Interview with Ibiza DJ Awards founders, Lenny and Jose about 2009

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Interview with Lenny Ibizarre and Jose Pascual – founders of the DJ Awards

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It is the 12th Edition of the DJ Awards this year – how does the reality of the last 12 years match up to what you imagined when you conceived the awards?

Our feelings are twofold. When we began we anticipated it being small local event, but we also envisioned it gaining global recognition. To our delight we feel we have achieved a balance – keeping the distinctive character of the Awards while growing as an international event.

The theme of the Awards this year is Dreams – what does that mean to you?

Dream are the fabric of unhinged creativity, they spawn arts and philosophy, culture and music.

Ibiza is a great place to play but it can be hard to work here, how do you handle the challenges of putting on a major international event like the DJ Awards?

This is very true, but in between Pacha, which is home to the award ceremony, and the Activate PR team we feel we’re in the best possible hands.

The island has changed a lot in the past 12 years, how has that affected the DJ Awards?

Our categories and nominees have changed to reflect the evolution of music in Ibiza. For example, there was no Cocoon 12 years ago but now it is an island phenomenon.

How is the role of the DJ changing, now that technology means anyone can DJ or produce in their bedroom, and share their music instantly online?

The role of the DJ hasn’t changed, but ability to access an audience has. Now all you need to be a player is talent, time, guts and luck.

How do you choose the nominees and what criteria do you use?

The nominees are chosen through several panel selections. The initial suggestions are discussed and evaluated based on their impact in different sectors of dance culture and industry.

What is the best moment of the Awards for you?

One has got to be the cocktail party at Ocean Drive before the ceremony at Pacha. You can feel the electricity in the air as everybody is gearing up for finale – and anxiously waiting to see who will win!

Are there any new categories, or changes to the Awards, you would like to tell us about?

The Ibiza Resident and the Dance Nation [Russia] categories are open so fans can nominate their favourite DJs. In the past we selected nominees for these categories but decided doing a write-in vote would give us a truer picture of which DJs are making the biggest impression. If there’s a kid in Siberia that rocks the Russian crowds I want to know, and now his fans can tell us.

By Cila Warnke

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