Puerto Mediterráneo del Libro 2010, Ibiza

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March 17-21

Literary events for Ibiza’s Puerto Mediterráneo del Libro 2010



Wednesday 17th March


20h. Opening. Lurdes Costa, Mayoress of Ibiza. Es Polvorí

Presentation. Gabriel Torres Chalk, Director.

Inaugural lecture: Joan Margarit.


Thursday 18th march


11h. Opening of the exhibition Homage to Juan Carlos Onetti. Guests: Claudio Pérez Míguez, Raúl Manrique and Judith Lange.

Accompanied by a series of photographs, of the author; photos from his personal archive; first editions of his works; newspaper features; discs; original illustrations by the Argentinian artist Justo Barboza for La novia robada and a series of original cards inspired by Obra’s works, by Italian artist Judith Lange. Sala Cultural Ebusus.

12h. Exhibition opening: Libros de artista. Félix Waske, Jean Willi and friends. Galería Vía 2.

17h. Talk: Onetti in the literary circles of his era, by Rosalba Campra.

Presented by Claudio Pérez Míguez.

Book presentation: Cortázar para cómplices from Centro Editores: Madrid, 2009. First edition; and Formas de la memoria, texts by Rosalba Campra; illustrations by Giuseppe Dierna and prologue by Raúl Brasca. Centro Editores: Madrid, 2009. Es Polvorí.

18h. Homage to Juan Carlos Onetti. Reading by Ángel Marco.

Presented by Raúl Manrique. Es Polvorí.

19:30h. Recital: Olvido García Valdés.

Presented by Reinhard Huamán Mori. Es Polvorí.

21:30h. Performance by Enemigos de Jardín: Borja Aguiló, Víctor Balcells Matas, Ben Clark y Fabio Rodríguez de la Flor. Restaurante Ke Kafé.


Friday 19th March

10h. Book presentation. Víctor Balcells Matas: “Yo mataré monstruos por ti” published by Delirio.

Presented by Fabio Rodríguez de la Flor. Es Polvorí.

11h. Homage to Miguel Hernández and launch of the Colección del Centenario del Nacimiento de Miguel Hernández, Eivissa 2010. “Miguel Hernández en su centenario”, by Aitor L. Larrabide, director of the Taller de Empleo Centenario Miguel Hernández and consultant for the Fundación Cultural Miguel Hernández.

Moderated by Efraín Espinoza, Press Secretary of the festival. Es Polvorí.

13:00 h. Homage to Carme Riera. Coordinated by Mario Riera. Es Polvorí.

17h. Homage to Mario Benedetti. Talk by Ángel Marco.

Presented by Paula Malugani. Es Polvorí.

19:30h Reading by Antonio Colinas and presentation of Tres Tratados de Armonía.

Presented by Vicente Valero. Club Diario de Ibiza.

21h. III International Poetry Festival of Ibiza. Participants: Diego Velasco (Quito, Ecuador), Delia Rengifo (Caracas, Venezuela), Ben Clark (Ibiza, España).

Presentation of the first prize for poetry: Crónica Latina 2009, Delia Rengifo.

Presented by Carles Fabregat. Club Diario de Ibiza.

Saturday 20th March


11h. Lecture: The Andean imagination, architecture and literature. Diego Velasco.

Presented by Efraín Espinoza. Es Polvorí.

12h. Homage to Jorge Enrique Adoum. In the presence of the Honorable Francisco Contreras Domínguez, Ecuadorian Consul.

Presented by Efraín Espinoza. Es Polvorí.

Book presentation: 21 poetas ecuatorianos del siglo xx. Guests: Diego Velasco and Gabriel Torres, the author of the prologue. Es Polvorí.

13h. Lecture: From Juan Carlos Onetti to Julio Cortázar. Mariángeles Fernández.

Presented by Claudio Pérez Míguez. Es Polvorí.

17h. Salto de Página publishing house. An ‘in conversation’ with Alejandro Hernández.

Presented by Daniel Martínez. Librería Hipérbole.

19 h. Book launch ‘La voz del Manglar’. Published by Del Centro Editores. Author Gabriel Torres Chalk, sleeve art by Félix Waske and prologue by Raúl Zurita.

Presented by Raúl Zurita. Accompanied by the saxofonist Ivan M. Club Diario de Ibiza.

20 h. Book launch ´Puerto Mediterráneo del Libro 2009´ with slideshow memoria del mar. Puerto Mediterráneo del Libro.

Presented by Gabriel Torres, Efraín Espinoza, Paula Malugani, and Reinhard Huamán.

Club Diario de Ibiza.

 Sunday 21st March


12h. Childrens literature day. With Delia Rengifo. Book presentation: Cantares de Delita. Published by Gráficas Lauki, Poems by Delia Rengifo and illustrations by Raúl Díaz. . Es Polvorí.

20:30h. Closing reading: Raúl Zurita. Can Ventosa.

With Gabriel Torres Chalk and Vicent Ferrer, Deputy Mayor of Ibiza.

Entrance to all events is free.



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