The Power of Raaargh!!! from Ibiza

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Keith Holden was inspired by the schoolboy phrase, just do it, it’s easier to apologize than ask for permission, but found through an understanding of fair exchange he never needed to say sorry. When an idea excited him, he simply jumped into the abyss with a Raaargh!!!

He left school in a hurry, breathtakingly reinventing himself time and again in what reads as a fairytale book of Who’s Who, while constantly searching far and wide for the treasures of understanding. What he now understands is what links all of his achievements and is available to everybody – to simply do what you love to do with anticipation and gratitude for challenge, which he simplifies further with his all meaning mantra of Raaargh!!!

The Raaargh!!! of play is infectious. While organizing a number of events that successfully invited the audience to become the performers, he was asked by Sir Paul McCartney to put some life into his studio, and not only recorded Macca on a smoky old chainsaw, but the intoxication of Raaargh!!! enticed the fire brigade, alerted by the smoke detectors, to sing on the chorus.

While such yarns read well on paper, Keith says it is the jumping into the abyss itself that is the true reward, including all those endevours that don’t come off that bring with them the true gems of understanding.

He is currently lives in Ibiza with his wife and two sons, he was the creative producer for Manumission and is an author, personal power trainer, business consultant, teacher and speaker.

He has something he wants to tell you.

You can read a taster of the book here
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One Response to “The Power of Raaargh!!! from Ibiza”

  1. James Dewen Says:

    The Power of Raargh is a funny, original enlightening read. I was sad when it came to an end. Great book and I’m not just saying this because I’m Keith’s uncle!