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M.A.N.D.Y. interview for Ibiza DJ Awards 2009

July 31st, 2009

1. Congratulations on being nominated in the DJ Awards 2009 – what was your response when you heard the news?

The call got us when we were on an expedition in Greenland and I tell you, we couldn’t believe it! We sat there after days and days of not talking, looking at each other and smiling through our frozen beards. We couldn’t talk as it would have been a danger, because we would have risked that our tongue will froze in 23 seconds. It was a very special moment we will always remember…

2. The DJ Awards has some special awards not voted for by the public – one of which is “Best Ibiza Track” – what is your biggest tune of the Summer so far?

Unfortunately there are no real big hits yet. Lots of good tracks, but nothing that is crossing all boundaries and genres… maybe there’s still one to come…

3. The DJ categories are decided by the voting pubic. If you win, what will you do to thank your fans?

We could take one year off from DJing and write a postcard to every single fan!

4. What is the best thing you’ve ever won?

When we were younger we won quite a lot of medals in ski and judo competition

5. Where are you DJing in Ibiza this summer?

Our first gig was at Wonderland, which was a very nice night. Then we played for Monza – we’ll be back there for the closing on 1 October. And we are playing Subliminal Sessions at Pacha in August. So another fulfilling year on the party island…

6. The winners will be gathering at Pacha on 24 September to collect their awards – would you rather be raving in the main room, grooving in the funky room, chilling on the roof terrace or splashing the cash in the VIP?

Those who know us know that we are everywhere and nowhere. Like ghosts we run around and disappear the minute you see us. The fact we are two makes it easier. There’s always one M.A.N.D.Y. somewhere…

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Dub Spirit – Barefoot Doctor @ Bazaar, Ibiza

July 31st, 2009

The Barefoot Doctor & Hofer 66 present the first of their unique Tao sessions at ‘Bazaar’, Ibiza. Their guided meditative musical journey will be set to a soundtrack of dub beats and takes place on Sunday 2nd August at Bazaar.

In a summer of much stress and sameness, the announcement that one of the world’s leading Taoist masters – the Barefoot Doctor – plans to bring a bit of balance back into our crazy summer schedules comes as rather refreshing news.

barefoot doctor, ibizaStarting this Sunday, the Barefoot Doctor will be appearing weekly at Bazaar, in Santa Gertrudis, with an early evening session of dub music and guided meditation, aptly named ‘DUB SPIRIT’. It’s the first collaboration between BAREFOOT and resident island DJ HOFER 66, and guests are invited to let both the men and their methods connect them to the Tao of Ibiza, thereby tapping into the limitless well of internal power that resides, for the most part undetected, in all of us.

Free of charge, the DUB SPIRIT sessions will be held in the Yurt Tent, and are set to begin from 9pm. Whilst the event is open to all, guests are encouraged to confirm attendance.


Who is the Barefoot Doctor?

Born and raised in London, Stephen Russell a.k.a the Barefoot Doctor has travelled all over the world, learning and teaching the way of the Tao. He has lived in both New Mexico and Catalonia, finally falling under Tanit, the Goddess of Ibiza’s, spell in 2008. It was shortly after that first visit that The Barefoot Doctor moved to Ibiza full-time.

Since his arrival in Ibiza the Barefoot Doctor has been making quite an impression – between teaching the ancient art of Tai Chi to us locals, holding Day Retreats at rural hotels, running his website and working to add to his 13 strong list of published books; the latest of which, ‘Pure’ was recently released in U.K and Europe and which will soon be available in U.S.A. And don’t forget his composing and playing of his own and others’ music in a variety of music venues and festivals.

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Space, Ibiza 2009 new compilation album launch tonight

July 31st, 2009

space, ibizaWe got invited to go to Space in Playa den Bossa this evening for the launch of the new Space 2009 compilation which has been mixed by MYNC in collaboration with UK independant record label Cr2. It’s hard to refuse free entry and free mojitos… thanks…

Here’s some blurb about the release:

Mixed by MYNC, Space Ibiza 2009 combines the tune-spotting talent of Cr2 Records founder Mark Brown with the pure dancefloor adrenaline of MYNC. From its earliest days igniting the crowds at Passion in Coalville, through residencies at Cream Ibiza, The Cross and Godskitchen, to their much-loved Ministry of Sounds Sessions mix, MYNC sets an unbeatable standard for excitement and energy.

The format this year includes 2CDs and a bonus DVD which features the amazing highlights of this year’s Space opening party, which saw a record 22,000 party people pass through the doors to see the world’s elite DJs. It also includes an interview with MYNC, a Space opening photo gallery, and additional downloads.

But it’s all about the music, with a stellar selection of 24 tracks spread across two CDs.
CD1 – La Terraza kicks off proceedings with the new version of Rose Rouge by Analog People In A Digital World, and passes through big terrace tracks such as Needin U and Shake It and tunes from Space residents Wally Lopez and Steve Lawler.

CD2 – La Discoteca is a perfectly blended selection that has you entranced from start to finish as it twists through tech-house grooves from Nic Fanciulli, Gui Boratto, Pryda and Simian Mobile Disco. For those not able to visit the club in person, Cr2 Records has done everything with this CD to ensure that the magic of Space Ibiza comes to visit you!

2CD (Disc 1: La Terraza, Disc 2: La Discoteca) + BONUS DVD (Feat. Videos of the Space, Ibiza 2009 Opening Party and an MYNC Interview, plus Photo Gallery of Space, Ibiza 2009 Opening Party, Wallpapers, Screensavers and a Download Voucher for Free Entry to Space Ibiza)
2CD UNMIXED (CDC2LDX010), Released on ITunes – 27th July

Some photos from tonight:

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Ibiza NOW Magazine – August editorial

July 30th, 2009

Dear readers,

25 years of IbizaNOW – a quarter of a century of insights into island life. These have been 25 years of highs and lows documented by passionate people who used their pens to immortalise the events and traditions that make Ibiza and Formentera so truly unique. Now our magazine is having a complete makeover – and learning Spanish into the bargain.

The interesting thing is that this idea, which – let’s not beat about the bush here – was born of necessity rather than choice, has been greeted enthusiastically by everyone I’ve mentioned it to. I admit that in some respects I’m a traditionalist. My philosophy has always been: one magazine, one language. Every cent that our readers spend on IbizaNOW should buy information that is useful to you – full stop.

Six years ago, when we launched IbizaHOY – IbizaNOW’s Spanish sister – on the market, we were confronted with a totally unexpected phenomenon: many of our IbizaNOW readers were also buying IbizaHOY. Why? So they could practice their Spanish, as the main articles of interest to people of all nationalities were identical in both magazines. Back then I received a lot of letters asking why we didn’t publish a bilingual magazine so that people who wanted both languages didn’t have to go out and buy two separate magazines.

My approach to this was very clear: the number of people who weren’t interested in having both languages was significantly higher – and after all NOW was NOW, although financially speaking it would have been in our interests to combine the magazines and serve the English and Spanish speaking market with a single publication.

A number of factors led us to discontinue production of IbizaHOY two and a half years after its launch. For personal and financial reasons it was just no longer viable to keep the magazine in circulation, but we never entirely gave up on the concept.

Over the years I’ve repeatedly been contacted by Spaniards and English-speaking readers who wanted to tell me how sorry they were that HOY was no longer available. And now – even here, on a beautiful Mediterranean island – IbizaNOW is starting to feel the pressure of the credit crunch that has affected other countries so badly, especially the UK. Sad to say, you can be as passionate as you like about your job, but there’s no way you can influence the world economy to work in your favour.

So we’ve decided to take the lemons and make lemonade – and celebrate a wedding. Yes, IbizaNOW and IbizaHOY are now officially married. They’ve even changed their name – to actualIBIZA. From now on IbizaNOW will be making its appearance on the shelves as the bilingual monthly, actual- IBIZA and we won’t be asking you to pay a cent more for a language you may not be able to understand. The new magazine will be at least 32 pages longer. This is almost exactly the number of pages of Spanish language content. This edition is actually 48 pages bigger than the old IbizaNOW. It goes without saying, however, that we haven’t raised our prices. So you won’t be losing out, even if you can’t read the Spanish section. But maybe this will end up encouraging you to glance at the Spanish articles once you’re finished with the English ones – combining fun with education, so to speak. Not that you’re under any obligation to do so, of course. You’re free to enjoy actualIBIZA in any way that you please.

Apart from this, actualIBIZA will be remaining faithful to our traditions. From the first to the final page, it will be packed with exciting stories about Ibiza and Formentera. Reports, news, events, restaurant recommendations, nightlife and so on. As always we’ll be taking you to some of the most fascinating place on the island, showing you some of the most special beaches and offering tips on how to make the most of daily life here on the islands.

So in this case I’ve decided to shake off my traditionalist views and take the first step towards a new and more varied future.

Wishing you all the best, an enjoyable read and a refreshing summer breeze to keep your spirits up,

Yours Thomas Abholte

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DJ Awards 09 – Best Ibiza Resident DJ – YOU vote

July 29th, 2009

ibiza dj awards

Every year the DJ Awards recognises the Ibiza Resident DJ whose music, style and personality make a year-round impact on the island’s nightlife. This year, instead of an industry panel nominating the candidates, the DJ Awards are relying on an even bigger panel of experts – the clubbers. This year the Ibiza Resident DJ award will be based on the votes of fans who can nominate their favourite DJ at
Voting is open until 10 August at and all DJs who play in Ibiza year-round are eligible in this category.

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Pendulum at Ibiza Rocks tonight

July 29th, 2009

ibiza rocks 2009

Ibiza Rocks Pendulum and South Central

It was a tad odd that 2 guys came on and played their computers ;) (South Central) – To be honest it was weird from my point of view that the vocals were pre-programmed but overall it worked – which is all that is important. They remixed La Roux The Kill and it was good but I think they lost the crowd about 3/4 of the way through. Having said that we had a great chat from one half of South Central afterwards who was all for more live music on Ibiza.

Pendulum afterwards just absolutely nailed it – someone asked me before the gig which was the best so far and i said it will be tonight – “but they haven’t played yet?”…. so ???

Click on images for larger versions.

Pendulum, Ibiza Rocks 2009 Pendulum, Ibiza Rocks 2009
Pendulum, Ibiza Rocks 2009 Pendulum, Ibiza Rocks 2009
Pendulum, Ibiza Rocks 2009 Pendulum, Ibiza Rocks 2009
Pendulum, Ibiza Rocks 2009 Pendulum, Ibiza Rocks 2009
Pendulum, Ibiza Rocks 2009 Pendulum, Ibiza Rocks 2009
Pendulum, Ibiza Rocks 2009 Pendulum, Ibiza Rocks 2009
Pendulum, Ibiza Rocks 2009 Pendulum, Ibiza Rocks 2009
Pendulum, Ibiza Rocks 2009 Pendulum, Ibiza Rocks 2009
Pendulum, Ibiza Rocks 2009 Pendulum, Ibiza Rocks 2009

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South Central at Ibiza Rocks tonight

July 28th, 2009

I guess they were the perfect support for Pendulum who are in about an hour. 2 guys, laptops, equipment and a loud sound – not bad – liked them


South Central at Ibiza Rocks just now


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Friendly Fires “Kiss of Life” filmed on Ibiza

July 28th, 2009

The brand new video for the Friendly Fires – “Kiss of Life” video was filmed here on Ibiza when they played Ibiza Rocks recently – we like it:

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Ibiza NOW Magazine cover & some changes

July 28th, 2009

As you can see from the this months cover, Ibiza NOW is merging with Ibiza HOY for a dual English & Spanish language edition and will be called actualIbiza. To accommodate the extra Spanish content the magazine has been increased to over 140 pages but will still be the same price with all the usual features and news. On the newstands at the weekend.

Click on the images for larger versions.
August 2009 cover

August 2009 contents

August 2009 contents

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Ibiza Breast Cancer Research festival

July 27th, 2009

ibiza cancer festivalHere’s a good cause in Ibiza we don’t mind shouting about:

3rd Annual Breast Cancer Research Fundraising Festival

Tuesday 28th July 2009
12 Hour Marathon Party
The Old Zoo, Benimussa Hills & hush, San Antonio, Ibiza

  • Jonathan Ulysses
  • BK
  • Jason Bye
  • Oliver Lang
  • Gordon Edge
  • Tristan Ingram
  • Vicky Devine
  • Miss Divine
  • Ed Real
  • Claudia Cazacu
  • Ali Wilson
  • Matt Smallwood
  • Alex Ellenger
  • Dermot C
  • Danny Graham
  • JC
  • Lee Brinx
  • Lee John
  • Jamie Gittins & Sean Hughes
  • Jay Moore
  • Nathan Viva
  • Immaculate Boys

10 euro wristbands available from all good ticket outlets
All ticket money goes to Breakthrough Breast Cancer research charity
In the last 2 years they have raised 15,000 pounds for this charity and this year they aim to smash it again.

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