Jobs at Ibiza Rocks Hotel 2010

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Ibiza Rocks Hotel are now recruiting for a number of positions at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel for this summer:

ibiza rocks hotelOverseeing several bars and restaurants, the role of the F&B Manager is a new addition to our small ‘hands on’ Hotel Management team. Reporting to the Operations Manager, you will head up a team of up to 40 bar and waiting staff at the busiest times during our events. Previous experience in a similar role is essential. Fluency in Spanish will be an advantage.
Responsibilities to include:

  • Ensure consistent brand service standards are delivered in each area
  • Evaluate levels of customer satisfaction with a focus on continuous improvement
  • Provide effective leadership to the F&B teams to ensure targets are achieved and budgets maintained
  • Be aware of trends and propose ideas to build the range and quality of F&B
  • Implement Stock Control Procedures


ibiza rocks hotelWe are looking for a dynamic Front of House Manager which is also a new position at the Hotel. It is a very challenging role for someone with experience in leading busy 24 hour Front of House/Reception teams. Reporting to the Operations Manager, the role requires a proven track record in providing outstanding customer service and creation and implementation of administration procedures. Fluency in English and Spanish is essential.
Responsibilities to include:

  • Leading the reception/night teams to deliver outstanding customer service
  • Main point of contact between front of house team and all other Hotel departments
  • Ensure consistent brand service standards are delivered throughout the department
  • Evaluate levels of customer satisfaction with a focus on continuous improvement
  • To be aware of the day to day reception/night team activities and report on any issues that arise regarding the front of house operation
  • Resolving all customer issues effectively and efficiently in resort

ibiza rocks hotelBoth our Hotels employ Promotions Teams that effectively replace the traditional roles of resort representatives. The teams are entirely focused on delivering outstanding customer service and promoting the in-house day and nighttime event programme. The team also offer concierge type services with ticket sales for external venues and excursions.
We are looking for an experienced leader to head up a small team of 3/ 4. You will ideally have worked previously for an overseas tour operator in a similar team leader role but be committed to working as a part of the team. Excellent communication, administration and organisational skills are essential. Fluency or as a minimum, a good understanding of Spanish would be an advantage.
Responsibilities to include:

  • Achievement of excellence in customer service as assessed by customer satisfaction scores.
  • Marketing and promotion of in-house and external events to Hotel guests
  • Management of ticket and excursion sales, ensuring that sales targets are met by the Promotions Team
  • Financial management and administration of all sales income.
  • Liaison with external suppliers and venues
  • Effective communication between your team and all Hotel departments
  • Resolving all customer complaints effectively and efficiently in resort


ibiza rocks hotelThe role of the Promotions Team is summarised above. Reporting to the Hotel Promotions Team Leader, we are looking for highly motivated, reliable individuals to join our small Promotions Team. Outstanding customer service and selling skills are essential as will be your knowledge of the current music scene. You must be an excellent communicator at all levels, have strong sales ability and be a committed team player.
Responsibilities to include:

  • Achievement of excellence in customer as assessed by customer satisfaction scores.
  • Marketing and promotion of in-house and external events to Hotel guests
  • Ticket and excursion sales


Reporting to the Operations Manager, the Entertainments Manager will provide creative input and together with a small team, will be responsible for delivering a full daytime and evening entertainment programme. As one of the leading “Rocks” brand ambassadors, you will be confident on the microphone and knowledgeable about the current music scene. DJing skills and a working understanding of Spanish will be an advantage.
Responsibilities to include:

  • Managing the in-house event programme for the season
  • Providing feedback and creative input into the ongoing improvements of the event programme
  • Together with the Promotions Team, maximising attendance and participation at all in-house events
  • Liaising with pool party DJs/Entertainers/Promoters
  • DJing as required


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22 Responses to “Jobs at Ibiza Rocks Hotel 2010”

  1. Sasha Says:

    Hey I’m flying out mid may and am just wondering how I apply for a job with you? Thanks x

  2. Marina Says:

    I’d like to know the same as Sasha, but in my case for a job at Mallorca Rocks Hotel.
    Thanks a million

  3. admin Says:

    to apply, there is an email and details at the bottom of this post ;)

  4. clare Says:

    hey all, il be cummin over in may…woo, im jus hoping to get any job thats got anything to do wiv bein in ibiza, i came there last year it was amazing…hopefuly i get a chance to prove myself…x

  5. Nikola Gaydov Says:

    Hallo im looking for job in ibiza for the summer i been liveing in spain and work in a bar for 3 years and i have experience i have a CV as well.Email me if you are interesting.Thank you.x sorry forget to give my email :)

  6. Frederick Davies Says:

    Hi want to know how to apply forr a job? thanks

  7. katie mccarron Says:

    heyy i applied to work at ibiza rocks a couple of weeks ago and i was just wondering when we will hear anything back? if you could get back to me asap that would be brilliant, thanks x

  8. Fran Says:

    Hi, just come across this website and am very interested in applying for a hotel promotions team position. Noticed closing date is 12th Feb though, is it too late to send in an application? Thanks

  9. Rigoberto Fausset Says:

    Damn, awesome website. I actually came across this on Bing, and I am happy I did. I will definately be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just absorbing as much info as I can at the moment.

    Thank You

    Hotel America Majorca

  10. nick abbott Says:

    hello, im an experienced chef,bar man, and have had previous experiance of working in ibiza and club promotion. also stage and lighting errection and event organisation im very compitant in. ill be over in ibiza from around may 5th and would like to meet sumone from your team. i feel thay i have all the qualities needed to fill a number of you current job vacancys and hope to here from you- nick

  11. Nolan Johnson Says:

    Hi there….after 10 years in It IT recruitment , I am looking for a summer of hard work, sun and fun. In the clubs, I have had to assist the bouncers with trouble (or at least identify it when I felt things were about to kick off!), deal with with drunk customers but never took a smile off of my face !

    Kind Regards,


  12. tommy connolly Says:

    hi there i have a strong customer focus and excellent backround in advertisting and encoraging future customers as i have worked in lanzarote for all most two years i allso have hospitality skills which i have lent as i have worked in hotel for a few years now i have some spanish i work hard but know how to party and customer buy when you are happy but u cant do this alone so that is why being a team player is imporint bering part of a successful hotel promotions team thanks and hope to hear from you[ ps rock on]

  13. Hotel Ibiza Says:

    Plenty of nice Jobs. I think there will be lots of young energetic people that will like to activate in the tourism and leisure branch of Ibiza.

  14. sarah ridge Says:

    I have ust checked out of the hotel on saturday had the best week of my life. I am looking to come back out and work for the season any jobs available at Ibiza Rocks?

  15. andy callum Says:

    Just wondering……im a experienced chef with michelin star experience back in england , im currently in ibiza and looking for a challenging role within the kitchen or a suitable opportunity within restaurant management.

  16. Scottie Says:

    Hey, Just checking out a few options for when i come out and work for summer 2011. Ibiza Rocks looks like the place i would love to work. Im currently a 21 year old Leisure centre manager but need to get out of England for the summer and enjoy myself whilst still earning and learning new things. im energetic and very much a people person, love meeting new people!! How do i go about applying for a job with you guys? Cannot wait for summer 2011.. :) x

  17. Em hart Says:

    Hey I’m a promoter for junk club, we host special ibiza events on saturdays like for example we are hosting zoo project this saturday. I am very aware of ibiza rocks and many other amazing hotels, venues and events and would love for the chance to work out in ibiza itself this summer, give me an email if you would like to know more. I am enthusiastic, always energetic, friendly and fun when working in promotions, I always keep the team happy and egg them on when needed! I love it !

  18. Bobby Says:

    Hi ma name is bobby i am the owner of the nightclub bobby joes in glasgow westend planning on leaving this yr to cum to ibiza for a managers possision really fancey sum off ur job vacancies dont know if to late thro plz contact me @ thanks

  19. Abby Grace Says:

    hi i want to send you my cv. how can i do this? I a looking for a full tie position long term or for the season. preferably a management position. please get back to me. Many thanks. Abby

  20. Ashley Bell Says:

    heya I’m Ashley a 20 yrs old Uni student looking to work a back in broad for the summer and this would be perfect for me! I know Ibiza well as I have been before and would love to go again. I have had previous customer service and target driven sales experiance through previous jobs. Contact me on

  21. loui Says:

    hi i am looking for work 2 for 2 weeks in july. i have alot of customer service experience, even an nvq level 2 in customer service. i am very hard working and willing to work any hours, love a chalange and im only looking for work in these 2 weeks as this is my hoilday from full time working but looking for a chalange and change of senery.

  22. zoe pharoah Says:

    hi im coming out to ibiza in may and looking for some work. i have lots of customer service experience as that has been the basis of my others jobs. i am focussed on delivering excellent customer service and promotions in order to meet targets. i can work as part of a team and have excellent communication and organisational skills. i also hav administration experience from my current job in newcastle.

    i have bar experience as well in which i love doing. o worked in a busy bar which kept me going and loved meeting new people while having a laugh at work.

    i hope to hear from you soon i would love to do this kind of work while spending my time in ibiza