The Ibiza Hip Hop Conspiracy

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Our good friend Andy Taylor, (yes, the one who was in Duran Duran) and who lives here in Ibiza, has written a brilliant blog about the influx of American and UK hip hop and r ‘n’ b artists who have played here recently. Here’s an excerpt:

        They’ve tagged it as “The Change” ….

[It depends which side of the floor you’re dancing’ on]

Ibiza – Once The Kingdom of all thing’s DJ has suddenly encountered more than a simple “nip & tuck” to it’s image & make no mistake, this “Atlantic” make-over is more of a head transplant than merely a cosmetic trim.

The once brazen, & in some cases narcissistic self-promotion, via the Las Vegas style billboard network around the Island, is finally encountering a powerful alternative in the shape of some of the most famous Rappers on Earth, sent here to restore the tainted image of a once great scene that’s just been around & in the hands of the same folks for to long !!!

Now firstly, don’t misinterpret what I’m saying… The cultural significance of house music is enormous, its story best left for another time, without question, its impact socially, culturally & musically has been hugely significant over the past 20-years. Ive seen the sunrise to Alfredo, watched the sun gently set in the west, got very silly with John Kelly, & drank that “special cocktail” … “what day is it love” – I was still in my late 20’s when it all initially kicked off… I’m now 50, exactly my point Dad’

One thing you learn from a life-time in music is that nobody can control the power of change in fact experience tells you to expect such if you are in music, so inevitably there will be a time when you become irrelevant, mistakenly of late many music companies, record labels etc. began to believe that they could set the culture of trends, when in actual fact they are merely facilitators of what’s coming from the street… Not the Bohemians that set the scene.

There’s also an underlying feeling that club style has been somewhat hijacked by the purchase of kudos [VIP] the roots of the club chic were not about how many whores you can afford, [shame on you if you can’t pull] It was more aligned with being cool or being a rock star or maybe even both, there was a time not so long ago when you couldn’t purchase VIP, that’s when it was really exclusive, no matter how much rotten cash you splash, you are not coming in here you towny twat… The Steve Rubell school of who’s in or out…

You can read the full article on Andy’s blog here: The Ibiza Hip Hop Conspiracy

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2 Responses to “The Ibiza Hip Hop Conspiracy”

  1. Pete Faia Says:

    Totally against it.
    The american rap music wave carries a message that has hardly anything to do with Ibiza and our European club culture.
    Ibiza has become famous and respected for its club scene through house/trance/chillout music.
    This is happening because some famous/celebrity rap dickheads got jealous and want to become part of the party. They will never be part of the party because the message they carry is a different one altogether. Let these people take over and see the club scene as we know it disappear in Ibiza. Maybe that’s good for the island? Who knows?

  2. admin Says:

    why do you assume that ibiza can only have house/trance/chillout music ?

    ibiza has a long tradition of huge different genres – the main clubs all started *way* before house music turned up – as did live music here…

    sick of people assuming that only house music should be heard in ibiza – just music snobs