Ibiza’s Barefoot Doctor

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The setting is the stunning garden of the Atzaro hotel in the campo of Santa Eulalia. It’s ten in the morning and a handful of people have gathered at the behest of Stephen, The Barefoot Doctor, to learn about the Tao.

barefoot doctor, ibizaIt being Ibiza, workmen had re-arranged the furniture and were fixing a water leak as we arrived, but this turned out for best as others arrived in dribs and drabs throughout the next half hour – Ibiza punctuality was being strictly observed… An explanation of the tenets of ancient wisdom and their common threads then followed, with an introduction to the main organs of the body and the relationship between those organs and our emotions.

Stephen then went round the group asking each to describe themselves and their outlook on life – each individual’s reality being their own. From their observations he would suggest the use of a pressure point that the member of the group who had spoken might find useful to ease their condition.

It was a small slice of one to one individual advice, but all of the group were invited to join in by finding each pressure point on their own body and to observe the effects, whilst he described the way the points worked in terms of each associated organ and emotion. Stimulating stuff that you could do on your own at home, at work, or even walking down the street…

Our disparate group reconvened in the afternoon, this time under the fruit trees surrounding the hotel’s delightful spa. Seated on cushions in a large circle we were now to be treated to a course in ‘self-massage’. This began with a reminder of the importance and role of each of the five major organs of the body. This was followed by a simple DIY massage course, which was both unbelievably simple and remarkable in its effects.

To conclude the afternoon we were shown the six steps to bliss. Basically these were the six ingredients required to reach a state of perfect meditation and to learn to harness the mind. Then it was on to the art of ‘manifestation’, which is best described as the art of ‘getting what you want without trying…’

Some would describe it as powerful and effective magic, but I’ll let you find out about that yourself from the Doctor… His next induction course takes place on August 25th at the Atzaro country hotel again and I can’t recommend it highly enough :)

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2 Responses to “Ibiza’s Barefoot Doctor”

  1. Grace Alvarez Says:

    Author, you mentioned about pressure point in this post and it interests me a lot. I have heard about this stuff in a movie (pressure points) but I thought it was just made up by the writer so I didn’t really care. But after reading your post, I was filled with awe and I wanted to know how to identify our bodies’ pressure points. And since I was late in discovering this post, I was hoping you could help me?

    Grace Alvarez

  2. Kylie K Says:

    Appreciate this.