Ibiza’s recent storms – photos

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storms, Ibiza

The season when nature plays tricks on Ibiza

September is the month when Mother Nature has plenty of surprises in store for Ibiza.

Thunderstorms, rainfall that would make Noah feel at home and wild winds. It’s a time to enjoy the sunny island’s dark side – impressive spectacles that offer a welcome change from the bright blue skies that are almost a permanent feature over here.

Over a period of just a few short days, mini tornadoes waltzed across the sea, conjuring up light shows of lightning far superior to anything the mega discos could offer – while cloudbursts transformed entire streets into rivers.

The flashes of lightning were so brilliant that even photographs taken at night looked like daylight snapshots.

None of these images has been manipulated in any way.

Click on the images for larger versions.

storms, Ibiza storms, Ibiza
storms, Ibiza storms, Ibiza
storms, Ibiza

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