Underground Rebel Bingo at Ibiza Rocks Bar

June 13th, 2011 - 1:49 pm Posted in ibiza | Comments (1)

Starting tomorrow (Tuesday 14th June), the Underground Rebel Bingo will be bringing their own unique version of bingo to the Ibiza Rocks Bar by the beach.

It starts at 10pm and Tickets £5 online from here – rebelbingo.fatsoma.com/events/46102/ – more details about Underground Rebel Bingo here: www.rebelbingo.com

       We used to throw parties in a church hall. At the end of the night we would hang out in the basement. One night we found a bingo kit down there and started messing around with it. Things got out of control, and it ended up as a mental bingo party. We had invented a new form of bingo – Rebel Bingo. We were drunk. We knew it was wrong, but it felt good. We weren’t supposed to be there, in the basement, and we definitely weren’t supposed to be experimenting with bingo. We had found somewhere we belonged. Somewhere we could do what we wanted to, where noone was watching. We called it The Underground Rebel Bingo Club.

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