Ibiza International Music Summit 2010 – day two

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First off, many thanks to Mark Jones for the Wall of Sound party at Grial last night which kept everyone up all night, in a really friendly atmosphere with excellent music.

The quote of the day, “Women are the best. They are superior and the sooner we admit it, the better off we’ll be” comes from French super DJ and producer David Guetta. Ben Turner’s interview with Guetta at lunchtime was the popular event of the morning. His weekly summer residency, Fuck Me I’m Famous opens tonight at Pacha and we know that it was completely sold out well in advance. Despite this, Guetta remains grounded and realistic about the future. “I know I have like two good years as a top producer before the next new hot sound comes along.” That said, he’s been ahead of the game for several years, although he is not complacent about his superstardom. “It’s going so fast that we have to readapt every two months.”

We missed the bickering that took place on the superclub panel as we were busy interviewing various folks on camera around the hotel and capturing live footage of all sorts of interminglers, including the learned Dan Tait educating Busy P., Cassius and Luke Pompey on the latest Pioneer technology, launched exclusively at the IMS. Given that these French guys are at the pinnacle of electronic production, it was warming to see them so hooked by Tait’s gear.

This afternoon’s panel which consisted of Busy P. (Pedro Winter), Skream, Annie Mac, Heidi, Arthur Velasquez and Toddla T. was a free for all that quickly became performance art, due in very large part to both the caning of an entire bottle of Hierbas by the panelists, and the stratospheric personality of Busy P. “Why am I talking into a flower?” he asked in reference to the paper muffler or whatever had been placed over his mike. Business, he said is “all about putting your balls, and your life on the line”. The former manager of Daft Punk and owner of Ed Banger Records bantered enthusiastically with the other panelists who were spread across several genres and whose borders were acknowledged to be increasingly overlapping all across Europe. Now also the manager of Justice, Busy P. emphasised how important it is to him to give his artists complete freedom. Arthur Velasquez, who refused to be called a manager and accepted the tag ‘babysitter’ suggested for him by Heidi, was equally democratic “I work with people, not for them.” He said it was important for artists to go out and make their own mistakes in order to learn the ropes, whereas artists reliant on managers could potentially miss out on the intimacy between them and their audiences.

Later, Ted Cohen led an informal and very useful session in which he managed to confidently and comfortably bring the whole audience together for feedback on issues covered so far at this year’s summit.

Following an interview by Jason Bentley with Chop Shop’s Alexandra Patsavas on synchronisation and visualisation, the Ibiza Music Cluster was presented by the Consell Insular and featured award-winning Kirsty Keatch, a local singer songwriter; and an engaging talk by resident DJ Lenny Ibizarre.

Tonight’s entertainment comes in the form of a German Label Showcase at Grial, featuring Heidi, Jesse Rose and Sascha Dive; an Ibiza resident DJ night at Keeper with DJ Pippi, DJ Oliver, Java, Jose The End and Dave Storm; and of course the grand opening of…

Images – Hierbas Ibicencas, David Guetta and Ben Turner, Dan Tait/Luke Pompey/Philippe Zdar (Cassius)/Busy P., afternoon panel, Skream and Toddla T, Skream and Annie Mac, Fuck Me I’m Famous as the lights went on tonight. By Frank Fabian and Helen Donlon

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