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The Kuschty Rye team are Kevin Palmer, a talented cameraman, editor and general aesthete; and local writer, author, and publisher Helen Donlon. Both based in the north of the island, Kev and Helen met after the screening of Jimi Mistry’s AND THE BEAT GOES ON at the Ibiza Film Festival. Kev had been helping Ibiza Now to cover the International Music Summit down in La Marina, while Helen had been posted by Ibiza Now on Film Festival detail up in Santa Eulalia. The screening that saw the two crowds come together at the Palacio de Congresos was a fateful one, and Kuschty Rye was born more or less on the spot.

Within 24 hours Helen and Kev, still getting to know each other and making up their technique as they went along, were interviewing Jimi Mistry on camera over a long extended lunch session in Talamanca, and then tearing across town to interview the wonderful director Bill Forsyth. The following day brought interviews with Terry Gilliam and his daughter Amy, Cuba Gooding Jr. and others and by the end of the first weekend which involved all manner of typical Ibiza improvisations, they realised they were on to a good thing with the new partnership.

Over the last couple of months, the fledgling production company have evolved a strong sense of what they are about in terms of the Ibiza they are looking to represent on camera. Kuschty Rye are not at all interested in what’s in and what’s out, in elitism or “anti”-anything, or in moralising or “ooh-ah”-ing breathlessly on the more salacious aspects of island life (they live here after all, so are just as likely to be a part of all that as they are equally a part of the more artistic, literary and cultural scenes here). And they’re not really about promotion of people. It’s the island they are out to promote. That said, they have so far chosen to film characters they feel have an amazing story to tell, a story that is deeply intertwined with an Ibiza sensibility, however it manifests. You can be an interesting 12 year old who was born here, or an Octogenarian who’s just arrived but is already part of the island’s fabric for some reason. Either way they’re interested. And they speak most of the island’s languages too!

Currently putting together a series of small documentaries on Ruta del Arte artists at home and in their studios, Helen and Kev will also be doing a short documentary piece on Urban In Ibiza at Atzaro this week, looking at how and why that kind of art works in an Ibiza context. They’ll be covering the popular Ibiza Jazz Festival later in the summer too.

Kuschty Rye are currently preparing a website of their work to showcase, but in the meantime have a youtube channel featuring some of the short low definition interviews and features compiled to date (with many more still in editing stage and to come).

Helen Donlon’s written pieces for Ibiza NOW and ibiza-blog and her column on London Grip can be seen as longer text companions to the video features. Helen’s long exclusive interview at Pike’s with Allister “Empire” Logue will be featured here on the blog later, while Kev’s video of the interview will be on the youtube channel in a few days, once they’ve been in to BOHO to film Allister and the Empire team setting up the opening show on thursday.

Kuschty Rye are also available for hire at a reasonable all-in fee with no hidden expenses, but all they ask is that the character of the session (be it animal, mineral or vegetable) has a fundamentally interesting and non-elitist relationship with the island, whatever that may be.

Interviews/features by Kuschty Rye include: Jimi Mistry, Terry Gilliam, Amy Gilliam, Bill Forsyth, Danny Jacobs and Darren Grodsky (that one’s surreal), Pete Tong’s Wonderland, The IMS in 5 minutes, Yanni Levkoff, Bill Fulljames, Martin Davies, Allister Empire, Tony Pike and others.


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