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Dear readers,

25 years of IbizaNOW – a quarter of a century of insights into island life. These have been 25 years of highs and lows documented by passionate people who used their pens to immortalise the events and traditions that make Ibiza and Formentera so truly unique. Now our magazine is having a complete makeover – and learning Spanish into the bargain.

The interesting thing is that this idea, which – let’s not beat about the bush here – was born of necessity rather than choice, has been greeted enthusiastically by everyone I’ve mentioned it to. I admit that in some respects I’m a traditionalist. My philosophy has always been: one magazine, one language. Every cent that our readers spend on IbizaNOW should buy information that is useful to you – full stop.

Six years ago, when we launched IbizaHOY – IbizaNOW’s Spanish sister – on the market, we were confronted with a totally unexpected phenomenon: many of our IbizaNOW readers were also buying IbizaHOY. Why? So they could practice their Spanish, as the main articles of interest to people of all nationalities were identical in both magazines. Back then I received a lot of letters asking why we didn’t publish a bilingual magazine so that people who wanted both languages didn’t have to go out and buy two separate magazines.

My approach to this was very clear: the number of people who weren’t interested in having both languages was significantly higher – and after all NOW was NOW, although financially speaking it would have been in our interests to combine the magazines and serve the English and Spanish speaking market with a single publication.

A number of factors led us to discontinue production of IbizaHOY two and a half years after its launch. For personal and financial reasons it was just no longer viable to keep the magazine in circulation, but we never entirely gave up on the concept.

Over the years I’ve repeatedly been contacted by Spaniards and English-speaking readers who wanted to tell me how sorry they were that HOY was no longer available. And now – even here, on a beautiful Mediterranean island – IbizaNOW is starting to feel the pressure of the credit crunch that has affected other countries so badly, especially the UK. Sad to say, you can be as passionate as you like about your job, but there’s no way you can influence the world economy to work in your favour.

So we’ve decided to take the lemons and make lemonade – and celebrate a wedding. Yes, IbizaNOW and IbizaHOY are now officially married. They’ve even changed their name – to actualIBIZA. From now on IbizaNOW will be making its appearance on the shelves as the bilingual monthly, actual- IBIZA and we won’t be asking you to pay a cent more for a language you may not be able to understand. The new magazine will be at least 32 pages longer. This is almost exactly the number of pages of Spanish language content. This edition is actually 48 pages bigger than the old IbizaNOW. It goes without saying, however, that we haven’t raised our prices. So you won’t be losing out, even if you can’t read the Spanish section. But maybe this will end up encouraging you to glance at the Spanish articles once you’re finished with the English ones – combining fun with education, so to speak. Not that you’re under any obligation to do so, of course. You’re free to enjoy actualIBIZA in any way that you please.

Apart from this, actualIBIZA will be remaining faithful to our traditions. From the first to the final page, it will be packed with exciting stories about Ibiza and Formentera. Reports, news, events, restaurant recommendations, nightlife and so on. As always we’ll be taking you to some of the most fascinating place on the island, showing you some of the most special beaches and offering tips on how to make the most of daily life here on the islands.

So in this case I’ve decided to shake off my traditionalist views and take the first step towards a new and more varied future.

Wishing you all the best, an enjoyable read and a refreshing summer breeze to keep your spirits up,

Yours Thomas Abholte

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