Pure Form, Ibiza – A new Jewellery collective

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A new creative collective has been born in Ibiza. . .

pure form ibizaA group of five women jewellers have come together out of a shared creative sensibility and a complimentary artistic vision. Look out for them all over the island this summer with their Pop-Up Boutique.

The jewellery is all hand made on the island where, set against the backdrop of Ibiza, inspiration flourishes. The pure forms and colours of nature giving rise to a collection of beautiful, wearable jewellery. Fine craftsmanship is employed in the making of each piece, using materials which include shimmering golds & brightly hued gems, forged hand beaten silver and sparkling diamonds.

With a choice of five jewellers work there is a wide range to view, with something for everyone, from the ultra dainty to the mega statement piece. Prices range from 60 to 6,000 Euros and beyond. This is a unique opportunity to own a piece of jewellery as a keepsake from this magical island.

pure form ibizaThe designers of PURE FORM – Natasha Collis, Shakti Ellenwood, Kerstin Howard, JOY jewellery and Sia Taylor – sell in exclusive stores such as Browns and Dover Street market. Their client list includes Sadie Frost, Chrissie Hynde, Kate Moss, Jack Nicholson, Alexandra Shulman, Marissa Tomei and Ruby Wax.

PURE FORM will begin the summer with a show at Atzaró on July 1st and continue through with El Chiringuito, Natasha Collis shop and El Hotel, each one showcasing different ‘Guest Jewellers’. For a more intimate setting they will come to your villa or hotel with their Pop-up Boutique where you can peruse the jewels at your leisure with a glass of champagne and canapé in hand.
At each event PURE FORM will donate 10% of their profits to a different charity in Ibiza.

pure form ibiza

natasha collisNATASHA COLLIS

Natasha’s strong personal signature style encompasses irregular gold nuggets that are inspired by the reflection of the sunlight as it dances and sparkles on the Mediterranean waters of the Balearic coast. Each item of jewellery is a masterpiece in itself and possesses its own character. Wearing more than one piece layered together creates an even more striking and prominent effect.

Her shop and studio is located in St Miguel, Ibiza showcasing her entire collection and is open throughout the year. Recent celebrity buyers include Jack Nicholson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Wendy Murdock, Cindy Sherman and Nicola Fornby.

shakti ellenwoodSHAKTI ELLENWOOD

“to wear my jewellery, in the fast speed of our daily lives, is to add something comforting; not only to the body, but also to the heart. “

Each piece is created lovingly and crafted by hand using the earth’s most precious riches; high carat gold and colourful gemstones. Shakti’s inspiration comes from many years living in the Far East, the natural beauty of Ibiza, ancient civilizations and colour in nature.

She trained at the Revere Academy of Jewellery Arts in San Francisco and apprenticed under Hratch Nargizian, a fifth generation Master Goldsmith. Her work is worn by Chrissie Hynde, Kate Moss, Sadie Frost, Ruby Wax, Marlon Richards and Marissa Tomei.


Kerstin works in all carats and colours of Gold and in Sterling Silver. She mixes the metals together to create bold, striking and innovative pieces. Her specialist techniques include forging, reticulation, fusing, riveting and repoussé. All her works are satin finished to create a natural organic effect. Whilst most are kept simple and unadorned, some are more elaborate and set with precious & semi-precious stones.

Kerstin has been designing and making jewellery for over 25 years. Her work is exhibited in a number of galleries throughout the UK and has been showcased in numerous Craft Fairs.

She was brought up in Ibiza in the early 60’s and returned to live on the island in 2005. The inspirations for her latest works stem from the ebb and flow of the sea and the patterns inscribed on the sandy beaches, rock outcrops and dunes, together with the gnarled forms of the ancient olive and indigenous pine trees.

CydJOY… jewellery by Cyd

Cyds jewellery is always inspiring, always unique and always a touch extravagant.

Creating luxurious yet practical jewellery for all occasions, her work is sophisticated and seductive, with an inherent beauty that has style and often spiritual meaning. Each piece tells a story of a life collecting curiosities the world over.

Superbly handcrafted in gold and silver, the collections develop each year exploring new techniques and materials. Inspiration for designs come from the outstanding natural beauty of Ibiza, where Cyd spends much of her time. A committed ecologist Cyd proudly supports fair trade initiatives, offering her clients a conscious choice and welcomes commissions using ‘green gold’ and ethically mined gems. Her tailored bespoke service has led her to specialize in unusual wedding rings.

With a long history of Silversmiths in the family Cyd preserves this lineage to create wondrous treasures with a timeless classic modern style.


Sia Taylor creates her jewellery from tiny handmade elements and with a restrained minimal aesthetic. She makes unique delicate pieces in combinations of yellow and white gold which are suggestive of clusters of insect eggs, seeds or grasses.

A graduate of the Royal College of Art sculpture school, Sia continues in her jewellery collections to explore the organic forms, structures and irregular patterns of the natural world.

Sia’s discreet, beautiful pieces are stocked in exclusive stores worldwide, including Dover Street Market in London.

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