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Ibiza Rocks The Boat

May 30th, 2011

Ibiza’s greatest live music event takes to the high seas playing the very best Indie, Disco, Pop, Rock & Electronic music.

* Ibiza Rocks Resident DJ’s on Rotation + some very special guests!
* 3 Free Drinks
* Swim Stop

Meet at 1pm at the Ibiza Rocks Bar.
Every boat ticket includes two free drinks on the boat, and one free drink at the Ibiza Rocks Bar.

Discounted Gig + Boat combo tickets are available.
Location: San Antonio, Ibiza
Date/Time: Every Wednesday 2-5pm

All boat and gig combo tickets also include free entry to the official Ibiza Rocks Afterparty at Es Paradis.

For more information or to purchase tickets contact:
Kemi (0034) 655 682 643
Nicola (0034) 674 572 363
Or come and see us at the Ibiza Rocks Bar.

Launching this Wednesday for the official Plan B pre-party! Boat tickets 35 euros, 65 euros for combo tickets.

We have also created a fan page on Facebook ‘Ibiza Rocks The Boat‘ so you can join that to keep up to date with all the latest information.

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Largest fire in Ibiza History – Photos

May 26th, 2011

Update 30th May: The fire is now officially under control.

Update 29th May: The fire has now been labelled as “stable” with no new areas being affected. There is still active fire but “the improvement is considerable thanks to the work of the helicopters and seaplanes”.

Update 28th May: The fire is now in its fourth day and while authorities say it is stable its is still blazing. Pilar Costa (Balearic Councillor) has addmitted that the fire is still not under control. The past 3 days we have had a constant stream of water planes flying over and into Santa Eulalia bay to pick up water:

From Linda Jee:

From Bar Doña Ana:

So far no-one has been injured. Map of affected area on day 2:

Day 3:

Images courtesy of Diario de Ibiza

Yesterday afternoon a huge fire broke out in Morna Valley area in the north of Ibiza when an amateur beekeepers smoker accidently dropped embers. The fire has already destroyed over 1500 hectares making it a larger fire than the one around benirras last year.

The fire is still not yet under control but so far no homes or anyone has been affected. The man has been arrested.

Photos from our good friend Nicole Hittman who has kindly given us permission to reproduce her photos:

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More live music than ever in Ibiza this summer

May 24th, 2011

Could we be on the threshold of another phase in Ibiza’s musical development?

The powerful influence of electronic ‘dance’ music that has dominated the Ibiza club sound for more than two decades, and which made Ibiza a global brand, may finally be waning.

The ripple that the island’s scene spawned has spread around the world, sweeping many successful DJs along with it to play to audiences further afield who still find their offerings fresh. To be fair, you wouldn’t be hanging around in Ibiza if you can earn €20 million a year enjoying the pleasures of your private jet. Just ask Tiesto…

Electronic music has had a remarkable innings as the dominant force in music, yet once again Ibiza may be adapting to the tides of change that tend to emanate from the European heartland of musical taste.

ibiza rocksIbiza Rocks proved to be the island’s game changer with their series of originally renagade live outdoor gigs, with which the authorities fought for some time until they recognised the brand’s generation bridging benefit to island tourism. Recognising the success of this initiative, we are about to be spoilt by the entry of some rather larger players to the concept – you might call it a back-handed compliment to Ibiza Rocks?

The three stand-out new entrants are a famous blast from the past, MTV reinventing themselves, Space and Ushuaia, last summer’s new kid on the block known as Playa d’en Bossa, who contributed to the former eyesore’s new found credibility.

MTV virtually replaced radio as the source of new music in the 90’s by adding the visual dimension to popular music. With a good video and a catchy tune an appearance on MTV could launch your career. Nobody who was there will forget the crowning glory of their last dalliance with the island – their huge live outdoor concert featuring both Faithless and Orbital in a disused quarry near San Antonio. This current initiative could well mark their intent to restore the credibility of their image.

mtv ibizaTheir chosen venue this time is Amnesia, where for ten weeks they’ll be putting on the venue’s Friday night event with a succession of big hitters covering several decades, including a first appearance on the island by 80’s synth-poppers Duran Duran. Others include Primal Scream, Ritchie Hawtin, Snoop Dogg and Mark Ronson to name but a few. A stellar line-up indeed…

Meanwhile down on Playa d’en Bossa beach Ushuaia has morphed from a beach chiringuito party into an almost over the top beach hotel combining three a la carte restaurants, to serve its 200+ rooms, with a giant outdoor Jacuzzi, a fully equipped gym, an enormous central swimming pool and a ‘lazy river’ swimming pool that runs through the gardens…


Nonetheless the poolside stage will be carrying some serious musical heavyweights this summer with some serious global stars rumoured to be appearing. If the word on the streets is to be believed this could be a spectacular summer for live music on the island, once again…
Over the road from Ushuaia, Space are expanding their live music from last years stunning gigs by Faithless and Leftfield. Faithless are booked again as are Pendulum and a host of others.

Don’t forget, the island does have some serious previous. This month we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the death of Bob Marley. 33 years ago he performed at the old Bull Ring in Ibiza town.

As you might expect, Ibiza Rocks are not about to let their own live music resurrection overtake them. Their eye-catcher this year is the acquisition of Pike’s Hotel, arguably one of the oldest country hotels on the island, to serve as back-up VIP accommodation to the hotel in San Antonio. (You get to stay with the band too…) This is obviously going to be a low key extension of the Ibiza Rocks project, but word on the streets is that you’d be best advied to keep your diary clear for September 5th – it’s Freddie Mercury’s birthday…

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Ibiza International Film festival 2011 – the lineup

May 23rd, 2011

The lineup for this years International Film Festival is looking cracking – and add to that Val Kilmer being here on the jury its looking great. Films will all be at the newly renovated Santa Eulalia Cinema “Teatro España”.

Wednesday 25th
11.30am – Las Vegas 500 Millones (1968) (They Came to Rob Las Vegas) Esp
Casino dealer Tony Vincenzo knows how to figure the odds, and he figures the job he’s planned is close to a sure thing. He knows about the route and the security measures taken to protect an armored car hauling cash from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. He knows no one will find the car after he’s detoured it off the road and into a specially constructed subterranean desert vault. And yet he doesn’t know enough. Gary Lockwood, Elke Sommer, Lee J. Cobb, Jack Palance and classic caper star Jean Servais (Rififi) are the marquee lights in this tale of a heist as improbable in execution as it is fun to watch. Grab “a thriller equivalent to Leone’s Westerns, reworking old formulas and paying tribute to them at the same time” (Adrian Turner, Time Out Film Guide).

6pm – Les rideaux rouges (2011) Esp – Subtitled Eng/fra
An Oedipus without a complex: Jose, a young man and an orphan, and Pablo, a boy of 13, flee the city, under threat and condemned to drift. Jose, who has to solve the mystery of his identity – Who am I? Who is my mother? is going to have to enter the adult world and set off to find his destiny through a long, solitary dialogue with nature and the rhythms of the world. A film that provides a contemporary vision of an ancestral myth.

8pm – La Rafle (2010) Fra – Subtitled Esp
1942. Joseph is eleven. And this June morning, he must go to school, a yellow star sewn on his chest. He receives the support of a goods dealer. The mockery of a baker. Between kindness and contempt, Jo, his Jewish friends, their families, learn of life in an occupied Paris, on the Butte Montmartre, where they’ve taken shelter. At least that’s what they think, until that morning on July 16th 1942, when their fragile happiness is toppled over. From the Vélodrome D’Hiver, where 13 000 Jews are crammed, to the camp of Beaune-La-Rolande, from Vichy to the terrace of the Berghof, La Rafle follows the real destinies of the victims and the executioners. Of those who orchestrated it all. Of those who trusted them. Of those who fled. Of those who opposed them. Every character in this film has existed. Every event, even the most extreme, transpired on that summer of 1942.

Thursday 26th

7pm – Festival of Lights (2010) Eng – Subtitled Esp
Separated from her father when their family immigrates from Guayana, a young girl comes of age in New York City. Battling through a troubled youth and a broken relationship with her mother, she struggles to find peace and discover the secret of what happened to her father.

9.30pm – Cash Crop – Eng
Picture yourself in a forest . . . of weed.
Each “tree” soaring to heights of 20 feet or more, your skin and clothes are getting sticky from the buds you’re brushing as you walk through. And, the smell (mmm, the smell!).

Growers ahead of you are talking about how their friends got raided last week, and how planes keep flying over their property several times a day.
Thinking about the lives of the people who contribute to this $45 billion/year industry, it sinks in that roughly 800,000 people are arrested for marijuana in the U.S. every year.
It seems so hard to fathom any criminal intent as you stand in awe of these magnificent, serene gardens and the loving, caring, down-to-earth people who cultivate them.
Cash Crop is an intimate look into the realities of these peoples’ lives and the communities who depend on them.

11.30 – Magic City Memoirs (2011) – Eng Subtitled Esp
Miami filmmaker Aaron Salgado captures the texture and energy of this pulse-pounding tropical paradise as only a true insider could. Three Miami private high school friends, Mikey, Eric and Angel, revel in their world of privilege and loose parental oversight, to live large on the hip-hop lifestyle — parties, fast cars, fast boats and easy sex — but the upcoming pressures of a life after graduation bear down on them. Mikey, a star baseball player must decide what path to take on his promising future, while Angel must deal with the chip on his shoulder that comes with being the son of the mayor of Coral Gables. As many a Miamian can tell you, life here can get a little too fast, and the boys face a night of trouble that brings them face-to-face with a sobering reality. Rarely has a hometown production made Miami look as beautiful and epic as Salgado and his talented crew have here; the dreamy sheen reminds us of all the magic that is possible from within.

Friday 27th

12am – Mercenaries (2011) – Eng Subtitled Esp
Andy Marlow is an ex-British S.A.S serviceman turned mercenary who is working covertly at an observation post in the Balkans after a military coup has resulted in the assassination of the Serbian Prime Minister. The coup has been instigated by Olodan Cracovic, the ex-commander of the Croat Army and wanted war criminal. During the unrest, Olodan’s army raided the U.S. Embassy and has taken the U.S Ambassador and his aide captives. The decision is taken to send in Mercenaries to carry out the top secret rescue. Marlow and his team are sent into Srebrenica under the cover of darkness. US Military personnel posing as United Nations peacekeepers are playing a support role, but cannot take part in active operations. Covertly, Andy and his team infiltrate Olodan’s headquarters, taking him captive and releasing the Ambassador and his aide. However the rescue is far from over. Now they are faced with transporting them back to a safe area twenty five miles south where US troops are waiting. With Olodan’s right hand man in pursuit, their mission takes an unexpected turn. They find themselves outnumbered, outgunned and fighting what could easily be a losing battle.

7pm – Small Town Murder Songs (2010) Eng Subtitled Esp

A modern, gothic tale of crime and redemption about an aging police officer from a small Ontario Mennonite town who hides a violent past until a local murder upsets the calm of his newly reformed life.

9pm – The Pink Wall (El Muro Rosa) 2011 – Esp
We couldnt find anything in english on this so here’s a google translation:
Look back on many occasions, it’s hard. And within the homosexual lifestyle, it is especially painful. But to learn to appreciate what we have today, how we have evolved and what we have to improve no choice but to look into the past. My professor said he could not know about a subject if it was not known about their evolution, and that is precisely what gives us the documentary “The Wall Pink ‘by Enrique del Pozo.

In the fifty minute-long documentary, Del Pozo and other LGBT persons life and we have the shadows of times not so distant with Franco and the first years of democracy today. Testimonials accompanying pictures and witnesses to the brutality with which politicians and security forces were attacking gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals.

11pm – I Want to Be a Soldier (2010) – Eng Subtitled Esp
I Want To Be A Soldier” is the story of Alex, an average eight year old kid who seems to grow a morbid fascination for images portraying violence. He begins to develop a communication problem with his parents and other kids at school, and closes in on himself, inventing two imaginary friends.

Saturday 28th

11.30am – Balearic Spirit
A set of 7 short films:

Ultimo Servicio
Mario is about to start his last day as a taxi driver. Things are not going very well, but on his final journey with a mysterious guest he will find the solution to his problems.

Dalt i Baix
Told in four minutes, a couple of tourists take a trip to Dalt Vila and feel that something magical happened just by crossing the Portal de Ses Taules.

Los Remedios de la Abuela
Spanish > English
Peter has been caught … in your own kitchen. To the rescue, there are a host of characters that seem taken from a comic Ibañez

Emilio José
Emilio José, a guy.

Meeting Steven
You have always heard that voice from within that speaks to you, whispering. It´s there through difficult and easier times. A voice that asks us to believe, to try hard, to do it.
Even though we try to stop it, it will never cease. From childhood it has accompanied us on life´s path. Those whispers are nothing but our dreams, feel them, pay attention to them, fight for them. They don’t have to be a whisper forever, life is a great opportunity. Make them real, they are waiting for you. Join the protagonist on a journey around the world to make your dreams come true, with determination and desire to succeed as your compass. To show you how everything is possible when you commit.

Som Taujà
Juan Mateo has been made bigger, but he is still a child inside. He lives in Santa Eugenia, a village where amazing things happen. Juan Mateo is a simple poet and adventurer, but when he looks to the horizon and up to the clouds he is sometimes overcome by nostalgia. But he has a secret gift…

Mississippi 1
Sara wakes up one morning and realizes that it no longer controls its reality. The day to day routine, his boss, are leading the edge of madness. An idyllic place where you feel that heavenly peace is beginning to take it over. What once was is not what it seems.

7pm – Ne Skazhu (I’m Not Telling) (2010) – Russian Subtitled Eng & Esp
Set in present day Russia, the film’s protagonists Ivan and Anna playfully mock and tease each other as their love oscillates from drunken, fiery passion to chilling, tragic consequences.

10pm – Bollywood Dream (2010) – Esp Subtitled Esp & Eng
Three Brazilian actresses decide to go to Índia to break into the Bollywood film industry. However, once they are inside the heart of Indian Culture and Mythology, their dreams and wills start to change on the contrast between the East and the West, the ancient and the contemporary values, between the individual the the collective yearnings.

10pm – The Doors (1991) – Eng Subtitled Esp
The film also doubles as a biography of the group’s late singer, the “Electric Poet” Jim Morrison. The movie follows Morrison from his days as a film student in Los Angeles to his death in Paris in 1971, at the age of 27.

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International Music Summit Ibiza 2011 – Full Agenda released

May 16th, 2011

This years International Music Summit in Ibiza is panning out to be bigger than ever before. Now in its forth year its proving to be the place to discuss not just the dance music industry but the future of the music industry itself.

We’ll be there and looking forward to it again…

(btw, the new IMS 2011 iphone app is available now in itunes here for free)

The Summit Suite, Ibiza Gran Hotel, Ibiza

Hosted by Pete Tong and IMS Partners
Twitter Commentator for IMS: Paulette Constable aka DJ Paulette

TUESDAY MAY 24 Official Party

23.00-03.00. IMS pre-party with Guiri: The Ibiza Residents Special at Grial

Andy Baxter. Alex Wolfenden. Cristian Viviano. 2 Vilas. Mr Doris. Jaime Florito. JP Chronic. Andy Wilson. Hofer 66. Mo Funk. Mambo Bros.
Briefing: Every single DJ performing here has more ability to break your record in Ibiza than most of the big name DJs. Come and meet them…

13.00-13.05. Introduction & Announcements by IMS Partners Ben Turner, Danny Whittle, Mark Netto, Pete Tong, Simeon Friend

13.05-13.20. IMS Business Report 2011

Presented by Kevin Watson, market researcher / analyst Briefing: IMS launched a Business Report in 2010 to collect data on global dance music to share with the outer world. Here it is updated

13.20-13.30. Data Transmission 2011 present the Music Industry Piracy Poll
Presented by Joe Gamp (Data Transmission)
Briefing: Annual survey collated to highlight electronic music’s fight against bootlegging, piracy etc. An important issue addressed

13.30-13.45. Keynote Introduction
Matthew Adell (Beatport)
Briefing: A to-be-revealed mandate from the Beatport boss – one of electronic music’s most articulate and thought-provoking professionals

13.50-14.40. Meet Team Swedish House Mafia
1- Amy Thomson (ATM Artists, artist manager)
2- Celia Carrillo (EMI Records, Global Marketing, vice president)
3- Jason Ellis (Positiva / Virgin Music, A&R director)
4- Ian Huffam (Xray Touring, agent)
5- Mark Furman (Virgin Music, Business Affairs, director)
Moderator: TBC
Briefing: How to break a dance artist globally. SHM have had an incredible year. Meet the team that made it happen, and how they took on the globe

ims ibizaFollowed by the IMS Pioneer Award 2011 presentation
Presented by the IMS partners and Mark Grotefeld (Pioneer)
Briefing: IMS and Pioneer collectively honour ONE individual who has really led the way in our industry with vision, innovation and style…

14.50-15.40. Keynote Address: ‘Brazil on the Rise – A Country Transformed’
Reading from the book ‘Brazil on the Rise’ by author Larry Rohter (New York Times)

Brazil on the Rise: An Electronic Future – Soccer, Samba, Sonica!
1- Claudio da Rocha Miranda Filho (RMC Brasil, conference owner)
2- Layo Paskin (Layo & Bushwacka!, artist)
3- Leo Sanchez (Industriae / Pacha Brasil, promoter)
4- Luiz Eurico (Skol Beats / U-Turn / Club BASE, promoter / agent)
5- Martin Gontad (2 Net Producciones / Creamfields Latam, promoter)
Moderator: Larry Rother (Brazil On The Rise: A Country Transformed, author)
Briefing: Brazil is the eighth largest economy and the fifth biggest country in the world. Its no wonder its now the go-to place for festival promoters

15.50-16.20. Who The F*** Is … Paul Kalkbrenner?
Paul Kalkbrenner
Interviewed by Pete Tong (BBC Radio 1 / IMS)
Briefing: Probably the biggest DJ success story of the last 12 months. Find out the full story behind this Berlin-based European headline sensation

16.30-17.20. IMS Keynote interview
David Levy (William Morris Endeavour, agent)
Interviewed by Ben Turner (Graphite / IMS)
Briefing: David Levy is one of the first ever DJ agents, and now at William Morris Endeavour, probably one of the biggest power players in the scene

17.30-18.10. Resident Advisor presents Rebel Waves: The New House Sound
1- Damian Lazarus (Crosstown Rebels / Rebel Agency, artist / label)
2- Jamie Jones (Hot Natured / Crosstown Rebels, artist)
3- Seth Troxler (Visionquest, artist)
Moderator: Grego O’Halloran (Resident Advisor / Ibiza Spotlight)
Briefing: A new wave of artists has seen a changing of the guard, with Ibiza projecting the likes of Jamie and Seth to tomorrow’s headliner status

18.20-19.05. Everything’s Gone Green: A New Mandate for the Touring DJ
Alison Tickell (Julie’s Bicycle, climate change coalition, director)
Richie Hawtin (M-nus, artist)
Briefing: Julie’s Bicycle are trying to make green change in the music business. The focus is now DJs with the help of touring machine Mr Hawtin

19.15-20.00. IMS Keynote interview
Pepe Roselllo (Space, Ibiza, owner)
Interviewed by Carl Cox (artist) and Lynn Cosgrave (Safehouse Management)
Briefing: Pepe Rosello IS Ibiza history. His clubs, most recently Space, have changed the tempo of this great island. Carl Cox asks the questions

Official Party
19.30-21.30. W Hotels & Burn Studios Pre-Dinner Cocktail Event at Lio

Presentation by Eva Ziegler, Coca-Cola Group
Briefing: W Hotels unveil their global plans in music lifestyle along with their new partners in the project, Coca-Cola and Burn. Invite only
* IMS delegate’s badge does not provide free entry to this event

Official Party
21.30-00.00. IMS Legends Dinner at Lio: 20 Years of Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1

W Hotels present the 2011 IMS Power Player 100 List
Incorporates The Hepatitis C Trust’s Get Tested auction, hosted by Emma B
Briefing: The first in an annual private dinner (additional entry price) to celebrate the careers of a true icon. IMS partner Pete Tong is first!
* IMS delegate’s badge does not provide free entry to this event

Official Party
00.00-06.00. IMS Opening Party at Pacha

Seth Troxler. Jamie Jones. Damian Lazarus. Andy B
Back To The Phuture: Daniel Miller, Alfredo, Mark Jones
Briefing: The first ever IMS Opening Party and what a line-up. Reflective of new Ibiza, this is the sound of now with the superstars of tomorrow

Official Party
23.00-03.00. IMS presents Snatch! Records showcase at Grial

Riva Starr and Pirupa
Briefing: For those of a different musical persuasion, the red-hot artist and DJ Riva Starr continues his rapid rise to fame. One to watch

11.45-12.00. SAE: Leveraging The Future
Presented by Paul Nolan, SAE (School of Audio Engineering)
Briefing: A manifesto for creative technology. SAE explain how their students can leverage the next generation of talent and assist your business

ims ibiza12.00-12.50. Publishers: Just a Bunch of Bankers?
1- Jason Alexander (Hit The Ground Running / Pusher)
2- Jho Oakley (Jho Management)
3- John Saunderson (Notting Hill Music)
4- Mark Quail (Q&A Music Rights Administration)
5- Liv & Mim Nervo (Nervo, artists)
6- Patrick Moxey (Ultra International Music Publishing)
Moderator: John Truelove (Truelove Music / Tortured Artists)
Briefing: Traditionally known for bankrolling developing acts, do music publishers still have a role to play in the era of DIY and 360 deals?

13.00-14.00. Press Conference: Burn Studios Presents Audiotool
Introduced by Bobby Simms (Exploding Plastic for Burn Studios)
Audiotool Masterclass by Richie Hawtin (M-nus, artist)
The Cloud Studio by Burn Studio / Audiotool continues all day
Briefing: One year on from the first announcement of Burn Studios at the IMS, the concept is now ready to go live. Ambassador Richie Hawtin explains

14.10-14.55. Keynote Interview
George Ergatoudis (BBC Radio 1, Head of Music)
Briefing: The most influential man in global radio talks about his musical agenda and his huge recent support for dance music’s radio return
Moderator: Chris Barrett (Music Week, journalist)
* Followed at 15.20-16.15 by a speed pitching / one-on-one session outside the Summit Suite with George Ergatoudis. First-come first served

15.05-15.20. A Philosophy Of Experiential Luxury Lifestyle
Speaker: Michaelangelo L’Acqua (W Hotels, Global Music Director)
Briefing: The Global Music Director of W Hotels worldwide returns with his mandate for how best to take music to the new new luxury lifestyle audience

15.30-16.00. Burn Studios presents the IMS Anthem 2011
Produced and deconstructed for IMS / Burn Studios by Sasha
Moderator: Ralph Moore (Mixmag)
Briefing: One of the highlights of every IMS, Ibiza is truly honoured to have the legendary Sasha deconstruct his creation of the IMS Anthem

* Ibiza Gran Hotel (outside the Summit Suite)
16.00-16.30. In Bed With… Nervo
Nervo (artists)
Interviewed by: Sarah Main (Pacha)
Briefing: Two of the hottest DJs and pop songwriters on the scene are interviewed from an Ibiza Gran Hotel bed by Pacha’s Sarah Main

16.10-17.00. Synchronisation Session – Pitch Your Product
1- Jason Alexander (Hit The Ground Running / Curators, Music Supervision)
2- Jason Bentley (KCRW, broadcaster / DJ)
3- Rudy Chung (Hit The Ground Running / Curators, Music Supervision)
Briefing: Delegates were given the chance to put forward tracks for today for submission to some of LA’s leading music supervisors

17.10-17.50. Keynote Interview
Daniel Miller (Mute, Label, chairman / founder)
Interviewed by Richie Hawtin (M-nus, artist)
Briefing: Miller founded probably the most successful indie label of all time, and after a period with EMI, is back as an independent. Richie Hawtin interviews the man who signed him to Novamute as Plastikman

18.00-18.50. Consell Insular d’Eivissa presents Ibiza Music Cluster
Briefing: To be confirmed

19.00-19.40. Agents. Booking United: Berlin agent association explained
1- Alma Poric (Back Room Ent, agent; Ewan Pearson, Jessie Rose, Metro Area)
2- Katrin Schlotfeldt (Clonk, agent; Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Magda)
3- Kim Benjamin (Kimco Ents, agent; Ame, Dixon, Henrik Schwarz, Todd Terje)
4- Suzana Gostimirovic (Gostimirovic Music; Miss Kittin, Laurent Garnier)
Briefing: Berlin’s booking agents have formed a coalition to help better practice and to share issues and common goals. Meet the architects…

20.00-21.00. Keynote Interview – Live via video link from Los Angeles
David Lynch (Mulholland Drive / Twin Peaks / Sunday Best Recordings)
Interviewed by Ben Turner (IMS), Jason Bentley (KCRW), Rob da Bank (Radio 1)
Briefing: David Lynch is now a revered music artist and producer. We are beamed direct into his studio in the Hollywood Hills to hear the story

Film Zone
21.30-23.00. IMS Film Screening at the Summit Suite, Ibiza Gran Hotel

High On Hope. Directed and introduced by Piers Sanderson
New documentary about the UK’s Northern Rave scene
Briefing: A hard-hitting documentary about the precarious but influential warehouse party scene in the north of England which kick-started acid house

followed by

23.00-23.45. IMS Film Screening at the Summit Suite, Ibiza Gran Hotel
– Ibiza – A Short Film About Chilling. Directed by Angus Cameron
Inspirational and near legendary documentary about Ibiza in 1990
Briefing: The most beautiful and honest representation of Ibiza from 1990. IMS partner Ben Turner can recite every single piece of dialogue. Fact!

Official Party
19.00-00.00. IMS presents David Guetta and friends at Dalt Vila, Ibiza Town

David Guetta, Nervo and friends
Briefing: David Guetta wanted to give something back to Ibiza. So IMS have partnered with him for a free party at Dalt Vila – a World Heritage site

Official Party
23.00-03.00. IMS presents Ministry of Sound label showcase at Grial

Michael Woods and guests TBC
Kismet with The Junkie Wife featuring She
Briefing: IMS are delighted to welcome Ministry of Sound to attend and host an event as part of the event, with Michael Woods and guests in attendance

12.00-12.30. kaZantip: A New Dance Music Republic
1- Andrii Goshva (kaZantip Republic, Ukraine, Minister of Propaganda)
2- Nikita Marshunok (kaZantip, festival Ukraine, promoter)
3- Yury Marychev (kaZantip Republic, Ukraine, Minister of Songs and Dances)
Briefing: The world’s hottest festival – fact. A journey and a half to get there, but you will never want to come home. Meet the kaZantip team

12.40-13.10. Global Sounds: National Geographic Music
Jeffrey B. Clyburn (Nat Geo Music, Vice President)
Interviewed by: Ben Turner (Graphite / IMS)
Briefing: An example of a global brand who offer and inventive model for releasing contemporary music. Meet the man behind Nat Geo Music

13.20-14.10. Blue Chip Beats: “Brand & Band” Integration
1- Erik Hofstadter (Coca-Cola, Marketing Manager)
2- Jasmine Skee (02, Head of Music Sponsorship)
3- Justin Hollis (Blackberry, Head of Brand)
4- Nuala Donnely (02, Music Sponsorship)
5- Theo Gupta (Nokia, Global Music Partnerships Manager)
Moderator: Matt Jagger (Naked Communications)
Briefing: Each year, consumer brand’s become closer and closer to the music industry. IMS discusses how close the integration should really get

14.20-14.50. Burn Studios presents the IMS Anthem 2011 – Remixed
Remixed and deconstructed for IMS by Layo & Bushwacka!
Moderator: Ralph Moore (Mixmag)
Briefing: Now its the turn of Layo & Bushwacka! to re-interpret Sasha’s IMS Anthem into an underground classic. They show how they did it live at IMS

15.00-15.45. Social Media. The Twittering Classes: Social Media Etiquette
1- Chris Palengat (Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon Group WW / Youth Army)
2- Dubfire (Sci+Tec, artist)
3- Jade Gandy (Raegous Media, social media)
4- Randy Reed (Red Light Management; Pretty Lights, James Zabiela)
5- Shamal Ranasinghe (Topspin Media, digital marketing, co-founder)
6- Tony Pardo (Mobile Roadie, apps)
Moderator: Nick DeCosomo (Mixmag)
Briefing: Twitter. Facebook. 4Square. How important is it, and how best to use it. An amazing role-call open up the debate about social media etiquette

15.55-16.45. Music Week presents Question Time
1- Adam Gill (Embrace, promoter)
2- Chris York (SJM Concerts, promoter)
3- Eddie Dean (Pacha New York, promoter)
4- Gary Richards (Hard / Hardfest, festival Los Angeles, promoter)
5- Mark Gillespie (360 Group, manager; Mark Ronson, Calvin Harris, Sasha)
6- Matthew Adell (Beatport, retailer)
7- Tom Kiel (Universal Germany, label, A&R)
Moderator: Chris Barrett (Music Week, journalist)
Topics for debate:
– On Air / On Sale.
– Las Vegas: A real Ibiza alternative?
– Piracy: The fightback
– Live Ownership. Live Nation & AEG versus the rest
– Global Winter Touring: Seasonal Disorder
– Dubstep Breaks America
– EDM. Electronic Dance Music
Briefing: Question Time is a legendary BBC political TV show, where a panel of experts tackle the issues of the day. IMS takes a nod to the format…

16.45-17.05. The IMS Vote. Help Shape The Future Of Electronic Music
Hosted by Pete Tong and Danny Whittle (IMS partners)
Briefing: The IMS delegation get their chance to speak their mind and use electronic voting from their chair about the issues facing electronic music

17.05-17.50. Keynote Interview
Luciano (Cadenza / Vagabundos, artist)
Interviewed by Pete Tong (BBC Radio 1 / IMS)
Briefing: The now legendary finale interview. To date: Pete Tong, Richie Hawtin and Mark Ronson have closed the summit. This year, Luciano…

17.50-18.00. Closing Speech by the IMS Partners
Ben Turner, Danny Whittle, Mark Netto, Pete Tong, Simeon Friend

Official Party
18.00-00.00. IMS Grand Finale Festival at Dalt Vila, Ibiza Town
2manydjs, Dubfire, Pete Tong, Jason Bentley
Live performances from Hercules & Love Affair, The Japenese Popstars
18.00-19.00 Jason Bentley
19.00-19.30 The Japanese Popstars – Live.
19.30-20.30 Pete Tong
20.30-21.30 Hercules & Love Affair – Live
21.30-22.30 Dubfire
22.30-00.00 2manydjs – Live

Official Party
00.00-07.00. Pure Pacha All Gone Pete Tong – Opening Party at Pacha

DJs Pete Tong, 2manydjs
* IMS delegates go free before 01.30am

SATURDAY MAY 28 Official Party
15.00-00.00. Cadenza Beach Party at Ushuaia, Playa d’en Bossa

Luciano, Reboot, Michael Cleis, Robert Dietz

SUNDAY MAY 29 Official Party
15.00-04.30. Space Opening Fiesta at Space, Playa d’en Bossa
Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, Steve Lawler, Technasia, John Digweed, Fedde Le Grand, Andy Fletcher (from Depeche Mode)
* IMS delegates badge gives FREE entry before 17.00

Official Party
00.00-07.00. Cadenza – Opening Party at Pacha
* IMS delegates badge gives FREE entry before 01.30

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Todays Rock n Mola Festival – Timetable

May 14th, 2011

The lineup for todays Rockabilly festival in Ibiza Town




18,30h LA RUTA MOLA!
Mercadillo Vintage
Demostración Lindy Hop
Vintage Desfile @ Rampa de Ses Taules



23,00h Mojitos @ RITA’S CANTINA – LOCURA

21,00h ROCK N MOLA DJs
Boppin’ Brush, Daniboy, Tart with a Heart, Pachi Gluten & Toga Insulina, Stray Kitten, Ben Demiedo, Daisy Heartbreaker, Javi Box, Alex Aparicio y FNCSM

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Manchester club Sankeys opens new club in Ibiza

May 12th, 2011

      Sankeys, The World’s Best Club 2010 as voted by DJ Mag readers, has just announced they are opening a new Sankeys club in Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza. This really is a special year for David Vincent and everyone at the club as 2011 shapes up to be the club’s most important 12 months to date; later in the year they will open another Sankeys venue in one of the world’s greatest clubbing cities, NYC, whilst keeping Manchester at the fore of electronic music and culture in the UK. This is a part three of the Seven Sankeys of the World vision around the world by 2015.

The club is located in arguably the most exciting part of Ibiza – Playa d’en Bossa – the area has been subject to extensive regeneration over the last 2 years and now boasts a host of exciting ventures; at the centre of this activity is Sankeys’ second ever venue.

Chill on the Terrace or get down and party in the basement the club caters for everyone getting into the Ibiza spirit of doing exactly what they want. A vibrant music policy means incredibly varied and forward thinking line ups. Island stalwarts Monza are the first brand announced who will be hosing weekly nights on Thursday’s from June 23rd.

David Vincent, Sankeys director comments “This is a dream come true as we open a Sankeys venue in Ibiza. It’s a project we have been working on for some time and it’s going to be an incredible experience. We have got a world-class venue which is built very much in the spirit of the original Sankeys and we will be working with our friends and family to make this first season unforgettable.

I have a special relationship with Ibiza since promoting for the legendary Pacha over 13 years ago – there’s no other place like the island in the world. This really is a new beginning for the club, me as an individual and a pivotal time for Sankeys as we take Sankeys to NYC and continue to build on what we have created over in Manchester too.”

Patrik Dechent and Ariel Giordano, the promoters of Monza Ibiza, said, “We are fascinated with this project and are very excited to work with such a world famous brand like Sankeys. We are just happy to be involved in developing the first real ‘urban city club’ to come for the island of Ibiza for the first time in years.”


Thu 26th May – Butch, Barem, Nima Gorji, Greg Vickers, Blinky + more tba

Fri 27th May – John Dahlback, Tube & Berger, Kaiserdisco, Juan Kidd, Oliver Lang, Yamabooki

Sat 28th May – Ellesse, Romano Alferi, Luca Bear, Alex Niggemann, OD Muzique + more tba

*The club will then re-open from 22nd June and run each night until October 4th

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David Lynch IMS Ibiza 2011 Keynote Interview

May 12th, 2011

David Lynch Keynote Interview Live from the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles to Ibiza
Thursday 26th May – 8pm at the Ibiza Gran Hotel

There’s not really much that can be added to this press release we got just now – other than – wow….

Photo by Adam Bordow © 2010

Yes that’s correct, despite the IMS Ibiza team now focusing on the final preparations for this year’s IMS: 2011 – coming live and direct from the Ibiza Gran Hotel – we are very excited to announce that as a last-minute addition, the legendary film director David Lynch will be beamed in via video Skype from his recording studio just off Mulholland Drive. The interview will take place at 8pm (local European time), which is 11am in Los Angeles and will focus on Lynch’s music production career which in 2011 has seen him release the amazing ‘Good Day Today’ / ‘I Know’ single – remixed by the cream of the electronic world including Underworld, Skream, Sasha. Boys Noize and Diskjokke.

The interview will be lead by the three people who played pivotal roles in introducing David Lynch to the Ibiza world: Jason Bentley, who first played Lynch’s new experimental music live on air on KCRW in America and tricked the world into thinking it was by Underworld, and who at last years IMS passed the music on to Ben Turner (IMS partner). Ben in turn played it to his Sunday Best Recordings partner and BBC Radio 1 DJ Rob da Bank, and the pair quickly signed the single and are now planning the release of his full-length album for the label later this year.

The interview will see Lynch and his engineer “Big” Dean Hurley interviewed from the studio as they show us exactly how they made the music and how they turn it out in Lynch’s studio.

David Lynch stated today:

      “I’m excited to talk to those attending the International Music Summit in Ibiza. 12 months ago Jason Bentley from KCRW gave a track I made with my engineer Big Dean Hurley to Ben Turner and Rob da Bank of Sunday Best Recordings, and we return this year to chat about the full-length album we have just completed. I look forward to chatting with them and everyone else in attendance on May 26th live from my own studio in Los Angeles. We’ll talk about the music and how it came to be and exist. We had such a blast making it and I am honored to be a part of the International Music Summit.”

IMS partner Ben Turner states:

      “This is a true honour. It was at the IMS 12 months ago that I heard ‘Good Day Today’ for the first time, sat in the hills of Santa Agnes in Ibiza, trying to recover from the summit! I played this record and I was astonished it was produced by my favourite film director of alltime. Lynch didn’t make it for the dancefloors – he just made the music he felt inspired to make. One year on, its an incredible moment to have him beamed into the Ibiza delegation at the IMS so everybody can hear his musical story, his vision, and his future plans in music…”

David Lynch is one of the most revered and unique film directors on the planet and his work is mysterious and ALWAYS musical. Lynch has collaborated with the likes of Danger Mouse, Sparklehorse, Duran Duran and Interpol, but in 2011 it was his electronic single ‘Good Day Today’ which turned heads, subsequently named NME single of the week.

As with all the daytime conference events, this will be held exclusively live for the IMS delegates, although the IMS will be releasing sections of the interview online. IMS has been called “the TED of electronic music conferences”, and is a three-day gathering of leading professionals in the electronic music space from all over the world.

Please look out for a further announcement later this week to confirm the full running order for the daytime events at the Gran Hotel. For more information on buying tickets and the IMS Grand Finale Festival at Dalt Vila, please go to

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Sasha to produce IMS 2011 Burn Studios anthem

May 11th, 2011

One of the highlights of every IMS, the legendary DJ and producer Sasha will be producing 2011’s IMS Burn Studios Anthem.

The Session will take place on Thursday May 26 at the Ibiza Gran hotel and will then be remixed overnight for the following day by underground house heroes and Shake It! promoters Layo & Bushwacka!

In the old days, conferences used to have anthems! IMS partnered with Burn Studios showcase how leading producers and remixers work. Both Sasha and then Layo & Bushwacka! will deconstruct their work and show how they work in the studio.

Burn Studios will offer the Track’s stems on for an exclusive remix competition to be announced very soon.

The track and remix will be available exclusively to download via Burn Studios before a full release on Sasha’s new label. It goes without saying that this a rare insight into the working thoughts and processes of one the scene’s most unique and elusive artists.

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More Ibiza Rocks & Mallorca Rocks dates added

May 10th, 2011

A phenomenal wave of bands have already been announced for Mallorca Rocks and Ibiza Rocks this summer, with Plan B proudly kicking off the season in both Mallorca (31/5) and Ibiza (01 June). Added to the ultra-impressive line-up are 2manydj’s (live), Professor Green, Kissy Sellout and Devlin for back-to-back gigs in the Balearics at the Mallorca Rocks and Ibiza Rocks Hotels.

To get live music lovers well and truly in the mood, there’s an extra treat in store with Johnny Borrell, frontman of Razorlight, making his debut on the island with a solo set at the open-air, beachside Ibiza Rocks Bar on 28th May.

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