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Suzy Cavender Art Exhibition – “Reflexiones de Ibiza”

December 9th, 2012

Suzy Cavender at the D-Shop Gallery – Suzy has had occasional exhibitions around the island over the last decade. The last was at Sandy’s Bar in Santa Eulalia a year ago. Now she is exhibiting her latest work at the lovely new D-Shop Gallery, next door to the ITV inspection station, from December 14th till the end of January. Although renowned for her attention to detail in portraying people, her recent works are much more “freestyle”.

She’s also sharing the space with an extraordinary artist whose last exhibition was ten years ago. Miguel Castellanos Sotos born in Cuenca won a scholarship to study art at the University of Valencia at the age of twelve. From there he went to the University of Madrid to study psychology and following military service came to Ibiza to search for his own artistic style, albeit influenced by Dali. He spent nine years painting on Ibiza then, one day, he went out to do the shopping and never returned.

It transpires that he returned to the mainland and joined the Franciscan Order of Santiago de Compostela and is now known as Fr. Miguel Castellanos Sotos.

He’s still painting and his more recent works could best be described as deeply religious.

Although Fr. Miguel can’t make it to the exhibition this month, he and Suzy welcome you to a visual treat…

Opening: 14th December at 7pm
D-Shop Gallery
Ctra. San Miguel 2.300
Rotunda Santa Gertrudis
Opening hours: 10am – 1.30pm & 5.30pm – 9pm
Saturday: 10am – 1.30pm or by appointment
Tel: +34 606 343 046

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Jake Bugg headlines ibiza Rocks 2013 opening gig

December 3rd, 2012

jake buggAn early christmas present from Ibiza Rocks. Jake Bugg who supported Ben Howard last year at Ibiza Rocks has been announced as the opening headline act for next summers Ibiza Rocks 2013.

Now in its eighth year the gigs will see 16 gigs run from 5th June until 18th September.

Jake bugg: “I’m really looking forward to playing Ibiza Rocks in 2013. I did it as support earlier this year with Ben Howard so it’s great to be invited back to play a great outdoor headline set. It seems like every time people say guitar music is dead, that’s when it comes back. I think people are hungry for it.”

Shane Murray, Promoter, said: “Jake played as a new artist last season when the buzz about him was just beginning and you could see that he was a very rare talent. We’re excited and proud to bring him back as our opening headliner less than a year later. Given that Biffy Clyro, Plan B and Ed Sheeran have all headlined opening shows he’s in pretty good company. What a way to kick off 16 amazing weeks under the Balearic stars. It feels like a really exciting time for live music and guitar music in particular again. Summer can’t come soon enough.”

There will be limited €30 resident tickets available throughout the summer

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The arrival of Christmas in Ibiza

December 1st, 2012

November 30th marked the arrival of the Christmas festivities in Ibiza Town, when the Christmas tree lights and street decorations were turned on in the Vara de Rey just after dark at 6pm. In my view the installation of bright, twinkling, Christmas lights are the best thing that can happen to brighten up dark December days, so this occasion needs to be celebrated, and it was. A decent sized (but not too large) crowd assembled to witness the occasion, and to hear children singing Christmas songs and carols around the tree afterwards.

The Vara de Rey has been transformed for the season with stalls selling food and gifts. There is a Christmas market in a marquee selling decorations, nativity scene figures and gifts, open until December 23rd from 10.00-22.00 everyday. And there’s a Craft Market open until January 6th from 10.00-14.00 and 17.00-22.00, selling a range of gifts including jewellery, hats, scarves and bags.

There are also a number of stalls selling a wide variety of food and drink, to sustain you whilst admiring the tree and the lights and shopping. My favourite was the one selling bread with cheese, sausage or sobrasada (locally made sausage) with a small cup of red wine for a euro, but also available were crepes, corn on the cob, roast chestnuts, candy floss, and churros.

If you’re not into shopping, eating or drinking, there are a few fairground-type stalls where you can while away a few minutes, by shooting at targets or balloons, or throwing balls at tin cans and the like.

Without a doubt this was an enjoyable start to the Christmas festivities, and I recommend a visit to the Vara de Rey for a snack and a browse whilst you’re in town or doing some Christmas shopping, especially after dark when all the lights are on.

The full programme of Christmas events from the Ajuntament D’Eivissa can be downloaded from here (only in Spanish and Catalan):

Bon Nadal, Feliz Navidad, Happy Christmas!

Words and photos by ClaireB

Click on images for larger versions

Xmas 2012 Ibiza Xmas 2012 Ibiza
Xmas 2012 Ibiza Xmas 2012 Ibiza
Xmas 2012 Ibiza Xmas 2012 Ibiza
Xmas 2012 Ibiza Xmas 2012 Ibiza
Xmas 2012 Ibiza Xmas 2012 Ibiza

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Ibiza’s Museum of Contemporary Art – a surprise

November 16th, 2012

Tonight we went down to the Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art (MACE – Museu D’Art Contemporani S’Eivissa) for the first time for the opening night of the “Vida y Muerte” (Life & Death) exhibition by artist Isabel Echarri.

(The exhibition runs until 4th march 2013 in the weapons room.)

Looking at it from a laymans perspective & someone who doesnt go to too many art exhibitions it was really interesting – the “chess board” featured heavily in all her works – “life is chess?” sprang to mind. There were great trails of sand & salt on the floor & underneath a couple of the large exhibits – the trails, much to the odd amusement of anyone who noticed, were kicked & knocked inadvertently.

Once we’d had a good look around the exhibition and were about to leave (after the obligatory glass of cava) we realised the rest of the building & artwork was open – this was the revelation.

The word museum conjurers up images of visiting stuffy museums as a kid – however….

The exhibition was on the 2nd floor but when we started exploring the other floors we found brightly lit, airy spaces with a ton of what we guess people would call modern art but quirky and fun and “hmmmm…”.

We knew that when it was first built MACE had work stopped because they found original Roman ruins when doing the foundations and that they wanted to preserve them and incorporate them into the building somehow.

What we found was fun – walking over the ruins clearly visible and lit beneath your feet is both weird and odd “can we walk across this?” but there was no way to see some of the artwork on the other side of the room without doing just that.

MACE changed my whole view of “museums” in Ibiza and it’s a lovely building and space to showcase contemporary art.

The museum acquired its first works in 1964. Since then the collections have gradually developed over the years through prizes awarded by the Ibiza Biennale and Ibizagráfic, donations (such as that from Carl van der Voort in 1997), deposits, bequests and acquisitions.

To get there, take the ramp to the right of plaza del parque (by the vara de rey) and as soon as you get to the top head to your right where you will see the entrance. Go have a wander around if you’re in Ibiza Town – or make a trip…

Some video and photos below.
Click on images for larger versions:

Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art
Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art
Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art
Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art
Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art
Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art

Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art
Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art
Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art
Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art
Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art

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Rugby 10’s Tournament to be held in Ibiza 2013

November 14th, 2012


Backed by the Consell and the Ayuntamiento of Ibiza Town, RugbySpy has today announced the official date and location for historic inaugural Ibiza 10s tournament, set to take place on June 8th 2013 at the Estadio Municipal Can Misses.

The RugbySpy Ibiza 10s Tournament is the brainchild of Abby Edwards, a City businesswoman and rugbyphile from London who has been coming to the island for a number of years . The RugbySpy team is most grateful and honored by the very enthusiastic response to the launch of the tournament in Ibiza Town, an idea the town’s Consell and Ayuntamiento embraced and supported straight away.

More than 5 ,000 spectators are expected to fill the Can Misses stadium on the second weekend of June 2013 to see a packed day of rugby played by a number of teams, including one made up of players who have played at national and international level and the also the home nation , represented by Ibiza Rugby Club . There will also be a number of players who are currently playing for Premiership teams, who will work with the competitors and mingle with the crowds.

The one-day invitational tournament will be the first and only commercial rugby event of its kind on the island and peninsula, and the first Tens Tournament in Spain…

Set against the backdrop of breath taking and typical Balearic scenery, and with its main venue a stones’ throw from the magnificent Ibiza Port – a UNESCO World Heritage site, supporters have everything to experience an unforgettable day of rugby and entertainment as usual with their family and friends in a great atmosphere, which has been produced to allow everyone to experience the ultimate Mediterranean weekend or a longer holiday on an island which offers the best of all worlds as a destination.

The Ibiza Tens aims to become a vehicle to boost rugby’s development in Ibiza, Spain and the Iberian Peninsula as a whole. With a women’s national rugby union team making strides year on year in the 6 Nations, a men’s side showing impressive progress in the 6 Nations B tournament and in the wake of the Spanish Sevens national team historic achievements last season in qualifying for the Sevens World Series, there is a strong potential for rugby taking a firm hold in Spain and Ibiza beyond that of a fringe sport. RugbySpy together with the Ibiza Rugby Club will be offering a “come and try” session prior to the start of the tournament offering a taster for those who have never played before and coaching tips to those looking to improve existing skills.

RugbySpy sense that Tens Rugby and other hybrid versions of the sport like Tag and Touch have a strong growth potential here in Ibiza and in Spain as a whole as the warm year-long climate allows for playing into the evening while the local rhythm and lifestyle creates the perfect environment for enjoying the social elements of the sport.

Therefore, the City of Ibiza Town’s Sport and Recreation Department, in partnership with RugbySpy, will host the Ibiza Tens’ Rugby Tournament partly in order to reward the passion and generous hard work displayed for the sport by growing ranks of local volunteers and players. For we all hope Ibiza will produce some of the future national stars of the sport and events like ours serve as a vital launching pad for the future development of rugby in the region.

The tournament will host 8 teams and 16 games in 2 pools of four teams, 3 play-off stages and one 3rd place decider in a fun-packed day of sun, high-quality fast-paced rugby and social entertainment.
This year’s RugbySpy Ibiza Tens promises to be a highlight of the Iberian rugby year and a highly enjoyable event for all spectators with an exciting line-up.. There will be a lot of novelty to experience for the whole family or groups of rugby enthusiasts, both on and off the pitch. Be among the first able to say you were here at the very first RugbySpy Ibiza 10s!

Bajos Estadio Municipal Can Misses Calle Campanitx, 27

Saturday, 8 June: Games start from 10:30 GMT

The winners presentation is at approx 18:00

More info at and you can find them on twitter here:

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AECC receive €8,000 donation from Teenage Cancer Trust and Groucho Club

November 10th, 2012

There’s lots of people here who raise shedloads of money for causes that are important. The Winches footy tournament the other week, the care for cats, the cancer fair in december.

The Ibiza & Formentera Branch of the Spanish Cancer Association, AECC, announced this week that they have received a donation from the Teenage Cancer Trust and London’s private members club, Groucho Club, with a total of 8,000€ handed over by TCT patron, Darren Strowger, in a meeting on the island some days ago.

The donation comes as a result of funds raised at the second annual Ibiza Summer Party in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust and the Ibiza and Formentera branch of the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC) held on Thursday16th August 2012 at local San Antonio agroturismo hotspot, S’Atalaya.

Darren and the Groucho were delighted to be able to present the AECC with the cheque for €8,000 in order that the association continue their unending work supporting cancer patients and their families in the Pitiusas.

Joining Forces

Sue Mari, Vice-President of the AECC is over the moon with the donation and had this to say on the welcome news:

We are very happy with the outcome of the collaboration with Antz, the Teenage Cancer Trust and the Groucho Club and very grateful that they considered raising funds for the association.

In Ibiza and Formentera there are an increasing number of cancer patients who need our help and the funds raised will enable us to meet their specific needs. Thanks to FIX Ibiza and Antz for their role in bringing everybody involved together.

We look forward to nurturing our relationship with both the Teenage Cancer Trust and the Groucho Club over the coming months.”

The Ibiza Summer party will be coming back for the 3rd year in 2013, again in support of both Teenage Cancer Trust and AECC; both dates are yet to be confirmed along with the venue for the event.

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Point Blank Free DJ Workshop in Ibiza

October 24th, 2012

On September 27th, Point Blank in association with Pioneer hosted a day of free DJ workshops at the hotel Es Vive in Ibiza. Each workshop lasted for an hour, and was taught by the hotel’s resident DJ Clara da Costa, who is also a resident at Sands and has previously held down a residency at Ibiza super-club Es Paradis.

Keen to get a taster of one of the essential life skills in Ibiza, and to find out how difficult it really is to be a DJ, regular bloggers Ade (aka DJ ADEROXX) and ClaireB, and Fix Ibiza friend Saydi Beard went along.

After a masterclass from Clara about how to use the CDJs to cue and mix two tracks together and some valuable insider tips about being a DJ, we were then able to have a go on the decks ourselves. And my verdict? Well, there’s a bit more to being a DJ than pushing a few buttons, if you want to deliver a slick, well-mixed set, even though the technology will help you if you know how to use it! I don’t think David Guetta is going to get any competition from me just yet, but watch out for DJ ADEROXX.

By ClaireB

See the video Point Blank made from the day’s sessions:

Point Blank offer a range of music production and DJ courses, including online courses. Full details are on the website:

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Halloween 2012 – Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes

October 23rd, 2012

The summer maybe over and the closing parties done but now all the winter events kick in.

So next Wednesday Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes will be transformed into a Haunted House on the Hill for a night of bloody good fun…

We’ll kick off at 10pm by inviting you to a scrummy bowl of homemade pumpkin soup to line our little zombie bellies..

After that, it’s a sup from the witch’s cauldron for all involved; our special magic potion, carefully concocted by senior members of the coven.

A delve in the trick and treat glory hole, an attempt to bob an apple from the bloodbath, just some of the spooky surprises we’re planning amongst the Halloween games.

On the big screen, expect Rocky Horror, Teen Wolf, Lost Boys, Nightmare on Elm Street and other stuff to make you shiver..

As far as dress code, think vampires, werewolves, faeries, witches, ghouls, ghosts, zombies, monsters, mynaeds, shape shifters- all the stuff that Halloween is made of! But there are no limits- as long as you’ve made an effort, that’s the spirit we’re after!

Of course, we also want you to shake your old bones in Freddie (Kruger)’s Bar and so, providing the scary music, DJs Colin Peters and Stray Kitten will be joined by a magical mystery guest..we may or may not give you a clue on that soon..

More details as we come up with them, but meanwhile, get your witches thinking hats on and start crafting that costume.

So, to recap:
10€ in advance/on the door includes your pumpkin soup, a trick or treat, your witches brew and a bloody good night out..

See you there, Monsters!

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A year of live music in Ibiza – 2012 roundup

October 23rd, 2012

I ended up this year doing 3 “penpal” audio reports for Amazing Radio on Ibiza’s live music scene. It came out of the blue but since I love live music and I thought I could do something positive for Ibiza with it I thought – er yeah ok – I had no idea what on earth I was going to do…

If you follow my twitter feed you’ll know who Amazing Radio are by now – if not ask me on twitter but Amazing Radio is first thing i turn on in morning and last thing off…

It covers a complete spectrum of music and you never know what you’ll hear next – there’s no old catalog stuff, its only new music.

I did three segments and are exactly how they were aired and my personal view.

1st was a brief recap of ibiza music history & whats in store for 2012.

2nd was spur of the moment idea to i/view Alt-J at their gig at Ibiza Rocks – (double bubble win if I could do it as that was one gig I was looking forward to). I needn’t have worried as they were top blokes and great to talk to.

3rd was again another surprise and i got the email while I was at Henrys birthday get-together so I thought 2012 roundup, interview Henry and do it all in his studio using the state of the art stuff… be rude not to!

The 2nd. Interview with Alt-J at Ibiza Rocks before they supported Bloc Party back on 5th September 2012:

3rd is the Summer round up & quick chat with good friend Henry from Sonic Vista Studios:

There is the inevitable focus on all the usual suspects every summer and so I leave it to the others to cover that but I can honestly say this is the best year for live music since I’ve been here.

Been asked to do some more reports over the winter…

Thanks to Bethan & Dani for encouraging me.

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Tonights Ibiza Sunset 24-09-12

September 24th, 2012

Living here all year round we always say the best sunsets are always in the winter. Now that the summer is drawing to a close those iconic, gorgeous sunsets are now starting to appear. Here’s a couple a good friend Juliet sent us from this evening.

(c) Juliet Stevenson.

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