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The Ibiza International Music Summit is upon us for the third year and the excitement is tangible. An animated queue of delegates arriving just in time for the Opening Welcome by the island’s Government representatives have delayed proceedings by half an hour, because their delegate badges have to be printed once they reach the front of the formidable queue.

However, this is possibly commendable as the badge is bar coded to enable later analysis of who went to which seminar, thus enabling better future event structuring.

It’s possible that the scanners broke down, but by lunchtime it would appear that the initiative had foundered as we all wandered in to listen to the Google representative’s talk on Augmented Reality unscanned.
Nonetheless, the sun is shining…

Suggestion to the organisers: get a faster printer (or two), or send confirmed delegates an email in the same way that Ryanair do with the qr code thats on the badge – print it and upon entry a simple quick scan and “here’s your goodie bag”.

On the plus side: the wifi’s working better than last year. In addition, and emphasising how technology has changed in the last year, last year’s pinnacle achievement was live blogging. This year a live Twitter feed is being displayed all around the auditorium – the hashtag is #IMSIbiza.

IMS exclusive – Calvin Harris becomes an A & R man!

Mike Pickering of Deconstruction Records was the early star of the first morning when he explained how his boss at Sony asked him to resurrect Deconstruction under the Sony umbrella as he had recognized that the younger generation are nowadays totally tuned in to dance music and that DJs were pulling in significantly larger crowds to their gigs than live bands. He cited a couple of examples, Tiesto and Deadmau5, who regularly play to half a million people at live gigs within a fortnight all around the globe.

This, he partly explained, was because almost all of the major artists recording today are overlaying their vocal on a house/dance based backing track. Madonna’s ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor’ being an early example (2005).

He then went on to point out that, since there is so little profit in the sale of music now that the market has become internet based, future profits lie in clever 21st century merchandising. His own young son sports Deadmau5 headphones and decks while his wardrobe features several DJ t-shirts, and these are not t-shirts you throw away after one wash. They might be made by Lacoste, or any of the other forward thinking icons of the fashion industry.

This merchandising of itself proves to be viral in that the kids buying it are style icons to their own peers for their musical taste. Consequently the subject DJ’s gigs are rammed…

The real profits are in touring and merchandise nowadays. The music itself is no more than an advertisement … (cf: EMI music merchandise putting their name on the free ims t-shirts being given out to everyone)

Depressing news you might think for the audience of musicians, producers and A & R men, not so bad for the entrepreneurs in their midst?

The other part of the message, that all present overlook at their peril, was that dance music, remixing and DJs in general had a shot at another golden age as their global audience was extrapolating daily as ever faster access to the internet rolls out around the planet.

Tip: As an aside Mike announced that he’d today appointed Calvin Harris as his latest and most promising A & R man. Calvin spends a lot of his time travelling around the planet and knows a bit about music…

Coincidentally, Calvin is being supported by ‘Diagram of the Heart’, who are also signed to Deconstruction, at Ibiza Rocks on July 6th and they’re well worth a listen. This A & R man could go far…

What will Google do next?

Our next ‘must see’ was Nick Heller, the man in charge of New Business Development at Google in Switzerland. He might otherwise be referred to as Mr. Android – a man with a vision, sent to convert us all into disciples of the World according to Google…

The vision is impressive and was supported by a set of stunning graphs that all but convinced all present that the tide has turned on computers. From now on the majority of people will use their smartphone to surf the web – hooray, the days of taking the laptop to bed are officially over!

However, that wasn’t the point that he wanted to make. “How many of you know what Augmented Reality means?” he asked, and a couple of the assembled four hundred raised their hands querulously. “That’s not enough” said Nick – clearly a man who doesn’t tolerate fools, before going on to elucidate.

He began by explaining that what we used to call a ‘mobile telephone’ is now our best mate, and by far the most useful and intelligent mate we’ll ever have. Remember what it feels like when you lose your phone and the phone numbers of all your mates, who can’t contact you either!

Nowadays this pocket tool is so much more. It has a camera, which acts as its eyes. This enables you to take a photograph and, from Goggle’s mindboggling database of global imagery, it will tell you what it is that you just took a photograph of. This is because it knows where you are, through its internal GPS chip, and it knows which way you’re facing because it has an inbuilt compass!

It accesses all of this information over the internet in the time that it takes you to take a couple of deep breaths. Extrapolating this concept to include all of the information available on the internet, and in a music industry context, if you were at a concert and heard that killer tune that you had to have, your phone would identify where you were, who was performing at that venue at that moment in time, display their set list for the gig, highlight the track currently being played and offer you the option to make a spontaneous purchase at that moment. Marketeers, you should have been here?

Mindboggling stuff indeed from the mobile phone you once just used to ring your mates?

He left the stage to thunderous applause and much head scratching…

A really good strong day of interesting panels – more to follow

imsibiza imsibiza

imsibiza imsibiza

imsibiza imsibiza

imsibiza imsibiza

imsibiza imsibiza

imsibiza imsibiza

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