wanted to do the name just followed.

There seems to be a positive change in San Antonios’ attitude to live music over past few years how did the initial discussions go with the town hall? or was the initial contact with the Consell ?

The town hall and the consul have been hugly accommodating and have really helped us right down the line, we cant thank them enough. They really want to reshape the image of San Antonio and we think this is a great way to start.

There are a number of acts that are also on the Rock in Rio festival in Madrid that takes place either side of Ibiza 123 – I’m guessing there’s a link ?

Yes our partners with IMS are Live Nation, Pino is the chairman for Spain and Portugal.

Can you elaborate more on the “masterclass” that will be taking place onsite ? (what’s it about, who can attend, format etc)

It will be hosted by the IMS and will be seminars and panels by some of the biggest professionals in the music industry, with some very interesting stories to tell.

There’s going to be quite a bit of work involved in just clearing the site and levelling the ground. walking around it seems there’s a natural “bowl” in front of where the stage will be and I’m guessing that the vip areas, bar & toilets will be in the “upper section”. What sort of timescale is there for preparing the site ?

You would be amazed how fast these things can be done with big machines, we will be using a lot of the earth to sculpt vip areas and to mask toilet sections etc. This will save a huge amount on production costs and scaffolding/fencing.

On the plan there is a big dipper, rollercoaster & a walk through waterfall – the waterfall seems intriging how will that work ?

Well we really want to put a full funfair there so people can be entertained in other ways. The waterfall idea is so people can bring their swim suits and a towel and walk through to cool off. Although everyone will get one pass out wristband so they can leave and come back, to change, eat, swim etc.

Also on the plan is a “smoking area” – is this necessary since it’s an outdoor event ? not heard of an festival that restricts smoking ? what’s the reasoning behind this?

Well we were thinking for a sponsor area cigars or those bubbly pipe thingys, we are still thinking on that.

On the Live Nation ticket site it says there is an age restriction of over 16’s – do you have any plans for a crèche etc for families – given the nature of some of the artists ?

Actually kids can come if they are with a parent and yes we will have a full entertaining crèche.

Will there be any plans for a “park & ride” or buses from for example Ibiza Town, Playa d’en Bossa, Santa Eulalia as obviously congestion could potentially get quite bad around the site area?

Yes totally, although we have a huge parking area we do realise many kids don’t have cars so we will put on huge amount of transport.

I was told there will packages in conjunction with TUI (the tour operator) – will people have a choice of hotels etc and areas to initially stay ?

Yes although TUI will be supplying that.

Brilliant, thanks for your time Danny and we look forward to it!

You can follow @ibz123festival on twitter, their facebook page or tickets from here – previous blog of last nights Ibiza 123 Festival press conference and all the details is here.

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  1. Kosso Says:

    “So, Danny… about that iPhone app.

    Will you be using someone local?”


  2. billy barry Says:

    great chat with Danny with no questions dodged and I have to say the more I hear about Ibiza 123 the more my initial scepticism is receding ,hell I just want some of those 500 buck VIP drink as much as you want super Loo special wristbands!

  3. Ibiza 123 Festival promo video | ibiza-blog.com Says:

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