Ibiza municipality news for November 2009

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ibiza townibiza Town

Construction in La Marina

in November the La Marina neighbourhood will continue to be closed to cars for the most part. City authorities reported that they are doing re-paving work on a number of streets using funds from the national economic stimulus plan (Plan E). Furthermore, the city is using the construction activities to lay new sewage pipes in the area. They are also planning to re-route cars through the area by creating new one-way streets to achieve better traffic flow.

Neglect of es Pratet

The residential association of the es Pratet neighbourhood – where the bull-fighting arena used to stand – have complained in writing to the city authorities about the “neglect” of the area. its chairman Juan Jose said that residents are increasingly suffering from noise pollution, vandalism and street prostitution. After a meeting with the city councillor responsible for the area, Vicent Torres, the politician promised more police presence there. Furthermore the city is thinking about changing the regulations for bar opening hours in the neighbourhood

ibiza townSan Jose

Mission for understanding among nations

For the first time in the history of the municipality there will be someone responsible for immigration issues (mediadora cultural) at the town hall. Lola Guirao, who was introduced as the new person responsible at the end of September, said, “My primary goal is to deal with school aged children who are new to the island, who can speak neither Spanish nor Catalan.” She also floated the idea of a film series to present the cultural differences of communities living in the area.

Free course for the unemployed

Working in co-operation with the Balearic islands Employment Office (SOiB), the municipal authorities are introducing a vocational education course Mantenimiento de Fincas (maintaining fincas) which will start on 19th November. The free course is targeted at unemployed people over the age of 25 and lasts for one year. The theoretical part of the course is taking place in Can Blau at Sant Agusti, with practical work taking place on fincas owned by the municipality. A maximum of ten participants will be learning how to repair and maintain traditional stone walls, the proper pruning of native trees, etc.

ibiza townSanta Eulalia

Landing in Pou des Lleo to be removed

The Spanish Coastal Authority has decided that the concrete landing on the beach at Pou des Lleo is an eyesore. A spokesperson for the authority said in October that it appears that no building permit was ever issued for what is known as the muelle de Escullera at the time it was built. The spokesperson further stated, “Since the landing is not a construction serving the public interest, the Coastal Authority will remove the structure in the near future.”

Locals fear mega-villa

Nothing now stands in the way of the completion of a villa on the hillside above the sports centre outside the village. The island Councillor for Construction, Miquel Ramon, made this statement at the end of October, which was not music to the ears of local residents. They had recently expressed doubts about the legality of the construction project. They fear that an estate in the style of the recently demolished Cretu villa might be built. Mr. Ramon further stated, “That fear is absolutely unfounded.”

ibiza townSan Antonio

Health centre opening in January

The new health centre in Sant Antoni is expected to open on schedule and to be inaugurated in time for the patron saint’s festivities in January 2010. A municipal spokesperson announced this at the end of October after consulting with the regional government. They are financing the construction to the tune of 6.4 million euros. According to the Balearic islands Ministry of Health, the new Centro de Salud will contain general medicine specialists and also departments for radiology, gynaecology, psychiatry and dentistry.

Hard measures in industrial area

Because isolated sections of the Montecristo industrial area are gradually being turned into rubbish tips, the municipality plans harder measures. The local councillor responsible for the area, Pepita Costa, announced at the end of October that, “Anyone caught dumping bulky refuse or other waste there will be facing fines of up to 3,000 euros.” The municipality also decided to increase police patrols in the area. She further stated, “We have no choice but to clean up the area.”

ibiza townSan Juan

Sporting facilities to receive 70,000 euros

At the end of October island Council President Xico Tarres and Mayor Antoni Mari signed an agreement that will guarantee the municipality 70,000 euros for construction improvements on its sporting facilities. Sant Joan plans to invest 50,000 euros of this on stronger floodlights for the outdoor pitches. Furthermore, the gymnasium at the school (colegio publico) in Sant Joan will receive a new rubberised floor in parts of the building to help to reduce injuries.

Abortive end to construction project

At the urging of the island Council the local authorities ordered a stop on construction work in Cala Benirras from the beginning of October. According to the municipality, the project was the construction of a single family home. Since the construction moritorium ordered by the Balearic islands regional government came into effect two years ago, all construction work in Cala Benirras is strictly forbidden. According to the island Council, heavy equipment had already cleared a swathe of forest in order to build a road.

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