Ibiza’s Magnetism by the Barefoot Doctor

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es vedra, ibizaThere’s no question life in Ibiza has the potential for the greatest sweetness and that’s why it’s such a powerful magnet – it’s also the thirteenth most magnetic area on the planet, or more precisely, Es Vedra, the mysterious rock at its south-east tip is, and that must play a part in the force of the draw it has on people. And to cope with the influx people here work hard in the season.

So the energy gets intense and along with that the drama of everyday life becomes amplified. Personally I thrive on intensity so am enjoying the theatre, by which I mean watching what’s going on in my conversation with myself as I variously interact or don’t with whatever’s going on. And there’s certainly a lot of that here – a lot going on I mean – all the time, in every possible way and style with implausible profusion for such a relatively small island – I was going to say planet, as it does feel like being in a bubble or a different dimension and certainly like another planet.

es vedra, ibizaEverything looks more or less the same as everywhere else on the planet, yet with subtle differences the eye almost misses, just like in a dream. And because some pretty heavyweight players are here, playing pretty heavyweightly, the temptation is to try and raise your own game on an external level.

However, behind all the surface noise, you can palpably feel the background presence, the Tao, the goddess, call it what you will and I find the way to raise the game, anywhere on the planet, not just here, is rather than seek self-importance, to relinquish it and surrender in grace to the ride the goddess is taking you on. And the key to that is constantly asking yourself/the Tao, ‘how can I best serve here?’ rather than, ‘how can this best serve me?’

That subtle shift of focal emphasis is all you need to trigger off a new stream of miracles and happy surprises in your life and it’s that I wish you in profusion as I sign off and say toodlepip.

With love, BD

Barefoot Doctor

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