Live Music and Kids Workshops in the Mercado Viejo of Ibiza Old Town

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Saturday 30th April 2011
‘Yes, We Can Make Stilts’ Workshop

Kids Workshop ‘Yes, We Can Make Stilts’. As usual Clownidoscopio have had another great idea. Bring along your tincans and let’s get cracking on making you some stilts. See what it feels like to see the world from higher up! And also, a great exercise for improving your balance.

*Remember to bring your clean and empty tincans for the workshop, please!


Under the direction of Charlotte Look and piano master Joan Oscar Palerm Costa, and in less than two years, The CanBlauGospel Choir has united some 45 individuals, each one looking for an alternative to the traditional choir; something incorporating fun, vocal performance and live music- they soon found it with Gospel or Black Spiritual Music. Today, CanBlauGospel are regular faces on the island music scene, performing at charity and local events, with a wide repertoire that will keep any audience entertained.

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