Dub Spirit – Barefoot Doctor @ Bazaar, Ibiza

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The Barefoot Doctor & Hofer 66 present the first of their unique Tao sessions at ‘Bazaar’, Ibiza. Their guided meditative musical journey will be set to a soundtrack of dub beats and takes place on Sunday 2nd August at Bazaar.

In a summer of much stress and sameness, the announcement that one of the world’s leading Taoist masters – the Barefoot Doctor – plans to bring a bit of balance back into our crazy summer schedules comes as rather refreshing news.

barefoot doctor, ibizaStarting this Sunday, the Barefoot Doctor will be appearing weekly at Bazaar, in Santa Gertrudis, with an early evening session of dub music and guided meditation, aptly named ‘DUB SPIRIT’. It’s the first collaboration between BAREFOOT and resident island DJ HOFER 66, and guests are invited to let both the men and their methods connect them to the Tao of Ibiza, thereby tapping into the limitless well of internal power that resides, for the most part undetected, in all of us.

Free of charge, the DUB SPIRIT sessions will be held in the Yurt Tent, and are set to begin from 9pm. Whilst the event is open to all, guests are encouraged to confirm attendance.


Who is the Barefoot Doctor?

Born and raised in London, Stephen Russell a.k.a the Barefoot Doctor has travelled all over the world, learning and teaching the way of the Tao. He has lived in both New Mexico and Catalonia, finally falling under Tanit, the Goddess of Ibiza’s, spell in 2008. It was shortly after that first visit that The Barefoot Doctor moved to Ibiza full-time.

Since his arrival in Ibiza the Barefoot Doctor has been making quite an impression – between teaching the ancient art of Tai Chi to us locals, holding Day Retreats at rural hotels, running his website and working to add to his 13 strong list of published books; the latest of which, ‘Pure’ was recently released in U.K and Europe and which will soon be available in U.S.A. And don’t forget his composing and playing of his own and others’ music in a variety of music venues and festivals.

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3 Responses to “Dub Spirit – Barefoot Doctor @ Bazaar, Ibiza”

  1. marie mclaughlan Says:

    i would like to come to see dr russell in the near future it looks very interesting i am into all kind of healing

    regards marie

  2. michael puro Says:

    eeeendaalove … Ibiza! Nice xox
    Blessings Be

  3. michael puro Says:

    eeen daa love .. Ibiza! .. Nice xox