Ibiza International Music Summit 2010

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Pete and Erick

With the temperatures noticeably higher than in the last two years, and attendance up by what looked like double, our IMS 2010 started some two hours later than planned which worked out perfectly as everyone there appeared to be working to the same schedule. Thankfully this meant we arrived just as Pete Tong began his talk with Erick Morillo for the first in the series of the BIG DOG DJ: FUCK YOU WE’RE FAMOUS interviews. This immediately set the tone for the day, as Morillo was on fire with optimism about the current state of dance music, and notably its present popularity in the US club scene.

“I feel like a little kid. I’m so excited about this industry again” he told the audience.  “I’m one of the luckiest guys in the world.” Having previously gone on record as saying he would definitely be retiring by the age of 35, Morillo, now about to turn 40, couldn’t have looked less retiring. “I’m really addicted to rocking the crowd. I don’t see me stopping this rhythm any time soon.”  About to embark on a new residency in Las Vegas, Morillo continues work with his labels Subliminal and the more underground Sondos, which he described as “darker, more 6am music.”

During a mellow lunchtime set from Phil Mison, we managed to catch up with Emma B for an on-camera chat. Emma now lives here fulltime and was busy interviewing for Sonica at the Summit.

With a prominent and exciting French presence at the IMS this year (not to mention this friday’s CLUB 75 party at Pacha), the next panel featured Cassius presenting this year’s IMS anthem. In typical fashion, they kept us waiting for the presentation while they tinkered around on their sequencing software in their hotel room upstairs, finally emerging with something resembling a nearly finished banger. One of the wonderful things about this year’s summit were the visuals accompanying every panel. In this one we got to see not just the recorded footage from their brainstorming recording session at the Paris studio, but also we watched on screen as they tweaked a few levels and soloed individual parts right before our eyes.

They made a point of emphasising the importance of collaboration, not only with each other but also between the digital and analog realms in music production. This friday’s CLUB 75 party at Pacha is one such collaboration between themselves, Justice, DJ Mehdi and other labelmates from Ed Banger records. The evening carries the motto “Backstage Onstage”, i.e. they’ll all be in the DJ box together.

Still with French talent on the agenda, next up was renowned music supervisor Jason Bentley in conversation with Pete Tong. Known for his incredible work on The Matrix, Jason is currently working on the forthcoming feature TRON for which he has called in the genius of Daft Punk. “Daft Punk are game changers”, he told us, “and they really nailed it.” The duo moved to Hollywood and utterly committed themselves to the two year project. Their involvement with the soundtrack commanded such a level of respect that they would actually play music on set during production. Bentley became very involved with them.  “Their studio is wild”, he told us, and he clearly enjoyed working with them. He regaled us with tales of searching for the perfect organ sound all over America. Eventually, after rejecting even Disneyland’s finest organ, the sound they were looking for was found right here in Europe.

The next panel, largely focusing on brands, threw up some interesting facts. Like the Germans apparently can’t access official music videos on youtube, due to the stringent efficiency of the deutsche PRS (or whatever the equivalent is).  The highlight of this panel for some though was the meta-event that occurred during a conversation about the benefits and risks of viral marketing, and instant feedback good or bad. As if on cue, a tweet appeared on the enormous screen that was streaming live IMS tweets with a message to the effect of “I am really bored here at the IMS, and sitting in the 2nd row with a red cap.”  Instant waves of suppressed laughter permeated the room, much to the bewilderment of the panel who sat with their backs to the screen, oblivious to the perfect irony of the situation.

The final panel of the day saw Ibiza heroes Steve Lawler and Andrea Pelino responding to questions from a curiously benighted chap from Resident Advisor. With years of phenomenal Ibiza party moments to both their names, Andrea and Steve were there to answer the question “how to conquer Ibiza and remain credible”, although the idea of “conquering” seemed oddly misplaced here on the island. Furthermore the two icons’ remarkably humble and sincere responses only served to underscore their impeccable reputations as bona fide pioneers of the Ibiza music scene.

More tomorrow, including our evening interview with Mike Pickering.  We’re off now to check out the Wall of Sound party at Grial.

Coverage: Helen Donlon/Frank Fabian

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