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Art on the Plaza of Santa Gertrudis

On July 12 the third Domingo del Arte will take place in front of the church.

The monthly art forum organised by the Art Club of Ibiza will convert the plaza of Santa Gertrudis in Ibiza into an open air exhibition when about 40 painters, sculptors and photographers put up their stalls from 7 pm to midnight.

Special attention deserves the performance of the photographer and video artist Bamboo at 10 pm who will project wood engravings of William Fulljames, an artist living close to Santa Gertrudis and known for his aptitude to capture local life in his woodcuts, onto the church.

And whoever missed the performance ‘Art on the Catwalk’ that took place last month in San Carlos presenting wearable art of more than a dozen designers in a scenic show will have the possibility to watch al least the video taken at the occasion and, if desired, to acquire the DVD made from it.

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