July municipality news for Ibiza

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July’s council town news from around Ibiza:

ibiza townIbiza Town

Land use plan now with the Island Council

The land use plan, which Eivissa’s city authorities have taken six years to work out, came a significant step closer to being finalised in mid-June. A majority on the city council passed the complicated set of rules and regulations, only the conservative People’s Party (PP) voted against the plan. Their spokesperson Virtudes Mari called the plan “botched”. Before the land use plan can come into force it must also be passed by the Island Council.

Purge planned in Dalt Vila

Under the framework of the new land use plan city authorities are planning to expropriate the owners of 44 houses in the historic old town of Dalt Vila. “Specifically we are speaking about buildings in the Carrer Alt and Carrer Retrir,” said city councillor Vicent Torres. He further stated, “These houses are the epicentre of social problems in Dalt Vila.” Additionally, many of the apartments in the houses have been squatted for years on end. The spokesperson of the local residential association, Sagrario Cabrera, found the city’s plans to be a “positive step”.

ibiza townSan Jose

Bobby bashes bobby

A local policeman is currently in the dock in Sant Josep and the public prosecutor is charging him with criminal assault and demanding 45 months imprisonment and a fine of €5.800. The twist to this story is that defendant got violent with one of his colleagues. The incident occurred back in August 2007 in the Khumaras Bar in Port des Torrent. Because the colleague arrived after 35 minutes to help break up a fight, the defendant, who was then in a rage because of the delay, started beating up his colleague.

Cultural centre, Can Curt to be renovated

The Can Curt Cultural Centre in Sant Agusti will be closed until the beginning of 2010 for renovation work. According to the authorities the building from the 16th or 17th Century, will be renovated from the ground up. The financing for the project will come from the €400.000 the central government provided to the municipality as part of the economic stimulus programme. Can Curt is listed as a place of historic interest (BIC), and the municipality bought it in 2002.

ibiza townSanta Eulalia

Economic factor beach

The issuance of seasonal licenses for beach enterprises will bring the city authorities about €300.000 this year, according to information provided by the official gazette of the Balearic Islands (BOIB). It also made it clear that the municipality earns a majority of the money from the 16 permits for the letting of sunbeds, water sports machines and the sale of ice cream and sandwiches on the beach at es Canar. But not in Es Canar: in Cala Llenya one of the summer businesses was willing to pay €12.000 for a license

Asphalt resurfacing for the road to Jesus

The connecting road between the roundabout to Jesus and the village centre has been repaved. As the Island Council communicated in mid-June the road base was cleaned up and covered with two sixcentimetre thick layers of asphalt. Additionally, they also integrated a system for rainwater runoff for the first time, which is supposed to prevent flooding in the future. The Consell paid almost €100.000 for the work, which took just under six weeks to complete.

ibiza townSan Antonio

Floating berths in the bay

The new floating wooden berths, that the Spanish Coastal Authority and the town’s authorities have been pressing ahead with, should be completed in the coming weeks, according to statements made by the head of the Coastal Authority on the islands, Celesti Alomar, when he visited Sant Antoni. The platforms, which will provide a further 120 berths, will be anchored near the entrance to the bay. It is hoped this will help prevent boats anchoring willy-nilly in the bay, or at least curtail it significantly.

Less carbon dioxide with energy-saving lamps

On the Passeig de ses Fonts the authorities have installed energy-saving lamps. According to the town’s energy-saving action plan, this will result in a 60 percent reduction in the current energy use. Juan Linde, councillor for the environment, said the planned reduction in the number of lamps from 120 to 112, as well as the changeover to energy-saving bulbs will reduce the annual consumption from 15,000 to 4,433 watts. This results in a reduction in the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide of 24 tons per year. The investments will cost €130.000.

ibiza townSan Juan

Wireless surfing in the Campo

Residents of remote houses in the Sant Joan municipality have been able to enjoy the Internet since the start of June. However, before they start surfing they will have to make an investment, and the installation of equipment by the operator of the service, Net2, costs up to €300, while the monthly flat rate is €44. The connection is wireless via satellite with data download rates of up to 1MB per second. This was preceded by an agreement between the municipality and Net2.

Six lifeguards for the beaches

The beaches in the municipality will be watched over by six lifeguards from the Red Cross this year, which are two more than last year. In mid-June mayor Antoni Mari Mari signed the contract with the island director of the Red Cross, Rafael Garcia. In total the costs for the lifeguard service will run to about €45.000 for the season. They will be serving the beaches at Cala Sant Vicent, Portinatx, Benirras and Port de Sant Miquel.

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