Ibiza Slow Breaks campaign with no winter flights ?

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This article originally appeard in The Ibiza Sun on 18/01/12

Following on from last weeks article about the cancellation of direct winter flights to the UK, Italy and Germany one obvious question springs to mind – namely what happens to the Ibiza Slow Breaks campaign ?

“Ibiza Slow Breaks” is a four year €3.3million agreement signed between Central Government and the Consell aimed at bringing tourists to Ibiza during the winter. As we know, Ibiza during the 6 months of winter is absolutely ideal for walking, camping and cycling holidays, yoga retreats, bootcamps, diving and warm weather training. The Spanish Olympic cycling team, for example, have been here for that very reason.

The Consell’s contribution this year is €300,000 with the remainder of the €1million budget coming from Turespaña and Government. The one obvious problem though is that there are no direct flights this winter so Carmen Ferrer and the Consell were forced to announce a few weeks ago, “Obviously the winter does not facilitate the implementation of the program because there are not enough flights… we are trying to focus the product in May and September months”.

This is an audacious attempt at political spin. They HAVE TO focus on May and September – they have no choice due to the fact that THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE for there being no winter flights.

It means that basically €1million will be spent this year promoting an alternative to the usual clubbing, beaches etc. holidays for a month when the season has already started and in September when the season hasn”t finished. As a reminder, the budget for direct winter flights for this year was €420,000 (the Stansted portion of this being 200-250,000€) which the Consell said they couldn”t afford or justify.

It is also strange that the PR company that has been contracted to do the social networking side of Ibiza Slow Breaks is allegedly a Barcelona based company, not even a firm based in Ibiza. Details of who this company are have not been released to our knowledge.
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