Devastating fire at Benirras, Ibiza

August 23rd, 2010 - 2:07 pm Posted in Benirras, ibiza | Comments (12)

Update 25/08/10 – The Balearic government have said this morning that the fire has been stabilised although it looks like over 300 hectares of forest and woodland has been affected. It’s the worst fire on the island since 1993.

Update 24/08/10. The fires are still burning and over an estimated 300 hectares have been affected. Another seaplane has been added to the fleet this morning and they are now concentrating on the area to the north of Benirras:
benirras fire

Diario de Ibiza

Update 9pm 23/08/10 – just got word from a friend “Have just been told the fire department have admitted they have lost control of the fire at Benirras and can do little more as night falls. Locals between Portinatx and Benirras have been told to free all their livestock and leave their homes immediately.”

A large fire at Benirras in the north of Ibiza started yesterday and according to reports it has spread to cover around 120-150 hectares. Over 300 troops from the Instute of Nature, Ibiza Fire and Emergency Military units are working on putting out the fires. Some 1,500 people were evacuated from the area, many by sea.

This morning 3 Canadair seaplanes, four helicopters, 3 cargo planes are involved. Cause of the fire is as yet unknown.

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12 Responses to “Devastating fire at Benirras, Ibiza”

  1. kevsta Says:

    I literally just put the phone down to a friend on Benirras beach this minute, the fires are still burning strongly in places and are 3 hills over heading towards Portinatx now. he said every 5 minutes another bush bursts into flames again at Benirras and the whole place is like a charred wilderness with burnt out melted cars all the way down the road.

    sounds pretty bad.

  2. Jane Alexander Says:

    The fire must be raging towards Cap Blanc where I spent many happy times before the massive Tourist Boom invaded the island.
    I would say: 1) Too many people were down at Benirras beach yesterday evening. It is a small Cove.
    2) The massive invasion of Ibiza is a form of collective madness, and is destructive to the island on most levels.
    3) Hippies existed in the sixties and seventies. Those who call themselves, “Hippies,” today are maybe just, “Pijos,” or, “Pulgas.”
    4) Twenty years have passed since the last fire at Benirras. The Island needs to be protected against the, “Invaders,” who are not
    even conscious of the danger that they represent.

    I hope that the Ibizenc Government will take the necessary steps to protect the Island, before more calamities occur.

  3. Marksy Says:

    How very sad.

  4. Zozo Says:

    I have ben coming to Benirras for the last few years as my bosses ahve a property not far from the beach , it is absolutley devastating to watch this beautiful beach ruined for reasons not yet known but more probably man made !!! I feel very strongly for those whose livelyhood depends on the the tourism that flows to this cove and would like to see people pull together to what is neccesary to help rebuild the habitat and those who have been affected by this ..

  5. Max Says:

    I saw the fire from Santa Eulalia yesterday … look at the website…. Max

  6. valentina Says:

    hope is not just a way to start building horrible hotels there too…that place is paradise, should stay like it is! (or was)!! :(

  7. CEM Says:

    What are they doing to stop it from spreading? Are they cutting down trees to contain it which will stop the fuel to the fire?

  8. admin Says:

    unfortunately i dont thinks thats really practical given the speed of the fire and the landscape of the area – that would be a huge logging operation

  9. Rachel Orton Says:

    We are going to Portinatx on Tues 31st Aug. Starting to get worried now. Is there a need to be concerned?

  10. admin Says:

    i dont think so, its all the forest woodland north of benirras thats affected – if youre actually in portinatx then its not going to be a problem – and also you have another 6 days – i dont think the fire could last that long :)

  11. sian Says:

    we were evacuated from the el greco hotel in portinatx on thurs last week coz of the fires. it looked like a volcano had erupted and was spreading to out hotel…. we all suffered with bad throats due to the fire and 2 waiters have lost their homes. so sad and a very scarey we were in, we got home at 5.30 a yesterday and are so glad to be home! (admin) the fire IS in portinatx as we have just left there! it was heading towards el greco and presidente hotels.