Bones changes a tradition in Ibiza

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Anthony Johnson, a.k.a. 'Bones'
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The wild landscape of the north of Ibiza was the first to attract the attention of migrant artists with its inspirational landscape and clear Mediterranean light.

In the early 1960s, when the first roads were cut through the northern mountains, the place where people went to socialise was Bar Anita in Sant Carles.

Bar Anita has never held an art exhibition in the true sense of the term. It has only ever served as an ‘art salon’, displaying disparate works by different artists at any one time. Now, after many decades, this is set to change…

Anthony Johnson, a.k.a. 'Bones'The artist who inspired this revolution is 69 year old island resident, Anthony Johnson, a.k.a. ‘Bones’. He is insistent that we don’t dwell upon his artistic achievements and extraordinary associates since graduating from the Camberwell Art School in 1962. Suffice to say, he led a bohemian life during the most bohemian part of the last century.

Vicent, the owner of Anita’s Bar, had for many years owned an unsigned painting by Bones and was determined to have it signed by the artist. Vicent brought the painting round to his finca studio – and was so impressed with what he saw that he insisted that the works go on display at his bar.

Anthony Johnson, a.k.a. 'Bones'Some forty works covering the last decade and a half will be on display. Each work unfolds before you like a book as the eye takes in the striking images, background textures so rarely captured except by the old masters and the themes that range from the corruption of capitalism, the paparazzi and the church to the fallout following nuclear war.

Where do these ideas come from? “It’s all about putting the thoughts inside your mind down on a canvas in a way that enables other people to understand what you were thinking, without having to be there to explain for yourself – you can reach a much wider audience with your message.”

The exhibition at Bar Anita, Sant Carles begins in September. Opening night will be Thursday, September 24th from 8 pm.

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5 Responses to “Bones changes a tradition in Ibiza”

  1. Dolf Salakory Says:

    Dear Bones,
    After I had my lunch a few days ago. I was wandering around in the restaurant and saw your paintings. They are marvellous.
    Have you ever had an exebition in Holland? What are the prices?
    Good work of art! Keep on painting….
    Dolf Salakory

  2. bones Says:

    I have not had a exebition in Holland, thank you for your kind worlds, Bones.

  3. ronny loppies Says:

    hello,till now i try to found my families in molendyk 53as’gravenmoer . his name dolf salakoriy. could you help me to found my family.

    Ronny Loppies and June Fransz
    081343221118 e-mail:

  4. martin trainer Says:

    just graduated last week after 6 years of trying. [ mature student ] ok you have 10 years on me, and 100 years talent. Im sure there must of come a moment in time when you have studied a piece of work and have been so blown away you just feel like throwing the towel in, well bones after seeing your stuff thats just how i feel. You really are a truly gifted lad. Funny thing is i won’t be throwing the towel in you are to inspiring. Bones for over 6 years i have received nothing but criticism for being hyper, with one exception Nieve John, ” look him up” even he is not in your league. you me old cock sparrer are an inspiration nice one son