Ibiza at the World Travel Market

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Last week was the annual World Travel Market in London. Ibiza was once again represented and here are some Ibiza visitor stats:

Ibiza continues to buck the trend of diminishing visitor numbers with 2010 figures showing a rise from 2009.

The figures which have been released just in time for WTM show an increase of 185,573 passengers for the period January to September 2010. This period saw 2,222,655 international passengers arrive in Ibiza compared to the previous year in the same period which saw arrivals of 2,037,082.
Of these arrivals in 2010 26% were British, comprising 580,056 passengers. This makes the British market by far the largest single inbound market to Ibiza.

The increase in visitor numbers puts Ibiza into a small category of countries where the visitor numbers are still rising including Egypt and Turkey where non Euro currency has proved attractive and some further long haul destinations such as Jamaica which have seen tour operators slashing prices.

Throughout 2009 the number of trips made abroad by UK residents fell at the fastest rate since the 1970s, official figures have shown.UK residents made 58.6 million visits overseas in 2009 – 15% fewer than in 2008, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said. 2010 visitor figures are expected to still show a drop but with a slowdown in the rate of the decrease.
The ONS said the falls followed a long period of overall growth in international visits from the UK which has seen over 25 years of continued growth at an average 4% per year.

Josep Ramón Serra Pilot (Concejal de Turismo de Sant Antoni), Andy Mckay (Ibiza Rocks CEO) and Pepe Sala (Alcalde Sant Antoni)

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